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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

Martin Luther King

It was the shot heard round the world.


Martin Luther King, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, by James Earl Ray, a crazed racist. Dr. King had become to emerge as the face, and more importantly the voice for America, and even the world over for racial equality. King was an eloquent spokesman, learned academically, Christian in belief and determined to make a difference. He would never know the difference he would make.


The assassin’s bullet, deadly and accurate, was the beginning in many ways of a new awareness of racial inequalities, primarily black and white. Perhaps that dastardly assassination awakened right – thinking men and women of good faith, and color blind and constitutional to the beginning of a new respect for each other regardless of color or skin and a commitment to build different and better human relationships.


WE THE PEOPLE, real Americans, millions of us people of faith both black and white were challenged by the King assassination to really live up to the requirements of our faith, to understand and love one another and to be champions of the constitutional rights of all people, all citizens, all Americans as guaranteed by our beloved constitution. We were challenged by the first amendment and its five incredible rights and freedoms, and the fourth amendment, and the fifth amendment and in fact all amendments which defined, protected and guaranteed the rights and freedoms of ALL. That was so, no matter the color of ones skin, whether red, yellow, black, white or brown or any mixture thereof.


All men and women were created equal, none were inferior, even though all were different in terms of talents, skills, capabilities, intellect and even work ethic. It was in fact those differences that made America great when at work and when each of us, WE THE PEOPLE were the best we could be, as God created us to be. We counted upon HIS inalienable rights as defined by our constitution which were permanent, eternal and guaranteed to all. If only America and WE THE PEOPLE could be that way, live that way, respect others that way. What a wonderful world that would be.


It is simply possible for us in the 21st century to comprehend servitude, to think in terms of any man or woman as SLAVE. Most regrettably, slavery did actually exist in America up until the year 1865. Thereafter, any who were slaves were freemen and women and we embarked on the difficult task of freedom for all. Slavery was gone but racism continued. It existed overtly and subtly. I find racism so difficult to understand, much less justified. In my family, as we were raised, there was no such thing. Our family, my parents respected all men and women no matter the color and as Christians, we offered and expected love, understanding and mutuality from all.


And the very same in my company, the Crawford Broadcasting Company. We have more than 200 employees and partners. They are diverse, men and women, elderly and young, many of different skin color, all equal and treated fairly. Skin color never matters but only, as Dr. Martin Luther King so eloquently stated, the content of ones character and the quality of ones work. We ask that these special men and women have a serious commitment to Christianity, to the God of Abraham, and to the real America, the real constitutional America. We ask more for a strong work ethic and that each do the very best possible in the job for which they were hired. If there is any sign, any hint, any possibility of racism, or prejudice, or discrimination, any overt conduct in that regard which affects the workplace, that individual would be immediately dismissed. Racism of any kind will never be tolerated in the Crawford Broadcasting Company. That is so whether white for black, black for white or discrimination shown or displayed for any other race or ethnicity. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!


Racism begins if and only if parents do not:




If parents are prejudice, children will be likewise. If parents respect, show love, give unto others and construct a true CHRIST – LIKE HOME environment, children will live and believe accordingly. Without that, the love of Christ at work at home, there can be no end to racism, none at all. That is so no matter a 1619 project, no matter the efforts of BLACK LIVES MATTER, no matter how much cancel culture is at work, no matter how much of American history is destroyed. None of that in any way will affect racism in a positive way. The violence our society now experiences is fostered so much so by racism. Killing is commonplace. Lawlessness abounds. There is so little respect for police, for law and order, for borders as illegal immigrants pour into America by the tens of thousands. Racism, disrespect for others fosters all such and sooner or later, will be the end of the greatest nation in the history of mankind, our beloved America.


Right thinking voices, the voices of reason, tolerance, even love are silent or unheard. They are drowned out by the shrill, hateful voices of intolerance, those voices, posing as WOKE, progressive, enlightened not only help NOT to solve the problem, but actually foster division, lack of understanding and distrust among races. College and University campuses stamp out free speech, order things politically correct and do not allow right thinking men and women to exchange ideas, speak freely on issues and otherwise pursue mutual understanding. Churches move away from the real gospel, from the love of Jesus Christ, from salvation, from dealing with sin and make it so difficult for men and women to approach each other equally, trusting, and concerned with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Diversity is emphasized far more than oneness, each of us first and for most human beings, God – created, entitled to inalienable rights and constitutional guarantees and protections. WE ARE AMERICANS. All of us. There are diversities, differences but there is only ONE AMERICA. It is up to us as Dr. Martin Luther King advised and warned to live up to our constitution, to what makes America great and only then can racism be dealt with. But the truth of the matter is that there is only ONE SOLUTION.  There is only one way to do away with racism once and for all and that is in the person of, the love, the sacrifice, the salvation, the cleansing, the life changing capabilities of the one and only:




Without that transforming power, salvation and guidance, there will never be a real end to racism, never. That solution is available today, NOW. A heart transformed by the love of Jesus Christ will produce a mind which would find anything racist ANATHEMA. Then, what a wonderful world this would be, Christ – centered and love – filled. The Christ of glory loves all men and women, ALL! All regardless of skin were created by Him, loved by Him and so should we. The solution to racism is so simple, but so difficult so it seems. If not before, CHRIST ON EARTH once again will see to the end of this insidious, satanic problem. Only HE an do that.

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