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Don Crawford

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Did you know that Jews are bloodsuckers? You didn’t know that? Well, they are think hundreds of millions of people.

Did you know that Jews and Zionists are warmongers? You didn’t know that? Well, you do now.

Did you also know that Jews are descendants of apes and pigs? You didn’t know that? Well, now you do.

All of that vitriol, verbal hatred and anti-Semitic rantings are the words of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. Morsi verbalizes what millions of Muslims, and Arabs and of course fanatic jihadist Islam think and believe. The only good thing about Mohammed Morsi is that he is the FORMER President of Egypt. But the hate, the anti-Semitism, the systemic, violent hatred of the Jew lives on, and on.

It is in the words of Dr. Mitch Glasser, President of the good group THE CHOSEN PEOPLE says the incarnation of a new Haman, a new anti-Semitism sweeping the world. The evil Haman comes to us from the book of Esther in the Old Testament, written at or about 450 B.C. during the reign of Xerxes, King of Persia. Haman rose to power under Xerxes, hated the Jews and especially one Mordecai who, Jewish, refused to bow down to Haman or even pay him homage. Haman built gallows for the hanging, the execution of all of the Jews who had been exported to Babylon. Queen Esther, Queen to Xerxes, pleaded with the King to save the Jews and as a result, Xerxes hung Haman on his own gallows. Haman has come to be representative, symbolic of anti-Semitism. Perhaps one could say that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi fanatics were disciples of Haman, determined to carryout perhaps the very first national extermination of the Jews some 2,500 years ago. The new Haman would seek in the year 2016 to accomplish that genocide, that extermination of the Jews. It seems as though that spirit of anti-Semitism rears its head almost at anytime, anywhere and perhaps the Jewish people, for thousands of years, have only survived because of divine providence. I suppose the God of Abraham would seek to protect his people from extinction even though, as Mohammed Morsi said they are descendants of apes and pigs, warmongers and bloodsuckers just to name some. What a world.

But why do people hate the Jews? Why is there rampant anti-Semitism? Do you hate the Jews? Or perhaps you just dislike them? Or perhaps you would do nothing to help them, and their homeland Israel, you know simply staying on the sidelines, somebody else’s business. We the SIDELINERS are very much like the German citizens in 1937 when Hitler began the first part of the Holocaust which by 1945 has resulted in the extermination of 6 million Jews and millions of others.

That in my view makes us conspirators, guilty, guilty of non-action when we should be taking action. We Gentiles, that is non-Jews, and especially Christian Gentiles should stand up for the Jews. We should bless them and help them, as we are instructed to, in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 15) and we should ever be reminded that those of us who bless Israel will in turn be blessed and those of us who curse Israel will in turn be cursed by the God of Abraham. That it seems means little today.


But would you, I wonder, hate, for example, the Irish? Because, perhaps they are Irish? The Irish occupied, developed and now live in Ireland. Would you hate them for living in what they regard as their homeland? Or perhaps Italians. Would you hate Italians because they are Italians and come from Italy? Or, how about the Germans. Do we have the right to hate the Germans because they come from Germany, and perhaps because of what the Germans did to the world for an unbelievable decade (1935-1945) and even today not forgive them for that, hate them for that? One poll showed that as many as 30% of the world’s population harbor anti-Jewish feelings if not outright anti-Semitism. They are part of the NEW HAMAN anti-Semitism growing the world over. It is estimated that 50% of all Muslims, at or about 600 million human beings on this earth, hate the Jews or harbor strong feelings of anti-Semitism. Not surprising given the fact that most are Muslim and indoctrinated by imams and mullahs who preach, one way or another, the anti-Semitic vitriol of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi that Jews in fact are descendants from apes and pigs, bloodsuckers and warmongers. And that from birth, and childhood training. Those young Arabs, those young Muslims are taught to hate early on.
But the modern day version of anti-Semitism is known as:


The BDS movement, now sweeping the world is, at its core, anti-Semitic and deeply so in so many ways. This movement seeks to boycott the nation of Israel. That is, cut it off from fellowship, relationship and interaction with the rest of the world culturally, socially and especially economically.

The BDS movement seeks the goal of having all nations, financial institutions and investing individuals DIVEST all of their holdings or monies which in any way may support Israel from investments or doing business with the nation of Israel, or Jews for that matter since, you know, they are bloodsuckers and warmongers, doling out inhumanities to the poor Palestinians.

The BDS movement also seeks sanctions against Israel. Cut them off from anything and everything of value, and go after them, sanction Israel and the Jews for, in essence, says the BDS movement, THE NEW HAMAN, Jews have no right to call Israel their homeland for, think many, the so-called Palestinians have equal or even greater right to the land no matter history which records the Jews, the descendants of Abraham, living in and occupying the now nation of Israel including and especially Jerusalem. Never let the facts of history get in the way of the BDS movement.

The stated goals of BDS are as follows:


Small wonder that the campaign is organized and coordinated by THE PALESTINIAN BDS NATIONAL COMMITTEE, accusing Israel and the Jews of anti-apartheid campaigns similar to that which occurred in South Africa. The supporters of BDS include academics, trade unions, political parties and even Israeli citizens.

And now of course come THE ACADEMICS, the know-it-alls and especially some 60 Palestinian academic, cultural and civil society federations, aggressive and anti-Semitic in their perpetual attacks on Israel. Academics in a number of countries have signed on to support the BDS campaign including 250 Irish artists and professors, 240 Belgium academics, 1,600 Spanish academics and more than 300 academics from the United Kingdom. As one pundit said, “if the academics are for it (BDS), I am probably against it.” One BDS entity went so far as to state openly the following:


And more:


Really incredible, but typically biased responses from elitist academics. Really sad, really sad.

That led the good organization FLAME (Facts and Logics About the Middle East) to state as follows:


FLAME goes on to state:


And indeed, that is the very clear and specific objective of this vicious movement.

Small wonder that so many Jews the world over seek now to make Aliyah, a permanent return to Israel in order to escape anti-Semitism the world over. Whether from France, Germany, England, Russia or the Ukraine and so many others, so many Jews who are afraid to even wear their beloved yarmaka or carry something in public that would identify them as Jews want out, away from anti-Semitism, THE NEW HAMAN going back, the return, Aliyah, to Israel the homeland. More the world over will do so as anti-Semitism ramps up.

The latest example of BDS-anti-Semitism comes from our very own America. So many Christian denominations participate in this evil movement. That now includes THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, which, in its infinite wisdom (sounds like the elitist academics), has chosen to blacklist five Israeli banks for helping to finance constructions projects in the West Bank. What prophetic thinking and action by this once great denomination. The United Methodist Church has joined forces with those other entities and organizations which seek to cynically demonize, fully isolate and economically destroy Israel. The anti-Semitic behavior of the United Methodist Church is counterproductive indeed to the movement and feelings of other Christian groups, both Catholic and Protestant, which reached out to the Jews and Israelis after the horrific Holocaust to rebuild relationships, respect and renewal of friendship. That of course includes the so-called Evangelicals and most recently, the actions of the Roman Catholic Church, publicly apologizing for any role which the Church may have played (or not played) in preventing or counteracting Nazism and the destruction of the Jews. I suppose those right-thinking Christians, whatever they are called, follow and believe in the commandments of the Torah, the Book of Genesis to bless the Chosen People and consequently receive blessings in return rather than to curse them.

And you, my fellow American, what do you think and believe about the Jews and Israel? Do you stand for or against Israel? Do you harbor anti-Semitic feelings, even hatred of the Jews and Israel? There are in fact millions of Americans who simply do not like the Jews, for whatever reasons or no reason. Those millions of Americans are indeed part of THE NEW HAMAN MOVEMENT and subject to, so says Genesis, the wrath of the God of Abraham.

But if you are anti-Semitic, why? can you define, do you have good and strong reasons for this NEW NORMAL, the new anti-Semitism sweeping the world. Can you explain and justify any anti-Semitic feelings you have? Interestingly, there is a growing movement in the Christian Church called SUPER REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY, which believes that the Jews are no longer the Chosen People of God and have no special moral right to exist, having been replaced by the Christian Church. Perhaps that movement itself is anti-Semitic and fosters permissions, even rationale for the replacement of the Jew, the new normal and perhaps THE NEW HAMAN! It seems as though this new anti-Semitism is everywhere coming at Israel and the Jews from all sides. Again, where do you stand? You can’t be neutral as Donald Trump claims he is and would be as President for the forces on either side are too great. Russia supports Iran, and has strong Syrian interests and covertly supports and arms Hamas and Hezbollah. Sooner or later the Middle East will explode with war because of this new anti-Semitism, THE NEW HAMAN at work in the world. You, American citizen, can not be neutral. You must take a stand, one way or another.

Will you stand for Israel and the Jews, and with the commands of Genesis or will you stand with THE NEW HAMANS and support aggressive activities, military and economic, the world over against Israel and the Jews? What will you do?

I for one will fight anti-Semitism, new or old, any way I can. I pray you will do the same.

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