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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


“We live in really scary times”.


Those were the words of a person living in western New York, a verbal reaction to the firebombing of the CompassCare pro–life pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York. The firebombing was carried out by a radical, leftist, progressive group JANE’S REVENGE. The terrorists left this writing on the wall:




There of course was no reaction from the left, nothing from Senator Schumer or Speaker of the House Pelosi who shrugged and provided an indifferent response. After all, it was nothing more than a terrorist attack on a pro–life, anti–abortion group with which Pelosi has no caring. The scary times in which we live are marked by one key factor:




We the People can expect more violence perhaps than ever before in our once great Country. Our freedoms, our Constitution, our way of life, our rule of law, our traditions are under attack as never before, NEVER!


The CompassCare bombing was indeed scary. The CEO of CompassCare, Jim Harden, one good man said:


“This is the pro–abortion Kristallnacht. Because of this act of violence, the needs of women facing unplanned pregnancy will go unmet and babies will die. I wonder (said Harden) if Governor Hochul will veto the Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill. I wonder if Attorney General Letitia James will investigate these cowardly criminals. CompassCare will rebuild, because women deserve better. CompassCare will not stop because pre–born boys and girls deserve protection.”


Well said, and well done, Mr. Harden. We know you will rebuild and rededicate yourself and your good people to the task of saving life, LIFE IN THE WOMB. You and yours, we know, will do everything possible to stop the ABORTION KILLING FIELDS, and protect the precious human life which God himself has created. What a world, scary hardly describes it!


There is little respect for law and order in our great Country today. There are citizens, inhabitants, immigrants legal and illegal, especially illegal who care nothing about law and order and are willing to do anything to get what they want. There are those willing to firebomb, destroy and even kill if they disagree. Now comes the decision by the Supreme Court in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson perhaps by the end of this month. The Country over knows about the leak at the Supreme Court, a supreme illegal, criminal act. It is highly likely that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade that case, some 50 years ago was as Justice Samuel Alito so well stated, was decided by:


“Reasoning which was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences. And far from bringing about a national settlement of the abortion issue, Roe and Casey have enflamed debate and deepened division.”


If the Supreme Court does indeed decide to overturn Roe, and again we should know (at or about June 30) the issue of abortion will return to the states where it belongs constitutionally. Instead of one, we would have 50 different decisions about abortion. But our Constitution, a champion of federalism and the states, welcomes that and encourages all Americans to think of that as RIGHT. Anything, ANYTHING which is not expressly granted to the federal government by the Constitution is automatically left to the states, their judiciary, legislation and THEIR PEOPLE. That is the American way. There is nothing but nothing in the Constitution about the right to abortion. The court reasoned that the 14th Amendment and the so–called right to privacy justified the abortion decision. Nothing said Justice Alito in the leaked decision could be more unconstitutional than that conclusion, fatuous reasoning to be sure. If that decision holds, and there is always some possibility that there could be change as the court engages in final dialogue, the court will probably vote 6–3 to reverse, or perhaps 5–4 (one never knows about Chief Justice Roberts), and We the People can expect violence to erupt all over our great Country. Perhaps no one or no entity would be safe from the attacks of the violent, progressive, ultra–liberal left. SCARY TIMES INDEED!


Security will be increased everywhere and especially for the nine members of the Supreme Court and their families. There has already been a “slay plot” on the life of Justice Kavanaugh. U.S. Marshalls, protecting his home and family, thwarted that attack. But there is more to come, for sure. Perhaps any of the other five so–called conservative–leaning Justices would be in danger of violence. That would include:


  1. Justice Roberts
  2. Justice Thomas
  3. Justice Alito
  4. Justice Gorsuch
  5. Justice Barrett


In addition to Justice Kavanaugh. If more violence occurs against the Supreme Court (SCOTUS), it would be interesting to see the public reaction of liberal Justices Kagan, Jackson and Sotomayor. There would probably be very little for, like America itself, the Supreme Court is divisive, split, and deeply polarized.


If Roe is reversed, it is interesting that, of our 50 states, perhaps half would protect abortion with new legislation and the other half would eliminate or limit abortion. No matter what the Supreme Court decides, abortion will still be available in America, most unfortunately. If the court follows the Constitution as it should, Roe and Casey will be reversed. Violence will occur, but the states will protect it.


There is significant criticism of Donald Trump for inciting the January 6 riots in Washington D.C., right or not. But here the words of the inciter, a senator no less who should himself be investigated and even prosecuted for inciting violence, as follows:


“I want to tell you, Kavanaugh (Justice Kavanaugh). You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward”.


Can you believe those words from the senator from New York Chuck Schumer? Again, the man should be investigated, arrested and disbarred from the Senate. But nothing will happen, nothing because he is liberal, democrat. A scary world indeed.


Everybody conservative, pro–life, anti–abortion needs to be on the watch. THE FIGHT OF FAITH IS ON, and like it or not, we are required to fight this fight of faith with all our might. There is perhaps no higher goal for any conservative, any human being than to protect the most precious thing:




Life in the womb. Overturning the unconstitutional Roe and Casey is absolutely the right thing to do and I for one hope that is legally accomplished by our Supreme Court. But abortion goes on and consequently the fight for life does as well. Half of our Country will protect the right to abortion rather than life. Babies cry out, literally, for help, protection, for LIFE. No matter what the decision in Dobbs, let us, especially Christians and conservatives, stand up for:





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