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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

Kill Him

The HIM is President Donald Trump.

The KILL, that is the killers would be those who come from the radical left.

For years now, the leftist media has attempted to link conservatives to violence perpetrated against liberals, even whether or not such violence actually happened. But when radical left-wingers threaten people on the right, the liberal media tends more often than not to bury the news. That is especially so with regard to threats made against President Donald Trump. Our President is relentlessly attacked and threatened with harm. Those threats go unreported and the American people are uninformed.

The double standards of the media, burying news when leftists threaten and overexposing any so-called threats from rightists goes back decades. When Timothy McVeigh blew up a government building in Oklahoma in 1995, the liberal press actually blamed:


If you can believe that. The media actually named Rush Limbaugh and Gordon Liddy among others for fostering that McVeigh attack! Rather unbelievable is it not?

Then again, in 1997, there was an abortion bombing in Atlanta, Georgia. The prolife movement was immediately put on trial and forced to defend itself in the media against the media’s charge that it was responsible for this attack. That got radical leftists nowhere for that never happened.

In contrast, when Congressman Steve Scalise, Republican from Louisiana was shot in June by a radical leftist, a Bernie Sanders supporter, one James Hodgkinson, the radical liberal media placed no blame on the left, or Bernie Sanders but rather blamed the violent rhetoric of President Trump! In fact, Scott Pelley, the voice of the CBS evening news, claimed the near-murder of a conservative was, get this:


Can you believe that? But then again, not surprising because, in my view, the CBS network and all of its affiliates are the most radical-liberal in the entire United States, in so many ways devoid of objectivity.

When Donald Trump was elected President, there were hundreds of threats made against his life on social media. Twitter, if you believe this, even allowed this to remain on its site:


And as if that were not enough for Twitter, they actually allowed this to remain:


That is a call for radical leftists to actually rape the First Lady, the wife of our President! The radical liberal media published nothing. Demoralizing feminists said nothing. That silence may well condone the raping of a conservative woman, but not a liberal. The double standards are rampant throughout our media and it is just incredible how the American public tolerates this incredible hypocrisy. That is why there is the necessity for conservative media, media to counteract the lies and abuse of the liberal media.

The Sunday Telegraph’s Monisha Rajesh tweeted:

It’s about time for a Presidential assassination.”

This reporter, a supposed journalist no less openly advocated the assassination of President Trump!

And on election night itself, the head of the cyber security firm PacketSled Matt Harrigan posted on Facebook the following:

I’m going to kill the President-elect. I am getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. I will find you (and kill you).”

The Secret Service was alerted and Harrigan was forced to resign from his company. Belatedly, he did apologize. But guess what, the national media never really covered this story. Can you imagine the press if this man had threatened to kill President Barack Hussein Obama?

And more. One Joseph Linn Pickett was charged in June of this year with threatening to “take the life” of Trump. Pickett wrote on Facebook about his plan to assassinate Trump. He said the following:

He (Trump) is a Benedict Arnold, but he is our President even though HE NEEDS A BLADE IN THE NECK!

Just literally unbelievable is it not? But again, no media coverage of this threatened Presidential assassination.

And then comes that supposed entertainer Madonna who turns vile and political and publicly proclaims the following:

I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

But again, there was no media outcry or outrage, much less the publishing of such a remark and this radical-liberal entertainer got away with it.

And then there was the hip-hop-rapper SNOOP DOGG. This alleged entertainer produced a video in which he himself shoots a blue-suited clown. The name of the clown was:


Which of course means Donald Trump. This clown was shot in the head by Snoop Dogg using a fake pistol. And again, no condemnation, no coverage, no outrage from the liberal media. Are we not tired of these double standards, this media hypocrisy and bias and why my fellow Americans, I ask do we continue to watch the three stooges, CBS, ABC and NBC. WHY?

Marilyn Manson also did a video in which a facsimile of Trump is decapitated! DECAPITATED!

And even the Tonight Show’s Stephen Colbert posted an image of Trump’s aide Steve Miller’s severed head on a spike mimicking the HBO series GAME OF THRONES! But of course, no coverage from the radical, liberal media.

And even Kathy Griffin was caught holding a fake severed head of Trump. The President himself tweeted regarding this incident and the radical liberal-media was forced to cover it. Only when they have to. I continue to wonder where these people came from those that put out this FAKE NEWS or no news and how did they ever get control of all three major networks. HOW?

And the anti-Trump violence movement even occurs in colleges and universities. The KNIGHTS FOR SOCIALISM at the University of Central Florida (UCF) held an event in June of this year for visiting students to use baseball bats to smash piñatas bearing photos of Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In a video of the event, one so-called Knight said the following:

Come beat Jeff Sessions’ face in.”

One boy in the video asked the question:

Can I kill Donald Trump?”

But no media coverage, none.

And in June, the Public Theater in New York staged Shakespeare’s play JULIUS CAESAR. The play contained a Trump-like Caesar who was stabbed to death on stage. The major network said nothing but Fareed Zakaria of CNN praised the show and urged people to go see it.

And then comes so-called actor Johnny Depp. Depp asked the following question:

When was the last time an actor assassinated a President? It’s been a while. Maybe it’s about time.”

And of course ABC and NBC said nothing.

In July, Democratic State Representative Scott Hamann of the great State of Maine posted on Facebook the following:

Trump is a half-term President at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that …..”

No investigation by the Secret Service and no publicity from any of the networks.

The only conclusion, my fellow Americans is that the liberal media despised Trump, and all things and all persons conservative. They tolerate threats against the life of the President, condemn them not nor those who make them. What a tragedy for America. We the people, and especially conservatives and Christians believe that we should know the truth and only the truth will make us free. We get no such truth from our liberal-leftist media and we never will. It then becomes the responsibility of a Fox News, or the Wall Street Journal, or the Washington Times, or even smaller media groups like the Crawford Broadcasting Company to tell the truth, the unpublished truth so that the American people can in fact know the truth. We regard it not only as our responsibility, but our privilege to do so.

On the day that Representative Steve Scalise and three other people were almost murdered by Bernie Sanders’ supporter James Hodgkinson, Jesse Benn of the Huffington Post asked the following question:

What’s more harmful, putting millions already on the margins more at risk via Draconian policies, or shooting a racist lawmaker in the hip?”

But of course, there were no facts to back up the claim of racism and then himself a bigot got away with it.

And more things anti-Trump. On MSNBC, former CBS anchor Dan Rather (remember him?) dared to psychoanalyze Trump and stated:

We haven’t had a President this psychologically troubled in this way since at least Richard Nixon.”

But of course, the psychiatric expert Rather never described in what way Trump was troubled, and got away with it, and was actually praised for his astute analysis.

And Bill Maher, what a loser, revealed his very own infinite wisdom and said the following:

And Donald Trump is kind of a traitor! TRAITOR!

And ABC’s Joy Behar claims that Trump and his Republicans have one basic objective when it comes to women, stating the following:

Let’s not forget they are trying to keep women in their place, barefoot and pregnant.”

Tell that to Nikki Haley, or Betsy DeVos or any of the female executives who run and operate some of America’s largest corporations. There have never been greater opportunities for women in America in all walks of life. Perhaps Joy Behar is herself is a prime example of this ever-growing gender equality!

Interestingly, White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cites a study showing that the networks in May and June spent 353 minutes attacking President Trump and pushing, in her words, a false narrative about Russia. In contrast, says Sanders, the network spent only one minute on tax reform! Anything and everything to destroy Trump, destroy him say the networks.

And then there were Charlottesville, about which all America is fully aware. Yet more violence as the extreme right, the so-called alt-right marched and proclaimed their message of white supremacy. No matter how odious the speech, and their speech was, our Constitution protects that right of free speech but others who disagree won’t allow it. Consequently, there was violence, terrible violence and even a killing. The event was tragic and perhaps it was a precursor of things to come in America. It seems as though the day and age of free speech is over or at least, when that speech is perceived as extreme, the end result may well be violence. We can only hope and pray, my fellow Americans, that our great country will never decline to that level. We can counteract the speech of white supremacist racists with more speech, speech with truth and fact but not, NOT with:


We can work, hope and pray to that end.

And speaking of prayer, on July 13 of this year, evangelical leaders gathered with Trump to discuss some policy issues. They as a group engaged in prayer, even placing hands on Trump and a picture of this prayerful scene was actually tweeted. For conservatives and Christians, that was a special moment, one good for the country and good for Donald Trump. But of course, the liberal media was totally nonplussed by the event and the coverage thereof was nothing but negative.

But prayer, prayer to the God who gave us these inalienable rights including free speech is indeed a great part of the answer to the problem of violence. And even to biased liberal media reporting. We the people need to be calm, grow in respect for each other no matter our differences, learning all over again not to deal with those problems in the old EYE FOR AN EYE. Only then can dialogue be restored along with respect for each other and for our right of free and truthful speech. As with the prayer in the White House, the Oval Office with President Trump, so should we pray for our President, our political leaders, our country, and for all men and women. Only then can God continue to bless America.

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