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Don Crawford

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The growth in number of opioid overdoses in 2017 increased by more than 30% overdoses episodes in 2016. 30% more virulent even deadly uses of opioids.

This horrific report from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) stated that there were 72,000 deaths from opioid overdoses in 2017. Small wonder that President Trump declared the opioid crisis a NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY! It is indeed a deadly, spreading and virtually incurable disease and epidemic. All Americans, all of us must deal with this opioid crisis, and we must do it NOW. It is indeed an addiction crisis.

Opioids are heroin-based pain killers. They are both legal and illegal. Doctors can prescribe drugs like oxytocin for pain relief, especially after major surgery and the prescription and usage of the drug is legal, done right.

But there is the illegal production and distribution of opioids, many of which come in a much more powerful form than the legal kind. And sadly for Americans, the usage of these illegal opioid drugs, made from dangerous, unregulated synthetics like fentanyl are rising far faster and are primarily responsible for the current opioid epidemic.

The most common of these illegal drugs most often snuggled into America is what is called:


They are pills made by drug cartels in Mexico that are stamped to look like the legitimate prescription drug. But instead, these lethal pills are laced with heroin and fentanyl which makes this drug not only more potent, but far more dangerous than any prescription. This new brand of heroin based pills has recently turned up in New Jersey and Massachusetts where the pills were found to contain not oxycodone, which can be legally prescribed, but a lethal combination of:

  1. Heroin

  2. Morphine

  3. Fentanyl

The Center for Disease Control thinks that this combination, unbelievably lethal, has been responsible in so many ways for the incredible increase in serious opioid overdoses and deaths.

In addition to the Mexican drug cartels which manufacture these deadly pills, there is evidence that the Chinese backed smugglers are doing the very same and both Mexico and China are taking advantage of the porous United States border with Mexico to bring their “illicit poison” into our country. Many think this illegal drug smuggling is intimately tied into illegal immigration. Small wonder that President Trump wants to build THE WALL and to enhance the activities of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) especially with regard to the border. That may be the only way our country can identify and eradicate the horrendous smuggling of these illegal drugs into America. It is especially necessary to add new budgets and support for these law enforcement agencies because they do not have the men or the means to compete with the sophisticated billion-dollar criminal cartels in Mexico and China, support and monies absolutely necessary to attack the crisis.

Think about that combination. Heroin, morphine and fentanyl. Fentanyl, the synthetic drug, is far more powerful than even pure heroin, potentially lethal in itself. Morphine can be a very, very powerful painkiller and when both fentanyl and morphine are mixed with heroin, it is so very easy to understand how overdoses, and even lethal overdoses can occur. Ironically, the agency ICE which attempts to deal with this problem is severely attacked by progressives and Democrats and many state openly to our country that if he or she is elected, they will do everything possible to eliminate,
ERADICATE this agency for immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) which, if accomplished, would only far more seriously increase the opioid epidemic resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands more Americans. I for one American do hope and pray that never happens and I would never, ever vote for someone, anyone who would have that as a political objective, would you? Would you vote for someone, a progressive or Democrat, who would eliminate an agency which works to enforce our laws including those with respect to illegal Immigration and Customs Enforcement, would you? And by the way, you will be voting and voting the right way in November 2018, will you not?

There is fortunately some hope with regard to opioid over dosage. There is a drug called Naloxone which can be used when over dosage occurs. Opioids work by attaching to receptors in the nervous system. The opioids open these receptors like a key in a lock, releasing a flood of chemicals and activity in the body. Naloxone when administered is an opioid antagonist that clears these opioids from the receptors and allows the restoration of normal breathing. They are like keys that fit in the receptors, but don’t turn, effectively jamming the lock and kicking the opioid drugs off the receptors. They allow the individual who overdosed to revive and indeed, when administered by first responders in this emergency, absolutely save lives, which can allow the addict to seek the professional help so desperately needed to battle this horrific addiction.

There is also what is known as Narcan Nasal Spray which, when sprayed, allows the Naloxone to work immediately and effectively. Again, administered by first responders, it is a life saver. And all the while as this opioid epidemic grows, the Mexican government and the Chinese government simply turn their backs on the problem and allow the production, distribution and smuggling of these lethal drugs to occur without a word. And more and more Americans become addicted, and the greater the addiction, the more the smuggling and illegal use of these so-called pain-KILLERS. The MEXICAN OXY pills made by drug cartels in Mexico can do more to hurt our great country than we the people have yet to imagine.

There is in fact now much greater American awareness to the illegal use of legally prescribed opioid based drugs. But ironically, the crackdown on prescription drugs has encouraged the production and sale of illegal opioid alternatives more than ever. And these new synthetic drugs are more lethal and far more expensive and criminal to the core. Beware, my fellow Americans, of this horrific drug FENTANYL. It is far more powerful and lethal than heroin itself and when used, can produce a state of addiction even more potent than heroin itself.

President Trump refers to opioid addiction as one of national emergency. He has asked Congress for even billions of dollars to fight this scourge. Interestingly, Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, a Democrat and representative Elijah Cummings from Maryland, a Democrat have introduced legislation which would call for the funding of some $100 billion to deal with the opioid scourge over a full decade. The bill would support the efforts of ICE and the federal government to control and punish on the one hand, but would also include $500 million annually for the production, distribution and usage of Naloxone when over dosage occurs. I for one American do hope and pray that bill passes for the good of our country and especially our younger, millennial generation.

Opioid addiction affects every single family, does it not? Whether a spouse, child, parent, relative, or friend, or associate, or business associate, surely you and yours have been affected by this opioid epidemic. I know my extended family has and it breaks my heart. To see someone you love in the throes of this satanic addiction is heart-wrenching. And there is so little which can be done by any family other than to seek professional help and medication. Oversubscribing opioid painkillers should be much more seriously controlled in my opinion. What do you think? The smuggling of illegal drugs into our country must be stopped. The manufacturing and distribution of these synthetic killers anywhere by anyone must be eradicated. Criminal penalties should be severe and we must, WE AMERICANS MUST invest in antidotes, remedies and treatments for this incredible opioid epidemic which must be stopped and now. Don’t you agree?

Remember those who wish political power for the purpose of eliminating the agency ICE. Don’t vote for them. Remember those who recognize this addiction epidemic and will use their political power to SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Vote for them.

And you will vote in November, 2018, will you not my fellow American?
America needs your vote now more than ever.

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