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Israel – The Promised Land

He’s done it again!

The man who in 2011 promised Israel and the world:


Has stabbed them in the back yet again.  Barack Hussein Obama is no friend of Israel.  In fact, there are many who think he is flat out anti-Semitic.  I tend to agree with them.

The United Nations handed Israel an early Hanukkah present on Friday, December 23, 2016.  That severely biased organization passed what is known as United Nations Resolution 2334 on that day.  The resolution describes Israel’s West Bank towns and East Jerusalem neighborhoods as settlements, which in fact means that those territories do not belong to Israel.  The implication of the resolution is that the United Nations is in fact the owner of those settlements which have been illegally constructed and occupied by Israelis.  Resolution 2334 deems those settlements as a “major obstacle” to peace and in the pursuit of a so-called “two state solution.”  No more of them, and get out of those.

In fact, U.N. Resolution 2334 actually calls the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem:


And yet, at the same time, this hypocritical organization claims that this and other disputed matters should be resolved by negotiations between the parties themselves, the Palestinians and the Israelis.  What a farce.  So much for recommended negotiations, United Nations.  14 nations which passed the resolution and voted for it have already decided!

Further, the resolution says that Jewish West Bank and Jerusalem settlements have NO LEGAL VALIDITY.  None whatsoever.  In reality, says the United Nations, Israel is an invader, an occupier and the implication is that the United Nations may someday take action to rectify the wrong.  So now, comes Donald John Trump, President elect, who has promised to recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the land of Israel and to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. In short, Trump has promised to challenge and change the United Nations and the Obama Administration’s pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel-Jewish decisions and prejudice even if America stands alone.  Make it happen, Mr. Trump, make it happen.  You promised that and we the people hold you to it.

Actually, the Obama America, which thankfully only has days to go, has already voted against Israel in its anti-Semitic stance.  Our vote was in actuality a NO VOTE but rather an abstention, not voting.  The deceitful Obama Administration could then tell the world, and America and Israel that it did not in fact vote for U.N. Resolution 2334 but merely abstained.  The problem is, of course that America would have had the right to veto the resolution and if it had, that one veto would have defeated Resolution 2334 no matter the votes of 14 other countries.  Think of those nations who did vote for the Resolution and against Israel, nations like France, China, Russia, Germany and 10 others who voted against Israel and in so doing, essentially for the Palestinians.  They were members of the United Nation’s Security Council along with ten others in the United States.  No matter that the United States has traditionally vetoed all such resolutions, Obama’s failure to do so was viewed by the world as one final shot at his Israeli rival Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  One Israeli official said the following:

“This is the last sting from President Obama, an act that revealed the true face of the Obama Administration.  Now the world can see what we have been facing for the past eight years.”

Both Israel and the United States Congress have threatened to respond by cutting funding to the United Nations and aid to any of the nations that promoted and voted for the Resolution.  Get it done, United States Congress, get it done.  You can be certain House and Senate that you will never face a veto from soon to be President Donald J. Trump.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls President elect Trump a “true friend of Israel.”  Netanyahu, though painted as a right-wing extremist the world over, is in fact in favor of a fair, equitable and manageable two state solution.  In fact, Netanyahu is in favor of Republican statements in the party platform which calls for the establishment of comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East to be negotiated among those living in the region.”  The platform further declares full opposition to any measures intended to impose an agreement or to dictate borders or other terms on the Palestinians and Israelis, matters to be decided by them.  Trump has appointed David Friedman, a lawyer and associate of Trump, active in his campaign as Ambassador to Israel.  Friedman has been quoted as saying:

“There has never been a two state solution-only a two state narrative.”

Many think he is right for in fact, and in public utterances, the Palestinians, influenced by the terrorist organization Hamas want only the elimination of the state of Israel and the extinction of the Jews who live there.  The goal of Hamas-Palestinian is not a two state solution, not peace but that:

“Every Jew in the Middle East should be buried at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea!”

In June, David Friedman described the supporters of J Street, a mainly Jewish group that advocates a two state solution as:

“Far worse than capos-Jews who turned in their fellow Jews in the Nazi death camps.”

Friedman was asked to retract those statements but he refused.  In fact, Friedman went onto state regarding Obama that he is in fact anti-Semitic stating:

“(There is) the blatant anti-Semitism emanating from our President.”

Presidential actions seem to confirm such an accusation.

Then there is Secretary of State John Kerry.  Kerry has made the pursuit of Israeli-Palestinian peace and the two state solution a major goal of his tenure, having conducted intensive negotiations for nearly a year until they collapsed in Spring 2014.  Interestingly, that came after the Palestinian Authority (PA) announced the creation of a unity government with Hamas, the terrorist group sworn to Israel’s destruction.  Shortly thereafter, in 2014, Hamas started a war with Israel from its Gaza stronghold, the third such war since Israel vacated Gaza with regard to settlements in 2005.  War or peace, Palestinian authority-Hamas: which is it?

Secretary of State Kerry makes no effort to hide his disdain for Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Kerry accuses him of leading “the most right-wing” coalition in Israeli history.  That is so even though Netanyahu ordered a settlement freeze in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but unfortunately, such moves did nothing to advance the peace negotiations.  The only real obstacle in the negotiations to peace, says the Wall Street Journal, is the Palestinian rejection of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state in any borders!

It must have been so very reassuring to Israel when President Elect Trump urged Israel after the admonitions of John Kerry to:

“Stay strong”

Until he becomes President January 20.  The war on Israel never ends says Douglas Jay Feith.  There is every good possibility that will change when Trump takes office. Make it happen, Mr. Trump, make it happen as you have promised.

Listen to the comments of Messer’s Kerry, Netanyahu and Trump.  See how different they are:


KERRY: “We can not in good conscience say nothing when we see the hope of peace slipping away.”

NETANYAHU: “Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders.”

TRUMP: “We can not continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect.”

Quite a difference, don’t you think?  Israel, hardly as large as the entire State of New Jersey, is the only democracy in the entire Middle East.  It is surrounded by hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims, so many blatantly anti-Semitic and hostile to Israel, millions of square miles of other territories and a world and especially a United Nations which is hostile to its very existence.  We the United States are now and always have been its only true friend, ally and supporter.  The anti-Semitic Obama Administration has done its very best to destroy all of that.  Trump has promised to change all of that, change back as things were once before.  Do it, Mr. Trump, do it.

So, now to Scripture.  We are told in the Torah, Genesis, that the Lord God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.  That is an eternal divine warning for those nations which come against the Promised Land and the very special chosen people.  Many Christian scholars think that America has been so very blessed and prosperous through the years because of its support and even love for Israel and the Jews.  Not wishing to experience the wrath of the Almighty, I fully agree.

Hear the Biblical words which so clearly describe the current state of affairs and the promises of the Almighty in Psalm 2:1-6:


Soon we will see you held in derision (nations against Israel)

Heaven will put you to shame

Why do the nations rage

And the people plot a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves,

And the rulers take counsel together,

Against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,

Let us break their bonds in pieces

And cast away their cords from us

He who sits in the heavens shall laugh

The Lord shall hold them in derision

Then he shall speak to them in his wrath

And distress them in his deep displeasure

Yet I have set my King on my Holy Hill of Zion!

Any sober nation and right-thinking individual should never take those words and those promises lightly, don’t you think?  The Scriptures say the Lord God will protect this special land, this Holy City of Jerusalem, and its very special Temple Mount and the people for his very special reasons chosen to be especially his.  No nation, no matter its military strength can come against that, none whatsoever.  Men can talk about peace, but none can deliver.  Peace comes only from the Lord God Almighty and His special Messiah.  All right-thinking men and women hope and pray for that, as do I.  We can for now only lift up our eyes from whence our hope cometh.  We do not know when that hope will come, but we do know it will.  Then there will be peace:


And eventually through Messiah, the peace of the world.  No peace can ever come from the United Nations or any other nation.  So, we watch, and work, and pray.  There is work in Israel to be done, Mr. Trump, lots of it.  Make it happen as you have promised, make it happen, Mr. Trump!

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