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Populism Trump-eting

Sound the trump-ets!

Well, maybe in the case of Donald Trump who does his own trump-eting, you and I really don’t have to do that.  He does it very well for himself.

Trump reinvigorates.  He energizes even as he polarizes.  He attracts people who are attracted by his energy, straightforwardness, even his crass, often vulgar approach to language and other people.  So many of the disaffected rally around him as a kind of hope, hope for change, hope for them, the politically disenfranchised.  He never goes away.  He doesn’t seem to politically fade and in fact, he improves, enlarges and grows a very stubborn, energetic, determined populist base.  Not just Republican, but Libertarian, Independents, Centrists and even Disenchanted Democrats.  No one really knows the depth of his political support base, including and especially the pollsters.

Trump goes to Madison, Alabama on Sunday, February 28, 2016.  He draws a crowd to hear him speak of 35,000 people in a stadium which only has capacity for 30,000.  They came to see and hear the icon and symbol of a new era in American politics.  Unlike Cruz or Rubio, or Fiorina or Carson, or Kasich or Christie, the trump-eting of THE DONALD rings loud and clear, far above them, very fine candidates that they are for reasons so many American pundits and elitists fail to understand or accept.  Those 35,000 people in Madison, Alabama may well have been seeing and hearing the next President of the United States.  Trump, it seems has had enough of the lie, the Washington lie, the political lie.  Trump trump-ets the message of a new kind of truth, not a half truth, not spin, not facts which EVOLVE in political terms, but all things straight, direct, observable and objective even though the man himself is often not.  He rails against Obama and the Democrats and in essence, he accuses them of Saul Alinsky tactics identifying in his own way and in his own words their political philosophy which is:





In short, Obama’s Washington never really gets caught, convicted or held accountable.  They, says Trump, ignore the facts and look for any TRUTH DU JOUR, anything which suits their purposes and plans.  That is the fact of the day, says Trump and anyone or anything Obama is not to be trusted.  True, in so many ways, but strange coming from a man who many think is a master of the flip-flop, a rough and tumble businessman, aggressive, often mean and inconsiderate but somehow representing some part of the American Dream, a true American success story, at least financially, a billionaire several times over and perhaps somebody or something which so many Americans would wish to emulate and have for themselves.  He may well be indeed, as one writer said:


He is the kind of political candidate that may never be fully understood but he is different, so different as he attacks the WASHINGTON LIE, the constant CHANGE under which we and Americans live Obama style, and the utter disrespect these power hungry politicians have for we the people.  Perhaps we believe that Trump will really talk to us, communicate with us, and so we can with him.  Let the trump-ets blare both ways.  TRUMP-ETING is a two way street.

Perhaps Trump gives us hope that there is some real truth in this world, something absolute, unchanging necessary for real Americanism in our very own survival.  He seems to eschew in his own way RELATIVISM, no absolute truth especially politically so, a philosophical approach which confuses and angers most Americans.  Trump seems in his own way a force for unification, at least somehow, in the land of America which is now a land of:


Obama now and so much of politics and politicians before him produced and widened this great divide, polarizing Americans now to the point where there really is no dialogue, no discussion, no real attempt to persuade or educate.  Communication, especially political, is accompanied by demand, elitism and anger.  I am right and you are wrong.  That is so for Americans on either side of any issue, platform, party or political person.  We challenge, demand, proselytize and preach, but we never listen.  WE NEVER REALLY LISTEN!  And so the great divide only widens and America and especially its politics become toxic, intellectually, philosophically and culturally toxic.  We lie, all of us, working with half-truths with facts that support our positions ignoring others and the more we are challenged, the more we claim we are right.  Politics and people in America could not be more polarized.  Perhaps Trump fosters that polarization but at least he gives a certain hope and energy to those whom Washington has ignored for years and years.  Your time, people, WE THE PEOPLE to stand-up and take back your country.  Your time, Americans, to take it away from those career, power hungry politicians and let a man like me, a populist, a non-politician, one who can not be bought run this country the way it should be and the way the Founding Fathers intended it to be.  That resonates.


Politics, says Trump can be reduced in essence to three things:

  1. POWER
  2. MONEY

To become a politician is to be corrupted and infected by all three.  But Trump says to America that he now has all three in his life so that his political motivations and desire to be President are different.  THE DONALD has enormous power in the business world.  He is a billionaire, successful, creative and ruthless at the same time, but powerful in every way.  He is a force to be reckoned with whenever he wants something.  So many Americans seem to respond to that.

Donald Trump has all of the money he could possibly want or need.  He does not have to set-up non-profit corporations in Canada and the United States to launder contributions and avoid the sanctions of the law like Hillary Clinton.  The Clintons, says Trump, are all about the money and what they have done, he says, and as well articulated by columnist Charles Krauthammer, is a fraudulent laundering of that money in violation of the law.  Trump needs no money, takes no money and will never be influenced by political money.  So much for the PACs (Political Action Committees), the lobbyists and the special interests spokespersons.  The days of their political influence in Washington are over, says Trump, if he is elected President.

And, says Trump, my ego needs nothing more, for I am now famous the world over and my ego is already strong and aggressive enough.  Therefore, says the Trumpster, my main goal, desire and ambition as President would be to:


That, all of that, really resonates with so many, so many millions of WE THE PEOPLE.  You could almost say that there are those millions who think to themselves:


Or at least fully identify with him.

So, Donald John Trump grows as a candidate, grows in popularity.  Polls if anything underestimate his POPULIST APPEAL and the trump-eting of the Trump grows louder.  He is a candidate with the style so very unique who is very likely to be the Republican nominee.  No matter the protests, criticism and belittling of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and now Mitt Romney and of course THE POPE FRANCIS (can you believe that?) who has the audacity to weigh in on American politics when he knows nothing about them, Trump moves forward and perhaps gets stronger.  Trump, for example, says that the majority of Americans want to stop illegal immigration.  Trump says he will build a wall on the border to prevent that.  Americans respond and believe him when he says he will do that, unlike Obama who really does nothing to stop illegal immigration.  The Donald will do what he says and will say very clearly what he will do.  Like me or not, says Trump, I will make things happen, the right things happen.

545 people rule this country, really rule this country, says Trump.  We the people, including him, are ruled he says by:


  2. 100 SENATORS

Once elected or appointed, says Trump, we the people are at their mercy.  They do as they wish, at any time, evolving, changing and so very often without respect, concern or appreciation for the people, the engines of democracy.  You are, says Trump, disenfranchised, removed from the political process and your political rights and you have every right to be angry.  Trump it seems is a political outlet for the venting or frustration and ANGER on the part of the American people.  In fact, Trump seems to create even more anger, or concern, or fight-back for that is his style, and perhaps his political purpose.  Tens of millions, the vast majority of Americans do not now nor will they ever trust politicians.  They are victims of the system, infected with POTOMAC FEVER.  Once in Washington, they are swallowed up with political ideology, power, the systems and protocols, and above all THE COMPROMISE.  The message of Donald Trump seems to be to America:


That resonates.

The Trumpster may well indeed be “the icon and symbol of a new political America.”  Perhaps he already is and only will continue to grow as such.  Trump has ripped apart and exposed the Republican Party.  He attacks the GOP old guard, the structure and decision making of the party elites and even though he runs as a Republican and seeks the nomination of the Republican Party, he is by no means a Republican or a conservative.  He is in fact an Independent, a RHINO (Republican in name only) and even though he may have some conservative leanings or believe in certain Republican principles and priorities, he has his very own.  He is constantly attacked by those remaining Republican candidates with some possibilities, namely Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  They are often vicious in their attack of Trump but they state at the end of their own political vitriol that they, each of them, will support the Republican nominee WHOEVER THAT IS.  In essence, these two candidates are saying that they, as of now, will support Donald Trump.  Do you?  Will you?

Perhaps the rancor and vitriol will die down and we will finally have an opportunity to find out exactly what Trump believes, his political platform and what he will do as President to deal with the major issues of the day.  Perhaps.  I for one know little about his platform.  There are bullet points but there is no explanation, no dialogue, no philosophic approach to those issues which America desperately needs.  I for one want to hear the head and heart of the man in clear, unequivocal, well thought out passion.  Then I will know how to really evaluate the man, not on personality, style and language, but on a mind at work on the things which WE THE PEOPLE care about most.  What do you think?

Donald John Trump, THE TRUMPSTER-THE DONALD may well be our next President of our beloved United States of America.  Are you ready for that?  The way things are now, perhaps you should get ready.

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