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Don Crawford

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Pride Month – Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a popular, well-known, and for the most part, good baseball team and organization.

They play baseball, or at least they should, that and that alone. Their objective, their mission, is sports, clean, honest, hardworking sports, with the objective of winning the World Series. They are not qualified and should not be involved in politics, cultural or social issues and ideas, and most importantly, religion. They have no business or expertise to take positions on any religious matters or social-cultural matters and issues as well. PLAY BASEBALL AND DO IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT!

But then comes so-called PRIDE MONTH. Supposedly, Americans-We The People are supposed to honor and embrace the LGBTQIA movement. Whether or not we believe in gay homosexuality and the lifestyle which accompanies that movement, which in so many ways is anti-Christian, and even more broadly anti-religion. Somehow, and for whatever reason, and whoever made these decisions, the top brass of the LA Dodgers, that major league baseball organization, decided to honor the Pride movement by having a night and a baseball game in their honor and in celebration of PRIDE MONTH.

Shockingly, the LA Dodgers decided to “celebrate” pride month by honoring the:


These so-called SISTERS are nothing more than men who dress up in sexually explicit and rainbow-colored nun clothing to mock Catholics. These men, posing as women, perform shocking stunts designed to be as offensive as possible. They include a CONDOM SAVIOR MASS and believe this or not, pole dancing on a crucifix, perhaps the height of blasphemous mockery of Christianity and the Catholic church, and presenting DRAG QUEENS posing as nuns. Can you believe that? What an entity. Sounds to me like straight from the devil. What do you think?

Again, shockingly, the LA Dodgers gave this anti-Catholic bigoted group center stage and honored them as representatives of the Pride movement with utter disregard for Catholicism, Catholics in general, and in fact all Christians who believe in the crucified Lord Jesus Christ. 2

The Dodgers organization invited SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE, then as a result of an outpouring of thousands of protests, disinvited the group, but then the radical, woke, progressive, cancel-culture thinking, which obviously dominates the Los Angeles Dodgers ownership and decision makers, re-invited this blasphemous group once again. This intolerant hate group showed up at the LA Dodgers PRIDE NIGHT, a baseball game at Dodgers stadium on June 16th. To me, it was totally improper for the Dodgers to honor pride month, really none of their baseball business, but to do so with this vial, blasphemous, hate group was the ultimate disrespectful and blasphemous attack upon all things CATHOLIC, and consequently all Christians.

Up stepped the aggressive organization:


This organization stands up for the rights of Catholics and indirectly all Christians and will not tolerate any hate, blasphemous attack, or disrespect of any kind to Catholicism. Ironic, is it not, that our illustrious president, Joe Biden, claims to be a devout Catholic but has no problem endorsing Pride Month and the LGBTQIA movement, which is anti-Christian and Catholic in so many ways. I wonder if any of this anti-Catholic activity reaches the ears of Pope Francis!

The organization CATHOLIC VOTE went public, with advertising everywhere, demanding that the Dodgers:

1. Publicly apologize for honoring this so-called SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE.

2. Pledge, this Dodgers organization, to never host or honor an anti-Catholic hate group ever again.

3. Fire every person within the Dodgers organization responsible for organizing and approving this reprehensible stunt.

CATHOLIC VOTE is determined that the Dodgers organization will not get away with celebrating sexual perversion to mock Catholics. I can only imagine the outcry, the protest, politically and culturally, and the litigation which would follow such blasphemous mockery of Jews and Judaism, or Muslims and Islam. But to the Dodgers, it seems like the blasphemous mockery of Catholics and Christianity generally is fair game, attacks and disrespect the Dodgers organization can get away with.

I, like millions of other Christians, and a baseball fan, love the game, and always respected the Dodgers organization, until now.

Up stepped the great organization Judicial Watch. JW filed a lawsuit along with Catholic Vote, perhaps motivated by this latest Dodgers blasphemous action to sue the FBI, the once objective, fair, and well-trusted FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, and the Department of Justice of which it is a part, alleging the targeting of Catholics by the FBI who adhere to traditional beliefs on abortion and other cultural issues. Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton, issued this statement: 3

“In a brazen attack on the First Amendment and Christians, the Biden FBI planned to treat Catholics as potential terrorists and spy on them in their churches.”

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and Brian Burch of Catholic Vote are two formidable, no-quit, no-nonsense individuals, formidable foes to say the least. They are determined to find, identify, litigate, and rid our beloved country of those biased individuals who attack Catholics specifically and all Christians generally as well. It is time, overdue in many ways, for all Catholics and in fact, all Christians to live out and make happen the mission of Catholic Vote which is:

“To inspire every Catholic in America to live out the truth of our faith in public life!”

Amen. Get on with it. Stand up for the First Amendment, for freedom of religion, and assembly, and put a stop once and for all to all things anti-Christian. In many ways, that Stand is now or never.

Clayton Kershaw, star pitcher for the LA Dodgers agrees. Strong Christian that he is, he protested Pride Night at Dodgers stadium and more importantly, the honoring of THE SISTERS OF PERPETUAL INDULGENCE. I only wish other members of the Dodgers organization, or perhaps, more importantly, the baseball team itself, had stood up, protested, and realized the unbelievable enormity of the action of the Dodgers organization and the anti-religious, Catholic and Christian disrespect of this action.

My fellow Americans and fellow Christians, if every Christian, of every denomination, were to stand up, take charge of culture and government, and education and the media, rather than being intimidated or silent, or withdrawn, or perhaps worst of all indifferent, and FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH, America could be restored overnight and in one election to its traditional roots and the deep and abiding respect for real religion, for real Christianity. Unfortunately, protests occur, and millions of American citizens are offended, speak out, but for some reason, do not follow through, and as a result, do not win the spiritual battle. To fight the fight of faith is to win the spiritual battle, not just to fight. We the Christians fight not with traditional weapons, force, or might, but with the power of the gospel, conviction, stand, uncompromising, with love not hate. But I believe we must be determined to win this battle, to preserve our freedoms, to protect our Loving Lord, and the real Christian faith in which we believe. Do you agree?

And if you do, are you willing to lay all on the altar and win this battle? Christians are not hateful. All those anti-Christian are the hateful ones. Somehow, WE THE CHRISTIANS must fight this fight of faith with love and do so with all our might!

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