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Don Crawford

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Multiculturalism Versus Melting Pot

There was an old song which so well described the purpose of America. That song invited anyone anywhere to come to America and BECOME AMERICANS. The most pungent line in that song so beautifully identified WHY. That is, whoever they were, they were human beings who were:


That was why anyone would want to come to America. So that they could live free and enjoy the freedoms which America offered to all no matter who you were.

My own father was an immigrant, naturalized, passionate about living in America and himself yearning to be free. He gladly and willingly ASSIMILATED. He adopted American ideals. He honored and cherished the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, and when he became a citizen, he swore allegiance to the greatest country in the history of mankind. He came out of the melting pot a born again American. He willingly and gladly adopted the American slogan:


From many, out of many, ONE. One nation with all citizens together, and indivisible living under freedoms guaranteed and with justice for all. That was the highest ideal to which any individual could pledge allegiance.

But then came multiculturalism. It came as a direct threat and challenge to the American ideal of assimilation and oneness. Multiculturalism came as a concept, a philosophy, and a false idea that America should be nothing more than a fragmented collection of groups. We the people were at the bottom line groups defined and divided by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, specific political philosophies and of course, religion. Religion or no religion at all (NONES). Multiculturalism defined and popularized TRIBALISM, fragmentation with the hope that so much of traditional America would be ignored or better yet destroyed. Why this new progressivism happened and how it gained traction is difficult to understand. Fragmentation replaced unity. This new destructive progressivism attempted to pit Americans against each other. And perhaps worst of all, this new, destructive progressive ideology became the dominating political and philosophical force of the new LEFT, that which seems to have virtually taken over the democratic party. Nothing could be worse for America, nothing.

This new multiculturalism was the same as identity politics. Politics, and the core of America should be shaped to the individual, to groups, to tribes and the good of all is replaced by the beliefs and desires of the individual. Central to this new belief was OPEN BORDERS. Anyone anywhere should be permitted to enter America no matter who they were or why they came. Each new entrant brought a different kind of tribalism, beliefs, and added to more and different group identity. Open borders and illegal immigration only increased the power and scope of multiculturalism providing further and additional attacks on our Constitution, way of life, standards, beliefs and ideals.

This new progressivism, this new multiculturalism arose, the proponents stated, as a result of the dominance, the discrimination, the sexism of WHITE MALES. They were the cause of all of the problems in America and any influence in power they had must be done away with. This new progressivism saw the Founding Fathers of our great country as chief of those oppressive white males and even now the multiculturalists would do everything possible to water down, eviscerate or even do away with the constitution these white males so brilliantly created and constructed. The Declaration and the Constitution were deemed to be racist and sexist at the core and therefore must be destroyed. The full implementation of constitutional principles produced the oppressed and victim groups rather than individual citizens, yearning to be free, and in fact living with freedoms and inalienable rights never before available in the history of mankind. That was America, its promise, its guarantee and its deep and passionate concern for the individual and governments everywhere which would exist for the purpose of assuring life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And that was for all, all assimilated Americans, ALL OF THEM. That has been what America essentially was, and still is.

But now comes a new radicalized LEFT which seeks to divide us along racial, ethnic and gender lines rather than unite us around common principles and natural rights. These new radicals see America as a society of victim groups instead of self–reliant individuals. They have no belief in the AMERICAN IDEA. They care little or nothing, this new Left, about the Constitution or its freedoms. They promote and foster a cultural civil war, encouraging hatred and aggression, and of course division. They know that a HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND and they wish the traditional America of 250 years to be destroyed. This new multiculturalism, this hateful tribalism conceives of society as a collection of cultural identity groups, again:


And this new hatred, political and cultural, will in fact UNCHECKED eventually destroy America. It will, my fellow Americans and we cannot let that happen.

It is heartbreaking to see how divided America is and Americans are. States wish to secede. Even one wishes to divide itself into two or three new political entities (California) because the political views and cultural responses are so radically different. Parts of states wish to merge in other states where there is far more commonality. Split, fragmentation, division of geographical entities and individuals rule the day. These new Progressives and progressive thinking are bound and determined to “decouple America from its foundational principles.”

The premises of these new political and cultural doctrines and their establishment and adoption require the destruction and discrediting of the American way of life. And these anti–Americans are doing such a good job in that regard.

Even worse, this new radical progressivism requires the SILENCING OF ALL OPPOSITION. Any differing speech is labeled as HATE SPEECH. The priority of SENSITIVITIES runs amuck. So much of speech and belief once viewed as traditional and acceptable now is labeled hate speech, which includes so much of religious doctrine, especially Christian where, for example, the concept of sin and sinners is easily identified as hate speech. Progressives would like nothing more than to see the ban of religion and religious speech. In fact, for the new radical Progressives to prevail, religion must end. In that regard, the words of television personality Bill Mahr are relevant:


President Donald Trump announced to the world that his mission was to:


and that is exactly what the new multiculturalists do not want. They want America to be one of many, no different or better than any other nation. They believe in a new globalism where, for example, a world court would make decisions which affect every human being on earth including all Americans. They believe in and preach a new and radical socialism – Marxism. So much of the democratic party has adopted that philosophy (i.e. witness Bernie Sanders). Whether the Democrats nominate Biden, Sanders or a different candidate from a brokered convention, socialism and all its negative aspects will strongly influence the thinking, the philosophy and the politics of the democratic candidate for President.

It is fair to say that this new radical LEFT has strong hatred for America. This movement and its adherents openly promote rancor, division, enmity between people, and a balkanization which, again if left unchecked and defeated, will result in a destruction of America. We are in a fight for our lives, my fellow Americans, our freedoms, our way of life and our BELOVED CONSTITUTION. If we allow multiculturalism and identity politics to prevail, America as we know it will be destroyed once and for all. Now, more than ever, we must understand the issues, the politics, the parties, the platforms. And most importantly, we must thoroughly know and understand:


and Marxist socialism, a far worse kind. And for now, it is alive and well in the democratic party. Moderate Democrats seem nowhere to be found, if in fact there are any. So much of this new progressivism counts upon the indifference or ignorance of the American public. It is just incredible how many Americans never bother to vote, indifferent to the political process or the effects of elections. Even those that do, so many of them do not really understand the issues but rather for the most part, vote on broad and general philosophies, and even more tragically personalities. The like or dislike of a candidate often sways the vote, whether or not the favored candidate is right for America. The well functioning of the American system and its political and cultural foundations depends upon the active and accurate understanding of the voters, WE THE PEOPLE of the critical issues of the parties and their platforms and not personalities. The radical Left would deconstruct, reeducate and move the American citizenry away from a real and fully educated understanding. So that the vote can be swayed and political influence accomplished whether or not based on fact or truth. We live, my fellow Americans, in perhaps the most dangerous and difficult time in American history.

America will change as a result of elections 2020 if we the people do not stand up, protect and defend our freedoms, our way of life, and our Constitution and do not allow those who would fundamentally change it to take power. We cannot elect any who would be multiculturalists at heart, none whatsoever.

Rather we must vote for those true Americans who love our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and the freedoms it provides and we enjoy. Time and again we should refer to the words of Ronald Reagan:


The radical, progressive Left, the Marxist socialists would have that happen.


Vote for those in 2020 who love America like we do.

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