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Don Crawford

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Do you hate the Jews?

Let me soften the question. Do you dislike or not care for the Jews? Like millions upon millions of people the world over do? Are you one of the ones that fuels anti-Semitism? A person does that by hating, or disliking or doing nothing, not standing up, not resisting and protesting attacks and threats against the Jews when they occur. To ignore the new and ever-growing anti-Semitism is to indirectly condone it.

I am often astonished and frankly sickened by the fact that the world, comprised of more than six billion people can have such hatred for 14 million fellow citizens, 14 million Jews! And of course with that hatred, the very same for the little nation of Israel, at or about the size of New Jersey. Why? WHY?

There are 67 countries with Roman Catholic majorities, 49 countries with Islamic majorities, 49 countries with Protestant majorities, 14 countries with Eastern Orthodox majorities, three countries with Hindu majorities and, my fellow Americans:


Only one. And that of course is the Promised Land, the Holy Land, the beloved of God:


Recently, President Donald John Trump announced his decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In due course, the United States will move its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That completely reverses the policies and intentions of former President Barack Hussein Obama who ignored the legislation and will of Congress requiring that move, and rather along with other Presidents signed a waiver which allowed the Embassy to stay in Tel Aviv for six months, and not move to Jerusalem. Obama, who once said:


Had utterly turned his back on Israel and the Jews. This former President, so good for America in my opinion, was no friend of Israel or the Jews, or in my view, Christians and Christianity at the same time. But Trump made what had increasingly become the hard decision and made the move.

That decision brought on howls of protests and threats from so many sources. That included the, what one politico said, “the outrageously one-sided Security Council of the United Nations.” And, any other number of nations objected, including most in the European Union and of course the Muslim countries, African nations and even certain Central American countries as well. Trump, whatever you think of him as a person, has so far in eleven months of his Administration done or tried to do what he said he would. For that, I for one give him full credit and frankly, with the appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Tax Reform and the continued hammering away at so much of the failed Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare, Trump has made a great start at MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Trump is a friend of Israel and the Jews unlike Obama.

But the critics, and especially the radical-liberal media, attacked the decision. The fatuous argument they made was that such a decision would derail any peace talks and further increase violence. But there really have been no constructive peace talks between the Israelis and the so-called Palestinians and there really never will be because all of the radical Islamic nations want Israel totally destroyed and every Jew living therein:


So much for peaceful co-existence and the existence of two states living side-by-side (and in peace).

And in America and the world over, anti-Semitism ramps up. Now comes University California Berkeley (UCB) and they actually offered a course, a college course, get this my fellow Americans titled:


Can you believe that? Why not how to get rid of GAZA and Hamas along with it? But such is radical life at Berkeley in the once great State of California.

And abroad, almost 40% of European Jews are afraid to wear a Yarmulke or Star of David in public. To identify themselves as Jews is to become a target for violence, even terroristic assassination. Almost 60% of
French Jews have considered emigrating because they do not feel safe living as Jews in France. Which led Deborah Danan of Breitbart News to state the following:

Today we hear things about Jews and the Jewish people that we thought belonged to the page of history. Anti-Semitism is returning to everyday life without shame!”

Back to America. One professor (?) Michael Chikindas actually called Judaism the following:

The most racist religion in the world.”

Even claiming that the Armenian genocide was orchestrated by the Turkish Jews. Of course he got away with it and still teaches for to publicly proclaim Anti-Semitism seems to be the new normal. Jewish students at both UCLA and McGill University were denied positions in the school student leadership groups because of their involvement in JEWISH CAUSES!

And abroad. It just wasn’t enough that the insane Adolf Hitler and all of his Nazi assassins murdered, slaughtered six million Jews. Now, radical, terroristic and hate-filled Islam takes up the Hitler cudgel and is determined to, as one Imam said:


Back to America. In 2017, there was a 50% rise in violent Anti-Semitic attacks in the United States. Sadly, American college campuses, where Anti-Semitic incidents doubled in the past year, have become an epicenter for this activity. And, for the past 15 years, the radical left has joined forces with radical Islamic groups to promote the anti-Israel:


Against Israel and the Jews, of course. This demonic organization dares to demonize the Jewish state in the same way that bigots have been demonizing the Jewish people for 3,000 years. BDS groups are targeting and harassing Jewish and pro-Israel students on both sides of the political spectrum. On the right or conservative side of America, the Presidential campaign and the present political environment has brought a new visibility to the growing:


Which has coordinated attacks against Jews on Social Media channels, generated anti-Semitic materials including “Anti-Semitic epithets,” and the far right, typified by so-called NEO-NAZIS becomes as terrorizing as the far left. And, from the far left and radical Islam come the very same Anti-Semitic attacks and from that far left comes one Hatem Bazian, professor at, you guessed it, UC Berkeley, America’s hotbed for radicalism, the founder of “Students for Justice in Palestine” called for an armed insurgency or an intifada in the United States, a call to action that was nothing short of inciting violence against the American people. He is still there teaching, if you want to call it that at, of course, California taxpayers expense. And all of this continues to ramp up, now triggered by the decision of President Trump to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

And then there are the so-called evangelicals. Today, to use the term evangelical is simply not possible as it once was for evangelicalism has changed and in so many ways fundamentally. There is an evangelical faction growing called:


A Christian Palestinianist is a person who believes the Palestinian narrative, namely that Israel is a brutal occupier of the besieged Palestinian Arabs. There should be a STRONG RIGHT OF RETURN for Palestinians and in fact as an ultimate objective, no Jewish Israel at all. They now begin to adopt the mantra proposed by British scholar Paul Wilkinson that:


From the act of creation by the United Nations in 1948, the date of the founding of the State of Israel, to the some six wars thereafter in all of which Israel was victorious and territory added, all such in Biblical terms was accomplished as a result of SIN. And the gullible and especially the young evangelicals buy-in. That led writer Jim Fletcher to state that among really nationally known clergy, only John Hagee and Franklin Graham speak out loud and clear about the threats from jihadists, including Palestinians the world over.

Then there is the narrative CHRIST AT THE CHECKPOINT, yet another organization-movement pro-Palestinian and Anti-Semitic. Palestinians, they claim, should have the right of return and to otherwise breakdown Israeli barriers built to protect against so-called Palestinian violence and threats. It continues to grow everywhere in America and especially among America’s youth, evangelical youth.

And then there is Dr. Mitch Glasser, President of
CHOSEN PEOPLE MINISTRIES, one good man. Glasser stated the following:

I am concerned for the obvious decline in support for Israel among millennial followers of Jesus, who either do not know what they believe or do not seem to care.”

How true. There is an ever-growing Millennial Malaise, a seeming indifference to Israel and Jews and an ever-growing acceptance of the PALESTINIAN NARRATIVE. These so-called young millennial evangelicals simply do not know the facts, will not fully investigate those facts and form their conclusions and beliefs on the basis of emotion, sentimentality, false doctrines and even a benign form of intimidation. Surveys indicate that so many of these modern millennials really do not understand Israel’s place in the Biblical narrative. That is a growing concern for Israel and the Jews for evangelicals have been firmly united in their support for this vital Democratic and spiritual land, vital to America and its defense and influence in the Middle East and central in the true Biblical narrative regarding the importance of the Holy Land in God’s providence.

But real Israelis and real Jews stand up, like the Zionist organization of America (ZOA) which proudly proclaims in the face of Anti-Semitism the following:


And so do I, and all other right-thinking evangelicals. If you are Christian, and especially an evangelical Christian, I hope you believe the same as Scripture indicates is right. Whatever America’s position toward Israel, the Jews and other right-thinking people who live there are determined to survive, prosper and live peacefully if they can. But, they know, THEY KNOW how virulent Anti-Semitism can be and they want the world to know that the Holocaust, the fanatic killing of Jews will never happen again and they, the Israelis will fight back. They want to know that the slaughter of Jews will happen:


Never again. For 3,000 years, Israel was a nation founded, cultivated and lived in by Jews. The nation rightfully belongs to them and they have every legal, historical and cultural right to live there. And then there is Jerusalem, the Holy City. And in Israel, perhaps the world’s most sacred, spiritual piece of land:


Which contains Muslim mosques and the Western Wall of the last Jewish temple. The land and its meaning are special in God’s providence. The city and this land have incredible identities and purposes at the return, as Christians believe, of Jesus Christ. It almost seems prophetic that President Trump has made the decision to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to JERUSALEM, the Holy City, the City of the Jews. The world over, men and women seek PEACE, or as Scripture states:



The decision by Trump is scripturally correct no matter the reaction of Palestinians, Islam or the world. We should support that decision.

And the bottom line for evangelicals. The Peace of Jerusalem, the real peace can only be brought by:


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