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The words of President Barack Hussein Obama.


The words of a Republican congressman.

Speaker of the House Republican John Boehner invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address the Congress. That in many ways was unprecedented and, as the White House insisted, improper protocol. In other words, disrespectful of the President of the United States. Nevertheless, the speech went down.

The issue of course is Iran and the forthcoming nuclear treaty with Iran as negotiated by President Obama. That monumental event should happen, we are told, at or about March 24, 2015. The agreement, the understanding we are told will contain the ideas and policymaking of the President, who does not intend to submit the agreement to Congress for review and approval, so we are told. Iran, the world knows, is very close to being a nuclear power, and consequently very close to building nuclear weapons which can completely change the balance of power in the Middle East and influence and world and all nations as never before. President Obama is supposedly asking Iran to cease and desist all work on nuclear weapons and to agree as such in this new agreement-understanding. That agreement would for the most part be built on trust and mutual understanding, two concepts utterly foreign to Iran and its supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The speech occurred, as you know, Tuesday, March 4 in Washington, DC. President Obama thought so little of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress that he made clear he had not even bothered to watch it. But again went on to say that the text did not “offer any viable alternatives” with regard to the Administration’s pending nuclear deal with Iran. I suppose as is so often the case his aides told him what to say. But the reality was that the Netanyahu speech was powerful indeed, as perhaps the President feared.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was both bipartisan and gracious to Mr. Obama for all he “has done for Israel.” The Prime Minister cited examples of such acts which were not previously publicly known. At the same time, Netanyahu made a very systematic and reasoned case against the looming nuclear deal with Iran, willing all the while to run the risk of breaking protocol and arousing the ire of the President in order to make his case.

Benjamin Netanyahu called the proposed treaty-agreement with Iran as proposed by Obama a “very bad deal.” He reminded the Congress, our country and the world that the Iranian regime had long sponsored terror and jihadist activities, that this Iran had and continues to threaten to “annihilate” Israel, an even more realistic threat should Iran have nuclear warfare capability.

In addition, said Mr. Netanyahu, Iran is bent on regional domination, the total control of the Arab and Muslim world and the leader of the soon to come warfare of some kind on the West. Netanyahu wondered how it was possible to make any trusting agreement with Iran which would result in all such military activities to cease and desist. The majority of our Congress surely agrees.

The Obama Administration argues that a nuclear accord with Iran will help move the revolutionary regime toward moderation. But Mr. Netanyahu spent some 15 minutes laying out the regime’s historical record. Since Hassan Rouhani became President of Iran in 2013, internal repression has become even worse than in the days of the Administration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Descent is crushed and descenders are killed. Iran has greatly increased its military support for Bashar Assad in Syria. The country has gained de facto control of North Yemen. It continues to arm Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran arms and funds the terrorist activities of Hamas in Gaza and it does the very same for the Shiite militias in Iraq as that country is once again torn apart. Iran is a savage, killing nation bent, Netanyahu warned again, on the total destruction of Israel and the slaughter of Jews the world over.

The Prime Minister carefully noted that the pending deal with Iran would remove the economic sanctions that have finally driven Iran to the negotiating table. The deal with Obama would remove the very things which have finally forced Iran to bargain, however sincere the negotiations may be. “Would,” said Netanyahu, “Iran be less aggressive when sanctions are removed and its economy is stronger?” Why, he said should Iran’s radical regime change for the better when it can enjoy the best of both worlds:


As you might expect, President Obama and his Administration ignored those issuesquestions for any rational answers might well contradict the intentions and the ultimate terms and conditions of the Iran agreement.

The treaty-agreement with Iran would call for regular inspections of nuclear facilities. The Prime Minister raised doubts whether or not even an intrusive inspection regimen would guarantee timely notice if Iran seeks to divert its nuclear capabilities from peaceful purposes to bomb-building. Netanyahu reminded our Congress that North Korea had agreed to inspections in a deal with the Clinton Administration, only to oust the inspectors and the inspection processes years later, proceeding immediately to build its very own nuclear arsenal which led Prime Minister Netanyahu to the bottomline and the ultimate challenge to Obama and our Congress:

“Here’s the problem: you see, inspectors document violations: they don’t stop them.”

And indeed there must even be assumption that the inspectors are objective, fair and do in fact document violations so that America and the world can know and deal with them. Is it possible, Netanyahu wondered, for any objective inspection process to in fact occur? He thought not, and most would agree. And if in fact there were such violations, what would the world and especially America do? At what point in time, or the building of nuclear warfare capability, would America intervene with military force, wondered Netanyahu? How does America and the world deal with a regime bent on perfecting a robust nuclear infrastructure no matter what?

The Obama deal would accept Iran’s already existing robust nuclear infrastructure, a disastrous mistake. The Agreement would also provide for a ten year sunset provision after which Iran could enrich as much uranium as it wishes. In short, if this agreement were to occur, and Iran would abide by the terms and conditions thereof, Iran would not be able to enrich enough uranium to build nuclear weapons and so the world would be safe for 10 years. But watch out, mankind, for that 11th year.

Even the inept United Nations and its Security Council, seemingly pro-Arab as it is, demanded that Iran halt all enrichment activities in a resolution adopted as far back as 2010. A lot of good that did, implied Netanyahu. The five years since, Iran has not only not stopped, but actually increased its uranium enrichment activities utterly ignoring the apathetic United Nations. The Obama Administration rather lamely says that it can’t plausibly forbid Iran from having some enrichment capability. Enrichment would therefore continue under the Obama deal. And as such, that ongoing capability makes it easier for Iran to cheat, that is do what it wishes, no matter the terms and conditions of any agreement it may make. It seems impossible that inspections would occur in every place where enrichment can occur for the Iranians are masters at deceit. Prime Minister Netanyahu rightly noted to Congress that:


And it surely could. But even more, the Prime Minister said that Iran could:

“Get to a bomb by keeping the deal.”

In short, nuclear capability could be attained by Iran with or without the Obama deal, scary notions for the world, are they not?

It seems as though the Obama Administration claims that the only alternatives in the present are the deal he wishes to make with Iran or:


In short, the Obama way for nuclear disaster. Not so said Mr. Netanyahu for there is at least a third choice. That is:


The Prime Minister made clear that economic and other sanctions had driven Iran to the negotiating table at a time when oil was $100 per barrel and Iran would be under even greater pressure now when oil is at or about $50 per barrel. In short, economic sanctions worked in good times and they would be far better in their severity in bad times. Iran is still a relatively weak country economically and under great economic pressure. That economic leverage increases by the day and the United States has leverage to drive an even harder bargain if it is willing to do so. That said Mr. Netanyahu should be the right course of action.

Nonetheless, the Prime Minister, knowing how the political world works indicated that he would be open to accepting some kind of agreement the best that could be arranged, no matter the attempts to portray him as opposed to any concessions. Netanyahu then however made it clear that any sunset provision would only be acceptable to him and consequently to Israel if it hinged on a clear and transparent change in Iran’s military behavior. Netanyahu emphatically stated:

“If the world powers are not prepared to insist that Iran change its behavior before a deal is signed, at the very least they should insist that Iran change its behavior before a deal expires.”

So clear, so objective, so aggressive was that statement that the Congress rose in agreement and offered Mr. Netanyahu a standing ovation. The Prime Minister knows that his real audience, those who will really listen and care in America is the Congress and the American people, and not President Obama. The Netanyahu speech raised serious doubts about any accord with Iran which Mr. Obama wants and which the President has been negotiating in secret. No one in Congress understands the terms and conditions of the Obama deal, a startling fact don’t you think?

President Barack Hussein Obama wants Americans to accept his deal, his arrangement and agreement with Iran without a vote in Congress! That itself is a major violation of the American system, ignoring the rightful powers of Congress and an illustration once again of the President with the pen and the phone doing exactly what he wants no matter the consequences. God help America if that happens.

Iran is a state sponsor of terror and has been officially listed as such by the world for more than 30 years. It has developed an extensive military-industrial complex, having spent hundreds of billions of dollars to do so. It supplies weapons to terrorist nations and organizations the world over. With Iran’s help, Hezbollah as stockpiled more than 60,000 surface-to-surface rockets in Lebanon while Hamas has stockpiled about $10,000 surface-to-surface rockets in Gaza, all such for the stated purpose of wiping Israel off the face of the earth. The same regime which has executed tens of thousands of its own citizens for political opposition now would promise not to build a nuclear bomb. The notion, the promises absurd on its face. Iran has close allies in Russia, China and North Korea leading nations in the developing of ballistic missiles and nuclear capabilities. Even in South and Central America, Iran has engaged in money laundering, drug and arms trafficking, counterfeiting, promoting jihad and plotting terrorist attacks. And the President of our great country would have us believe that this kind of nation is one we can trust to live by the terms and conditions of his deal. North Korea, Pakistan and India all agreed to full disclosure and inspections and each of the three nations developed nuclear weapons despite international agreements in secret. Iran would do the same. THIS LED REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVE CHRIS STEWART FROM UTAH TO STATE THE FOLLOWING:

“A shrewder President would know to walk away from this bad deal.”

Stewart indicates that Congress, Obama notwithstanding, intends to be very aggressive and proactive in making certain that any deal done with Iran is done right and not at the whim of a President.

President Obama and his Administration continue to be outraged, agitated and “angry” at Prime Minister Netanyahu for making the speech, as even the New York Times stated “unusually sharp criticism.” Following party lines, Vice President Joe Biden did not attend, nor did 60 democratic congressmen and senators, supposedly in respect for President Obama and of course the disrespect of Prime Minister Netanyahu. National Security Advisor Susan Rice declared that the Prime Minister’s appearance and speech before Congress was “destructive of the fabric of the relationship” between the United States and Israel. More unusually sharp criticism. Secretary of State John Kerry questioned Mr. Netanyahu’s judgment for having supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq but failed, in typical Kerry fashion, to mention that as a United States Senator in 2003, he Kerry had voted for the war. Convenient amnesia, don’t you think? Many think that all of this Democrat rant actually made the Netanyahu speech more significant and the results more dramatic than they otherwise would have been. Many millions more watched and heard what Netanyahu had to say. All supporters of Israel and surely all Jews should now know very clearly where President Obama and his Administration stand on Israel. There is now open antipathy between Obama and Netanyahu, transparent for all to see. Making clear the fabrication that:

“America has Israel’s back.”

And now knowing for a fact that America and Obama have turned their backs on Israel and Netanyahu. A sad day and a sad turn of events for all things Judeo-Christian, for America, and for the peace of the world.

Netanyahu, like him or not, is a man straight, truthful and with a passion for Israel, its growth and survival. The Netanyahu speech should help the world focus on Iran, the most evil-driven country in the world bent on hatred, warfare, terrorism, total domination in the Middle East, the nuclear annihilation of Israel and eventually, the destruction of the West. Never forget my fellow Americans that this evil Iran-driven access of powers regards Israel as:


But the real problem, which Iran intends to solve someday in the future, with its evergrowing nuclear capability, is America, WE THE PEOPLE:


The Obama deal with Iran will put the Middle East, Israel and even the world in far greater danger. We can only hope and pray that such a deal is not struck, and if so, never gets the blessing, gratification or funding by the Congress of the United States, no matter the pathetic, compromising position of so many Democrats, including Obama himself. And we, people of faith should continue to:


For if left to Iran, that will never happen. Iran will never rest until every Jew, every Israeli is:


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