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Don Crawford

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Pro-Life After Birth

Abortion is killing. Abortion is murder. So think I. What do you think?

Christians are often accused of being far too abortion conscious, concerned more with life in the womb rather than life after birth. That is, say pro-choice critics, children born into difficult situations, essentially unloving and unwanting homes should be as much a priority as those in the womb.

THEY ARE. They are with so many evangelical Christians who firmly believe that caring for children without loving parents is an integral part of the pro-life movement. Proof of this has occurred over the past 15 years as an extremely impressive network of organizations have been started and grown for just that very purpose.

There is an organization called CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE FOR ORPHANS or CAFO. Hundreds of faith-based organizations are involved offering services and expertise which range from the recruitment and training of foster parents to providing assistance for kids aging out of foster care. These organizations come together annually as they did this past May in Kentucky, entrepreneurs and committed Christian servants who constantly search for ways to improve the critical child – orphan services they render. There are those organizations which have long-standing such as Focus On The Family and Bethany Christian Services, two excellent family and children serving organizations. And, there are dozens of new such organizations and ministry, such as REPLANTED MINISTRIES, Patty’s Hope and Reeces Rainbow among many others. These organizations can be concerned with postplacement support for adoptive and foster families, counseling, training and housing for biological mothers of kids in foster care, and special needs of all kinds. These Christian and evangelical organizations are as good or better than any in the industry.

These organizations for children were in every state, spread across our great country and even international. They were working independently, often in isolation when many began to realize that there seem to be a certain competition between them and they began to realize that they could do far more for the good of mankind and the Lord if they found far better ways to cooperate and work together. But the tremendous demand in the United States for loving parents was overwhelming and the driving force behind the new – together mentality.

CAFO began to formulate a basic priority. They became more concerned with keeping children with their biological families while at the same time working to improve their domestic situation and their individual lives. Although that was the top priority, many of the organizations provide support for foster care and adoption as well.

Further, there are experts and experienced workers who have founded what they term BRIDGE ORGANIZATIONS for the purpose of recruiting and training church leaders to bring this critical family work to the attention of their congregations. Perhaps the right motto would be:


That is work so critical in this day and age which seems to care little about the traditional family and in fact in many ways breaks it down. The Pastors who are trained give sermons on foster care and adoption. Volunteers are trained and the work grows. So much can be done for good.

To be sure, not every family can take in children whether to provide foster care or adoption. But there is so much that can be done. Families and individuals can furnish clothing, furniture, tutors, mentors, transportation and social activities such as ball games. All are valuable and necessary.

Few if any of these evangelical organizations, members of the CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE FOR ORPHANS receive any kind of public funding, federal, state or local. That is because they make it clear that they are such a child support organization evangelically based. Critics of course accuse the organizations of doing the work so that they can:


These critics are reminded that the motivation to do this critical work can come from the instructions of the Apostle Paul who clearly taught that every man and every woman must tend to the family first even before the church. Family bonds are not only the sum and substance of society, but the most important asset of any human being’s life. Said one CAFO principle:

Adopting or fostering or becoming involved in the life of a struggling family is far more costly than mere proselytizing.

The family indeed can become more securely bonded, and the roots of morality planted more deeply with every experience of the Christian faith. Such faith along with everything secular and societal which a family needs are the two sides of the coin absolutely essential for a well-functioning family.

Scripture teaches that there are three main and critical factors and forces in this world namely:

          FAITH – HOPE – LOVE

and the greatest of these is love. So many of these abused and neglected children never have known love. The CAFO organizations know how important that is and they bring to every God-called task a heart warmed with love. Said one CAFO leader:

          “Being loved is the most transformative power on earth.”

And it surely is, human and divine.

Virtually every single human being has love and caring for children. Where you live, look up the CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE FOR ORPHANS, or CAFO so that you can see the works of these good organizations where you live. Perhaps the desire will be placed in your heart to participate, to do something for such an organization and for the good of God’s children. The good organizations connected with CAFO welcome any help or support you can give. Christians should remember how Jesus himself loved children as he said:

Allow these little children to come to me for they, the children of God, are the substance of His kingdom.

These little children are often suffering, yet innocent, hurting yet full of wonderment, treated sometimes hatefully but yet innately loving. Perhaps you could do for them, or even for one as unto HIM. CAFO would be grateful and so would the CARPENTER FROM NAZARETH.

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