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Don Crawford

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Israel and the Jews

In the recent elections, the great state of Minnesota (?) elected as representative one Ilhan Omar as a representative from the state of Minnesota to the House of Representatives.

Omar is Islamic and took it upon herself to criticize Israel, and of course indirectly the Jews, a clear and overt incident and expression of ANTI-SEMITISM.

No matter, the House of Representatives Democrats refuse to officially rebuke Representative Omar and as a result, fail to take a stand against anti-Semitism.

On Wednesday March 6, 2019, the Democrats held a private and “heated” internal meeting in which they debated whether to single out Omar, one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, in a resolution condemning anti-Semitism. Typically Democrat, they refuse to do so.

Then came Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to the defense of the weak-kneed Democrats and Omar, stating in effect that this newly elected representative did not realize the impact of her words or their real meaning. It is just simply incredible that Pelosi could go public with such outrageous statements and essentially tell our country that this representative of WE THE PEOPLE is not responsible for her words. In short, Pelosi is saying that a Muslim can get away with anti-Semitic remarks without formal rebuke or discipline from her very own party the Democrats.

Pelosi refused to condemn and speak out but President Trump did not. The president tweeted as follows:

It is shameful that House Democrats won’t take a stronger stand against anti-Semitism in their conference.”

And they wont because the majority of Democrats, in the view of many, are in fact themselves anti-Israel, and consequently the Jews however much they seek to deny that. Few Democrats in the House of Representatives will stand up for Israel, vote for the support and defense of this free and democratic nation and condemn unconditionally anti-Semitism.

President Trump went on to say the following:

Anti-Semitism has fueled atrocities throughout history and it is inconceivable they will not act to condemn it!”

And indeed, it is. It seems as though the democrats are controlled in thinking so much so by Islamic thought and priorities, fueled by organizations like CAIR (Counsel for American Islamic Relations) anti-Semitic and anti-Israel to the core. It is also hard to believe that so many Jews, especially those in America, are Democrats, so they say, and support this party which is against Israel and refuses to openly condemn anti-Semitism. How, so many ask, can you be Jewish and not support the land of Israel, the Israelis, and the Jews who have come from the Diaspora the world over to their nation, THE PROMISE LAND to live where their ancestors lived as the God of Abraham has promised. How can any Jew not support that? We can well understand that an anti-Semite like Omar would not (by the way thank you Minnesota for her). But certainly not a Jew or Israeli.

According to a Pew research survey, 79% of Republicans say they sympathize more with Israel than with the Palestinians. On the other hand, only 27% of Democrats do. These Democrats see Israel, the Israelis and the Jews who live there as persecutors of the Palestinians. They refuse to recognize the historical right of the Jews to the nation of Israel. They totally ignore the covenant of God to Abraham which promised this nation to his descendants, later to be known as the Jews (Judea) or to foster the return (Alyah) of the Jews the world over to this PROMISE LAND. But, happily so, as support for Israel among Democrats drops sharply, this party once preferred by American Jews is quickly losing their support! And it should, indeed it should. The anti-Semitic, the Islamic influence is rapidly becoming a staple, even a priority of the Democratic Party. Israel has every right to question the continued support of America, especially if a Democrat president is elected in 2020 or, the Democrats once again take control of the United States Senate. That would virtually guarantee the end of support for Israel by our once faithful and supportive country.

There is a quality organization known as THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. It is an organization dedicated to the support of Israel and the propagation of the saving gospel through the Jew Jesus Christ. The president is Dr. Mitch Glaser, a Messianic Jew who penned a most interesting article entitled:


to explain the differences. Glaser reminds us that anti-Semitism is THE OLDEST HATRED. There is he says a growing problem of modern and murderous anti-Semitism. This HATRED OF THE JEWS has existed for thousands of years and it seems to be intensifying today.

Glaser believes that anti-Semitism is satanic, “the devils invention.” When, says Glaser, God called Abram to be the father of his chosen people, from that point forward the forces of evil made the Jewish people the target of their fury and rebellion against God. That satanic hatred has resulted in one attempt after another to annihilate the Jewish people in each and every age no matter the fact, says Glaser, that God has sought the world’s redemption through the Jewish Messiah. All the more reason, thinks Glaser, that satanic forces come against Israel and the Jews, and at the same time the Christians, sooner or later, who worship the redeeming Jew.

While anti-Semitism is the hatred of the Jews, there is the other side of the satanic coin, namely ANTI-ZIONISM. That can be defined as a hatred for the land of Israel, the state of Israel which rose out of the ashes of the Holocaust after the second World War and as a consequence, the return of tens of thousands of Jewish people (Alyah) to this PROMISE LAND, there to have a safe haven and a bastion of protection against anti-Semitism.

Zion, the promise land, is rooted in scripture, a land for the Jews, Gods people, the covenant, the promise of God to Abram centuries ago. The return of Gods people to the land of MILK AND HONEY was divinely inevitable. And from the beginning of the newly established state of Israel in 1948, Christians supported the return to Zion (marching to Zion), real Christians who took the bible literally. They believed Israel was indeed the promise land of the Jews and they supported the Jews in their return from both spiritual and humanitarian standpoints. Those Christian supporters were evangelical, of which I was one. Older evangelicals supported Israel. Younger evangelicals, and perhaps any number of Christians are lukewarm or indifferent to Zionism and seemingly care not what happens. In fact, there is now the ever growing movement known as secessionism where the church of Jesus Christ replaces Israel and what happens to that geographical piece of territory matters not, in fact, these people and many of the younger so called evangelicals do not believe that biblical Zionism holds that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people through an unconditional, irrevocable covenant. They deny these Old Testament promises which leads many to condone anti-Semitism and at the same time, support Islamic and Palestinian objectives in the Middle East.

This younger generation was born years after the Holocaust and the founding of the state of Israel. They do not have the same theological or emotional sympathies as those who were born earlier. They had no understanding of the early days of Israel when Arab nations, time and again, rose up, took military action for the purpose of destroying Israel. They never understood that the goal of militant, Jihadist Arabs – Islamists was to bury every Jew in Israel at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. I would bet that the heart of representative Omar from Minnesota would wish and believe that very thing. Then comes the promise of the great Jehovah who made that Israeli covenant with Abraham, who warns the world that those who bless Israel will themselves be blessed (including nations) and those who curse Israel will themselves be cursed and punished by this very same Jehovah. Assuming the promises of this God are true and unconditional, which I do believe and I hope you do as well, I would not wish to be like representative Omar or anyone like her.

Anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are two sides of the same coin. They may have differences but they are inextricably linked. It is impossible to believe in one and not both. Even as anti-Semitism grows the world over, one brutal, murderous incident after another, the very same reactions occur with regard to the state of Israel, which is why the world, and of course the Democrats, ignore the violence against the Jews from murderous, Jihadist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, the Muslim brotherhood and others which only fuels these twin evils. Scripture, I do believe, makes it clear that it is the duty of every Christian to support the Jews and the nation of Israel. That by no means implies that Christians should endorse the views and actions of every Israeli or Jew. Not at all. But it does mean that the scriptural admonition to honor the Chosen People and the promise land must be followed, the duty, the spiritual duty of every Christian.

If the Democrats do not condemn representative Omar and her remarks and beliefs, WE THE CHRISTIANS SHOULD. And, so should all Jews, even those who continue to consider themselves Democrats. If anti-Zionism prevails, anti-Semitism will only increase. Every Jew, no matter how lukewarm to Israel, should understand that and they should join the growing ranks of Jewish Democrats who are leaving the party. This OLDEST HATRED must be clearly identified and resisted. It is intolerable, anti-scriptural, inhumane, satanic and flat out DEAD WRONG. I and my company will stand, aggressively condemn both anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism until, as scriptures promise, the Jew we love, the Messiah, the Christ of glory returns. That of course is the firm and unconditional belief of every Christian, EVERY REAL CHRISTIAN! I hope and pray you are one. For if you are, you will stand with Israel and the Jews.

That is your privilege.

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