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Don Crawford

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in the majority, will resist. Will you?

In the End Times, sayeth scripture, there will be an unleashing, new aggression by all things and people:


Men, says the scripture, will lie with men, and women with women, although never intended by the creator (unnatural) who created us male and female and for different purposes sexually. None were intended to be bisexual, transgender, or queer, experimenting. None were surely not intended to be binary. Today, the PRIDE movement adopts and embraces all such lifestyles, brand new gender identities, and totally different and non-biblical sexual orientation, and perhaps even more variations are yet to come. Surely, as Jesus Christ predicted, and as the Apostle Paul affirmed, all such things are sure signs of:


Do you agree? Do you have a firm position and conviction on LGBTQIA, do you?

The PRIDE MOVEMENT is surely a war against Christianity, its values, morals, and certainly its sexual beliefs. And it is also an attack upon real Old Testament Judaism and Islam as well. In fact, PRIDE may be an attack, open warfare against all religions. So that, all who believe in a God who created humankind, male and female, seem to be under attack at every turn, cultural warfare at work, becoming more aggressive by the day.

Some say we Conservatives and Christians have indeed lost the cultural war. They offer no proof. In reality, in so many ways, the FIGHT OF FAITH has only just begun. Many think that Conservatives and Christians are finally waking up, aroused by the aggression of LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, the 1619 project, and so much more. Cultural warfare which threatens everything that America has been to this point and the very heart and soul of Christianity itself.

BUT, look around. There is now a new resistance at work, a new and aggressive STAND-UP where Christians and Conservatives will not be intimidated, will stand up for their rights, for freedoms, for biblical truths, for religious values, and begin aggressively to:


Do you see that? And are you a part of that?

PRIDE MONTH may have unleashed a new conservative BACKLASH. There is at work a more aggressive PUSH-BACK. There is new religious muscle at work slowly becoming more evident, powerful, and meaningful. Do you see that? And are you a part of that? The American way, constitutional rights, individual freedoms and the liberties we enjoy apparently permit LGBTQIA guaranteed by the constitution. BUT, it gives the movement no special rights no matter how progressive or radical and it certainly gives them no rights to constantly attack, criticize, and use legal, cultural, and economic means to stifle all things Christian.

Finally, the so-called conservative but really truly constitutional majority in the Supreme Court of the United States recognizes the subversive attacks on religions- Christian rights and the Court is reinforcing the rights of the Constitution, allowing Conservatives and Christians to disagree with LGBTQIA, not participate economically or in any other way with the demands of the movement (the Baker and the Photographer) as a matter of basic constitutional right. The cultural war, waged more aggressively by LGBTQIA now begins to feel the real fight-back, the STAND-UP of Christians and Conservatives, and the cultural war has only just begun.

From the biblical books of Moses (first five Old Testament) through David and the Psalms, Solomon and the Prophets, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul, there is a universal and unanimous condemnation of the:


These are strong Christian-Jewish-Islamic beliefs. They are not fashioned by individuals like you or me but are given to us as Truth-Absolute. To be Christian is to embrace them, believe them, and live by them. That is an inalienable right under the Constitution, and now for the first time in years, WE THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE are demanding those rights and fortunately, our Supreme Court agrees.

Christians by the millions are beginning to exercise the push-back of:




Christians begin to BOYCOTT, come apart from, and have nothing to do with LGBTQIA.

Christians are exercising the right of DIVESTMENT distancing and disagreeing with this unnatural biblical position. Christians are also exercising SANCTIONS, speaking out, separating from, and standing up to the aggressions of LGBTQIA.

FORD MOTOR COMPANY forgets business and champions PRIDE. Ford now makes a gay pickup truck and expects its customers not only to embrace the move but buy the truck. Fortunately, that is not happening.

TARGET displays swimwear, and other products, openly gay, and fully embraces the philosophy, and its stock value and income plummet.

ANHEUSER-BUSCH, makers of Bud Light, tout the gay agenda and promote Dylan Mulvaney, the transgender as spokesperson. Bud Light loses 30% of its market share and once, far and away #1, is now a distant #2.

The Los Angeles Dodgers dedicate an entire night of baseball to the SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE, a group that mocks and disparages the Catholic church and its dedicated nuns. The reaction, the push-back was enormous, led by star Dodger pitcher Clayton Kershaw. The believers in the natural stand up. Are you one of them?

Christians have no choice but to fight the cultural war. None at all. You are in the fight, you must engage in that fight, you must contribute to the forces of the natural, and you must stand up and protect and defend your Christian beliefs, especially as you train up children and grandchildren or you will watch those precious biblical beliefs whittle away.

PRIDE goeth before destruction. The only pride worthwhile is for us to be proud of the fact that we are Christians, proud of our Lord Jesus Christ, proud of what he has done for us and for the world, for all mankind, proud that we can live by his instructions and commandments, and humbled by the fact that one day we who see through a glass darkly will know in truth and in person when:


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