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President Trump

Do you like President Trump?

Do you like him as President, or do you like him as a person? Many people who support him do not like him. That seems a strange dichotomy, does it not? For there should be something likeable about a person who does good things. I wonder if you agree with his policies. I wonder if you agree with his politics. I wonder if you agree with the positions he has taken. If you are a conservative, a true conservative and if you are Republican, A TRUE REPUBLICAN, surely you are pleased with the first political year of the Administration of Donald John Trump, are you not?

Many people really do not know or fully understand the accomplishments of the Trump Administration. The man, THE TWITTER MAN, is constantly slandered, abused and maligned by the mainstream LIBERAL-RADICAL media who dish out CRITICISM RATHER THAN CREDIT no matter what this man and his advisors do. But the truth of the matter is, my fellow Americans, that the accomplishments of the Trump Administration in the first year of his Presidency are remarkable indeed. Here are just some.

THE NEW TAX ACT. For the first time in 30 years, there is now legislation in place and effective January 1, 2018 which reduces corporate and individual taxes FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS. There are changes in the new law which can be very beneficial to most Americans and American businesses and corporations which will further revive and energize an already growing American economy. The reduction in corporate taxes, small business partnerships and other business entities will create new jobs, better employment and more compensation for workers. The new tax act now has seven income categories with reduced taxation percentages that can allow Americans to pay less taxes and will in fact be of benefit to the so-called middle class. Some lose out but most win. Congratulations President Trump and the Republican House of Representatives and Senate, both in the majority. Most Americans think that was work well done.

THE REPEAL OF THE OBAMACARE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE. Now, and finally, my fellow Americans, you are not forced, not required to purchase health insurance as a result of the former mandate of ObamaCare. The so-called tax, as Chief Justice John Roberts once called it, is now removed and you do not have to purchase what you do not want. You can now approach ObamaCare with free will. That I surely think is a good thing, don’t you? Congratulations, President Trump.

SUPREME COURT JUSTICE NEIL GORSUCH. Now comes the ninth member of our United States Supreme Court, one who is highly respected, legitimately conservative to fill the conservative void created by the untimely passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Gorsuch is a brilliant scholar, a keen student of the law, fair in his application and decision making and restores the balance of the court which now becomes once again a court with essentially four liberal justices, four conservative justices and one swing vote. An excellent appointment President Trump and a big American thank you to the United States Senate for his confirmation.

THE FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURTS JUSTICES APPOINTMENTS. President Trump has appointed and the Senate has confirmed a RECORD NUMBER OF JUDGES to the Federal Circuit Courts. Most of these men and women are conservative or centrist, fair-minded, determined to interpret the law and not make it which will, as one scholar noted, take much of the political bias out of the judicial system. Every essentially conservative thinking American should be more than pleased with those appointments. Good work, Donald John Trump.

REGULATIONS. Trump, his advisors and his team of lawyers and experts have voided and gotten rid of hundreds, even thousands of UNNECESSARY REGULATIONS. Nothing makes it more difficult for Americans, and especially American business to function than incredible and unnecessary regulations. Their cost and economic effects are disastrous and, when done away with, lessens the control of government and produces much more individual freedom. I personally loudly applaud such actions. Do you?

THE DESTRUCTION OF ISIS. This rogue, barbarian, savage group of assassins has been largely neutralized or significantly destroyed and disrupted in the first year of the Trump Administration. Barack Hussein Obama had put undue restrictions upon the military which had prevented this from happening. Trump in the words of one General “unleashed” the military from those Obama restrictions and the United States Military, the best in the world, did its job. Thank you, President Trump.

OIL DRILLING AND PIPELINE PROJECTS. There is new drilling for oil, whether in Alaska, the continental United States, or offshore. The old Obama regulations and restrictions were lifted and America has become once again energy competitive and far less dependent upon foreign oil. That is so good for our economy, our independence, and our future. Well done, Mr. President.

THE REPEAL OF NET NEUTRALITY. Most Americans think that is a very good thing. Do you? Anyway, it is gone and America moves on. Again, most Americans believe the repeal of net neutrality is a good thing. Do you?

THE AMERICAN ECONOMY. For the first time in some 12 years, the American economy has grown in excess of 3% for four consecutive quarters. There are new jobs. Profits grow. Compensation increases. New opportunities exist. There now has been the revival of hope and confidence for the future. Thank you for being the spark, the energizer, the visionary for that great asset for WE THE PEOPLE, President Trump.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. It has, as one lawyer stated, “shrunk to a trickle.” There is now the opportunity for border guards to prevent illegal border crossings as the law would allow. Restrictions under the Obama Administration and the former Justice Department (Loretta Lynch, Attorney General) have been lifted and illegals entering our country have been significantly reduced. And, all of that accomplished without THE BUILDING OF THE WALL! Maybe we do not need that wall, President Trump, for your policies seem to be really working. Thank you.

UNITED STATES MANUFACTURING JOBS. Business as Trump knows is the compatible workings of owners and unions. President Trump has worked with both, and with foreign governments and new jobs, new productivity and new profits for all are happening. Well done, Mr. President. There is now new confidence, certainty and clarity so that business can work, grow, invest and believe, REALLY BELIEVE now as it could not in the previous eight years in the future. The stock market explodes, large corporations offer bonuses, the minimum wage paid begins to grow. Profits, once merely distributed to shareholders, are now fairly invested and new jobs are created. All, ALL so very good for our beloved America, don’t you think? Well done, Donald John Trump.

UNEMPLOYMENT. It is at an all-time low, at or about 4%. Corporations and businesses now need to compete for workers, and especially the best of them. There is added leverage to the employee as the structure for job compensation changes for the good. And, there has been a significant reduction in BLACK AND HISPANIC UNEMPLOYMENT. A better equality in job opportunity for minorities now becomes evident and produces in and of itself a new confidence in America and its economic future. A job well done, Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and Republican-controlled Senate, and of course you, Mr. President. Thank you.

THE STOCK MARKET. Stock market pricing is at an all-time high. In fact, in 2017, the stock markets had the most annual record-high days in its storied history. Investors invest with confidence. Risk-taking and the growth it produces is also at an all-time high. There is a new sense that there now can be prosperity for all. That to me is a great job well done, Mr. President.

THE PARIS CLIMATE ACCORD (PCA). The United States has been removed from what one politician called “the international swindle” known as the Paris Climate Accord. There is so much controversy in the world about so-called Global Warming and America will not be forced to abide by this so-called accord. I believe that is a good thing, do you?

NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION (NATO). President Trump has demanded that NATO countries “pay their fair share” of the costs so that AMERICANS-WE THE PEOPLE no longer pay for everything. That is nothing but right, and fair, and if other nations want the benefit of NATO, pay your fair share. That sends a clear message to the world that indeed President Trump will fulfill his promise to:


JERUSALEM. President Trump had the courage, unlike Presidents Clinton, Bush or Obama to affirm to the world and to the Israelis that:


And America will move its Embassy there. Much of the world at large howls and protests but I believe it is THE RIGHT thing to do, do you? If you are Jewish, really Jewish, or Christian, really Christian, you know it is the right thing to do. Great decision, President Donald John Trump. Thank you.

And there are more, many more accomplishments. There is a significant increase in ICE arrests and expulsions.

There is the real and muscular confrontation of North Korea and the barbarians who control that country.

The unbelievable bias of the United Nations has been confronted.

The hypocrisy and aggression of Iran and the sham of a nuclear treaty have also been fully confronted by the Trump Administration.

Fake news, the incredible bias of the three stooges which pose as mainstream media are confronted. Twitter finally does some good!

In short, there has been an incredible amount of action and good things happening from the Presidential Administration of DONALD JOHN TRUMP. In the first year of his Presidency, there has been significant action everywhere to:


The deep state has been identified and the corruption in government, the leaks, the bias, the subterfuge will be dealt with and eliminated. All of that, ALL OF THAT should make every right-thinking American feel good, feel great and feel a great part of the good things which are happening in America. Every American, EVERY AMERICAN should feel a part of this viable movement, this momentum, this energy to:


I dare to say that whether or not you like President Trump, whether you agree with his methods and methodology, whether you think him Presidential or not, you applaud his efforts in his first year. America, the land of the Rule of Law, of the Constitution, of liberty and justice for all, the land where opportunity, choice and dream-chasing abound is on the way back. America is experiencing a sweeping CHANGE BACK from many of the disasters of the Obama Administration. To all of that I say, and I hope you do as well:



I can’t wait for the second year.

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