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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


14 years ago, we the people were attacked and confronted as a nation by militant, Islamic terrorists. Our very own World Trade Center, centers of business and commerce and symbols of the economic greatness of America were destroyed by these Arab jihadists.

You could well say that act of terror on our very own soil was a wakeup call. That act of war was no longer war over there, but right here, right here on American soil. America no matter its defenses is by no means immune to attack by hateful foreign countries, and certainly not terrorists. War of that kind, perhaps even someday nuclear can and perhaps even will happen someday to our country, our cities, our very own people. We should have learned from that 911 incident that Islam is not the religion of peace as the propaganda would have us believe, but rather an ideology which incorporates war, killing and human abuse virtually without restriction all, of course, in the name of Allah. That was the lesson we should have learned from 911, from the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. HAVE WE?

I doubt it. I sincerely doubt it. There is a new kind of warfare at work for which the civilized world is not prepared. It is warfare Islam-developed and created with all new military tactics designed to defeat the West, in fact civilization as we know it. This war is a war of terrorism which is not mere isolated acts of violence by individuals or groups, or even unrelated entities. This jihadist terrorism is war by a militaristic force and ideology which targets an enemy, burrows deep, camouflages its soldiers and weapons and starts from the bottom up, one explosive event at a time. Whether suicide bombers, kidnapping and terrorist attacks, or assassinations or missiles, jihadist terrorism will use any tactic, any weapon to accomplish its purpose. That purpose can be summarized in three words inspired by the Quran:


That would be you and me holding other faith and beliefs. And that infidel would also include anyone everywhere who did not embrace and convert to Islam. Convert or be killed, so goes the peace-loving theology of Islam and the Quran. When it comes to the Infidel. Any and all kinds of killing are fully justified. And that, my fellow Americans was the real lesson of 911. Jihadists warned us that even as the World Trade Center Towers crumbled, so would all of America, sooner or later.

Terrorism is the perfect warfare for this day and age. It is a military strategy which can not be defeated for it never ends. When one terrorist dies in jihad, there is always another ready to replace. Terrorism begins with small bands of individuals determined to wreak havoc. It grows into larger movements, and sooner or later becomes Hamas or Hezbollah. It attracts and converts so many, and especially the young to war, to jihad. Terrorism is, ultimately, sponsored and fostered by evil and demonic nations, like Iran, especially Iran, or Yemen, or even encourage directly or indirectly by nations such as Turkey, Egypt, and now the great and to-be-feared nation Russia itself. When jihad has that kind of financial backing, and that kind of aggressive military support, there is no way it can be defeated, no way at all. Get ready America. It is not a question of if jihad and terrorism will strike at our land, but only when.

Terrorism strikes at any level. It hits hard, both large and small targets. It can strike at our military, even our very Pentagon itself. It can and will attack soft targets like hospitals. Remember Hadassah in Israel? Or it can wage all-out war as it does in Afghanistan.   Terrorism, the jihadists whether Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim brotherhood or any other evil group is diverse, multi-faceted, and virtually impossible to track or identify in so many cases. It is like a Hydra with many heads and when one is cut, another grows. There are always:



Always in the waiting because human life to them is cheap and expendable. The promise of eternal reward virtually eliminates the fear of dying or loss of any pleasures in this world.
Think now how terrorism works in Gaza. Weapons of all kinds and sizes, including and especially missiles, are housed in hospitals, mosques, schools, even United Nations facilities. They are hidden in homes where people live, expendable for the cause. These evil jihadists have no compunction when it comes to using human beings as shields for military efforts. Gazan Arabs populate the rooftops, stay in schools, roam the streets where weapons exist in an effort to prevent attack and counterattack. Hamas and other such groups have absolutely no regard for human life, especially Jewish human life or even for that matter their very own people. Whatever it takes to win the war of terrorism will be done. That, my fellow Americans, is the lesson of 9/11, 2001. I wonder if we ever learned that and if we did, how soon we forget.

On that fateful day, many of so many good and innocent human beings most of them our very own citizens died, perhaps as many as 4,000 9/11 fatalities. Perhaps the greatest city in America and perhaps even the world was openly and aggressively attacked. We responded, we protected after the fact and we rebuilt. That act of terrorism eventually occasioned a war in Iraq however justified which escalated warfare and terrorism the world over. We the people attacked terrorism in Afghanistan, again however justified. We reacted, we did our best, but our best was not good enough. We thought we had restored liberty at least in some manner to the nation of Iraq. Look at it now after so many times of fighting, loss of lives and the expenditure of billions upon billions of dollars. It seems no better than it was in the brutal and evil era of Saddam Hussein. That is the real lesson we should learn as a presumably civilized nation. That lesson is:


Impossible. For terrorism, like moles burying, can attack us and all through means military, and economic, and social, and even Constitutional (Sharia), and judicial and even education. Terrorism attacks any way it can. We are an open society, essentially tolerant, liberal, peaceful at heart, willing to pursue any and all means to avoid war and accomplish peace. That makes us an open and ready target for terrorists and jihad. We are easily lulled to sleep when we should be WATCHMEN ON THE WALLS. It seems as though we do not take terrorism seriously when we should fear it greatly. 13 years after America was attacked, we have forgotten and the lessons learned then seem now long gone. We recall the day and the event but that seems something only historical, not of current concern. We go back to our lives, living them as though it won’t happen again. In fact, we are probably more open and vulnerable to attack even now, perhaps more so than any nation in the world. Our borders are insecure, our vigilance is compromised, our concern is lacking and it seems as though our desire to protect our nation from a military standpoint is minimal at best. We are ripe for yet another 9/11 and perhaps much more. Perhaps we must adopt the philosophy and mentality of the Jews, and especially the Israelis who will never, ever forget the Holocaust and those haunting words of once Prime Minister Menachem Begin:



And be ready for the next time.

But we do and the world does yearn for peace. We pray for peace as we are taught, even as the Jews and all Christians pray for the:


But evil abounds, everywhere. There are now wars in so many places, whether open and aggressive, or terroristic in nature. There are acts of war, violence and mayhem happening on a regular basis, everywhere. These wars and rumors of wars signal the beginning of the end, the last days, at least the last days of civilization as we know it. Ready for war come nations like North Korea, Russia, Libya, the Sudan and of course the very worst of all Iran. They are ready for war whether all out or one event at a time. They are motivated by 9/11 which to them signals the weakness of America, and seems symbolic of the military weaknesses and lack of resolve of the entire WEST. We the civilized would do virtually anything to prevent war while they the uncivilized would do anything to foster war of any kind. There is no dialogue, no compromise, no cease-fire, no negotiations which matter or mean anything. Conquering and utterly destroying the INFIDEL is all that matters and even compromise itself is but one additional step toward victory, ultimate victory even as 9/11 was the first step in the conquering of America HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES!

We should be haunted by the words of one Hamas leader who stated the following:


Not conquer it but destroy it. And the words of yet another Hamas leader who stated the following:


The White House! Can you believe that? Well, my fellow Americans, you better believe that for that is the ultimate goal. 9/11 only whets the Arab appetite, renewed passion to kill the infidel. The war wages now in the Middle East, and especially in Israel. But the West is next. Recall well, my fellow Americans, that this Israel so hated by virtually all Arabs is only the LITTLE SATAN. The real target, the real INFIDEL is none other than our own great country which terrorists call:


The great Satan. Jihadist Islam will never rest, never until such time as there is no more America when Islam prevails and Sharia rules. There will be war and rumors of war until that happens, of that you can be sure. I fear for our great country because we are unprepared mentally, psychologically and militarily for what is sure to come. Perhaps more acts of terror must occur before we are aroused. Perhaps we need to lose more, more of our society and culture, and more of our fellow citizens before we are aroused and ready to respond. Perhaps a major event, even a nuclear event God forbid, must occur before we truly begin to defend our great country WITHIN AND WITHOUT. There is still time, but that time grows short. 9/11 is a fading memory, a lesson not learned for history, unlearned and unheeded will always repeat itself. Always. For we the people have not learned the lesson:


Never. Some day we will learn that lesson one way or another.
But, my fellow Americans, we should never forget our fellow citizens, our heroes who died on that fateful day September who died on that fateful day September 11, 2001 at the hands of vicious terrorists. We should never forget them, honor them and respect their memories. We should revisit the event, watch the pictures, see it all over again so the horror of that event of death at work stays alive. Even as we pray for peace, and we should now more than ever, we must become:


Of America, protecting, preserving and defending all we are and all we have, our institutions, our way of life, our very civilization. We are called upon to serve our country as never before. There is only one America and once freedom is gone, it is gone forever. Islam and especially jihadist Islam is, in the words of Winston Churchill a retrograde force in the world and we must fear its triumph and prevent that from happening. Islam is determined to rule the world and that includes especially so our beloved America. We should be willing to do anything and everything necessary to prevent that from happening.

That is the message of 9/11. We call that memorable day and event:


So then, what happened on 9/11 is a message, a wake-up call to all:


I pray you are one, as I am. I am ready like American revolutionaries of old to lay all on the altar to preserve, protect and defend this great country. I pray you will do the same.

So we ask that God Himself will bless America, a good thing. Perhaps we should also pray that GOD WOULD SAVE AMERICA and prevent the triumph of the forces of evil. But that, so sayeth the Scriptures, will not happen unless we the people HUMBLE ourselves before this Almighty power, and pray, pray with passion and all of our heart for peace, seek His will, guidance and direction and most importantly turn from our ways, often selfish and egotistical, and follow HIS WAYS, the way of peace. Perhaps then and only then will we find HIS blessing.

NEVER FORGET, my fellow Americans.




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