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President Donald J. Trump, Israel and More


We the people heard that over and again in 2016, did we not? I may disagree with them, sometimes passionately so, but I never hated any politician, did you?

To be sure, President Trump has a most unique personality. He is straightforward to a fault, confrontational, argumentative, interruptive, always on the ready for a verbal fight. He sometimes has that turn–off look on his face. He drinks no alcohol but he sure loves his food. You can predict the way he will dress, especially those long red ties, and his hair can often look like something not his own!

He won the Republican nomination for President in 2016 even though he was by no means any kind of traditional Republican. He was then, is now and always will be:


Perhaps more a libertarian than a Republican. It is difficult at times to figure out what he is but you can judge the man by what he does. TRUMP IS A MAN OF HIS WORD! He does what he says he will do.

Especially when it comes to Israel. The organization THE REPUBLICAN JEWISH COALITION (RJC) calls Trump “the most pro–Israel American President ever.” If the RJC comes to that conclusion as a result of what Trump has promised and what Trump has done, President Trump is indeed the most pro–Israel, pro–Jewish President ever.

Mr. Trump has an unwavering commitment to defend the state of Israel. He understands that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, a strong ally of America, a buffer to radical and warlike Islamic states like Iran, and even a thorn in the side to Russia. Trump knows that it is for the good of America that Israel needs to survive and thrive. So, from the Trump Administration there comes a long litany of pro–Israel policies.

In December 2017, President Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state. It was the capital when modern day Israel, then the land of Canaan, was occupied by the Jews and the twelve tribes. It was the capital city of David, Solomon and any number of kings thereafter. Jerusalem is steeped in Jewish history, tradition, occupancy, culture and lifestyle. It is in fact the ETERNAL CAPITAL OF THE JEWISH STATE AND RIGHT–THINKING PEOPLE. Such a declaration would never have been made by the Democrats and certainly not by Barack Hussein Obama.

In May 2018, President Trump moved the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. At that time, Trump publicly declared in presidential fashion that Jerusalem was:


As such, the American embassy should be there, and not in Tel Aviv. Another bold move but the right move. Trump was loudly criticized by Democrats but for this President, the hateful harangues of critics and especially the Democrats are water off a duck’s back. That is one great strength of Trump. He ignores hateful criticism and may even welcome that.

Again, in May 2018, President Trump withdrew the United States of America from the IRAN NUCLEAR TREATY. In many ways, Trump knew that this treaty was trumped up, unenforceable, a sham and one which would eventually allow the participating nations and the world to see Iran with nuclear warfare capability. It was a treaty Iran could ignore, and it did, and even while professing adherence, all the while pursue the development of nuclear capability. Trump withdrew America from that sham of a treaty much to the consternation of America’s European allies. Trumps response to that criticism was that those nations like America should also withdraw from this sham of a treaty.

In November 2018, President Trump reinstituted crippling sanctions against Israel’s main geopolitical enemy Iran. Most were economic and the full effects of this bold and audacious action rippled through the Iranian economy and culture. Not only did such presidential actions and sanctions have their intended geopolitical effects, but as well the sanctions caused unrest, dissent and even a certain kind of protest and rebellion on the part of right–thinking Iranian citizens. Trump knew the effect on the entire world which Iranian nuclear capability would have. He with Israel was determined to not allow that to happen.

In March 2019, the United States recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. This is a territory once Syrian but captured in war by the Israelis and kept by them ever since. Syrians and their allies would camp on the Heights and fire indiscriminately on the Israelis and their territory below, an incredible military advantage. Israelis knew they had to maintain possession of the Golan Heights for their safety and security. They were of course loudly criticized by Palestinians and by Arab nations. To this day, Israelis maintain full possession of that unique and special territory.

I have been there three times. It is well fortified. The Israelis keep watch 24/7 for any Syrian military activity even as they do for Lebanon with the militant, hateful Iranian–sponsored group military activity of Hamas and Hezbollah. Israeli soldiers, the IDF charged with the defense of that territory know how serious that task is and the guard is never down. These trained soldiers are tough, kill or be killed defenders of their precious PROMISED LAND.

In November 2019, in a major reversal of prior US policy, the Trump Administration declared that Israelis settlement activity on so called Palestinian land is not necessarily illegal. In fact, all that land was historically Israeli and Jewish. I often wonder how real, true Jewish citizens could ever cede one inch of that precious historical and biblical territory which was always theirs. Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes the same, and has pursued a reasonably aggressive settlement policy to his credit. We can be certain that more such settlements will occur or at least the attempt made to do so. If Trump is President, such moves will be sanctioned and supported. If Biden is elected, you can be certain there will be no such support and in fact, Israel will be sanctioned even punished if they do so.

In January, Trump released his plan for peace in that war–like territory termed:


Such a plan gave the Palestinians the power to govern themselves which they have always sought but NOT the power to threaten Israel. This proposal, no matter how fair and realistic, was promptly rejected by Palestinian leaders as every such plan has been. It is time wasting, futile and DEAD ON ARRIVAL (DOA) to propose any plan of compromise to the Palestinians, other than one which would call for the elimination and removal of all Jews from that territory which the Palestinians regard as their own. As one Palestinian leader declared:


And that, so it seems is the real attitude and thinking of the Palestinians which prevents any compromise or even negotiations for peace. Israelis know that and PRESIDENT TRUMP KNOWS THAT!

President Trump has also pledged that the bond between the United States and Israel is “absolutely, totally unbreakable.” It should be. The United Nations, after World War II and the horrific Holocaust, reestablished Israel as the homeland for the Jewish people. Arab nations immediately went to war, any number of them only to lose every one of them. In the process, Israel was able to recapture much of the territory to which it was entitled and especially, their beloved capital city Jerusalem. There is no way any of that territory will be returned or given up. Right thinking Israelis resent to this day the unworkable compromise which occurred as the result of the disastrous plan:


All that accomplished was the surrender of Jewish land, Israeli territory and Israel got nothing, absolutely nothing in return.

Donald J. Trump is not a true Republican and he would probably admit that. He chafes at the spineless, compromising, often wishy–washy conduct of Republicans in Congress. Nor is he a Christian. But Trump, unlike Obama before him, or our current group of politicians:


And that starts with the full defense and support of Israel and the Jews. It is as though Trump believes in the promises of the great GOD JEHOVAH in Genesis 12 which states the promise of the G–d of the Jews:


It is good that America, WE THE PEOPLE, are on the side of blessing rather than cursing. No right–thinking person, including the not – right–thinking politicians should ever want to incur the wrath of this powerful and almighty G–d of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and our Lord Jesus Christ.

So, I for one am with you President Donald John Trump and I say exactly what you have said and promised:


The majority of American Jews vote Democrat and will not vote for Mr. Trump this year. In so doing, they show what they really think and feel about the Promised Land, the eternal home of all Jews. Such a vote seems to indicate that they really don’t care what happens to Israel. What a shame. There are far more Evangelicals and gentiles who are much more pro–Israel than these seemingly non–caring Jews. And they, we will vote for Trump for there really is no alternative for those of us who believe in and love the land of Israel, the Promised Land. I will enthusiastically vote for Mr. Trump. It matters not his personal personality, but what matters are his policies, his political platforms and his promises. He has shown us that he will KEEP THEM.

And that is more than good enough for me. I hope it is the same for you.

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