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Don Crawford

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Progressive Christianity

“The Ultimate danger is that progressive Christianity can send a person to hell.”


Those were the words of Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.


If there ever was an oxymoron, the term progressive Christianity is the ultimate. CHRISTIANITY IS CHRISTIANITY. It is what it is, means what it says, cannot be reinterpreted or interpreted away. Christianity is a belief system, with standards and values which one accepts or rejects. It cannot be “cherry-picked”, one cannot take some and leave others. CHRISTIANITY IS ALL OR NOTHING! But, it is indeed progressive, radical, revolutionary, life-changing, even radical in terms of faith, hope and love. Mankind in its infinite wisdom cannot make it better, soften, as one so-called progressive, woke thinker said the “hard edges of Christianity” to make it easier, more adaptable to current culture and broader in terms of inclusion. In fact, Christianity is exclusive, excluding what it clearly terms “sinners” and non-believers and rather than a broad gate and lane of welcoming:

Straight and narrow is the way.


And there is only one way and that is absolute faith and commitment to the God of the Bible and all out commitment to Jesus Christ.


There is, says writer Michael Brown, now in current culture, the so-called gay rights revolution. That movement sought to normalize same-sex relationships, completely expand, even change the definition of, morality, and fashioned today the category of LGBTQ(IA)+ with even more to come. No matter that up to the late 20th century, when major Christian denominations believed and taught that same-sex relationships and marriage were wrong and according to the Bible “sinful”, LGBTQ fought for complete change in sexual and moral behavior, a movement in the forefront of today’s culture where “anything goes”. To disagree with anything gay at work was to champion HATE, flagrant discrimination the movement said and it determined at every turn to silence or punish those who exercised freedom of speech and spoke out against the new moral revolution and lifestyle in favor of the old biblical standards of morality. Today, it seems that so many Christians, Jews, and even Muslims, the sacred writings of each condemning such a lifestyle, are silenced, intimidated and refused to speak out. Even though LGBTQ is a small minority of the population, it has become loud, vocal, even championed by high tech, digital (Facebook and Comcast among others) and it has clout far beyond its representation. In some cases, it demands inclusion in the Christian church, even though the lifestyle is condemned. This progressive approach, the widening of the road, the narrow road which leads to salvation, is an objective which would include far more and broaden beyond scripture the doctrine of salvation. It is said by Lutzer, the essential goodness and understanding of human nature today as something equally important to determining salvation and morality as the requirements and demands of scripture itself. Man over God or at least co-equal with God, in terms of truth and interpretation. Franklin Graham is right. This so-called progressive Christianity can lead a believer therein “straight to hell”.


We should today expect that my fellow Christian, the apostle Paul warned us in
2 Timothy 4 that:

“the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth.”


Surely you know, as I do, that is exactly what is happening today. The Bible is old, crusty, musty, written for ancient times, out of touch, UNWOKE, greatly in need of reinterpretation and modernization so as to be acceptable by all human kind in this radical PROGRESSIVE culture. NOT ME AND MINE. As for my house, my family, my company, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD OF THE BIBLE! What about you?


Progressive Christianity denies the concept of original sin. Humankind they say is innately good, born good. Wrong according to the Bible.


The new woke Christianity simply does not believe in the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ, the blood. There is no need for the unnecessary and mythological doctrine of salvation. The cross of Christ and the blood are totally unnecessary.


Progressive Christianity denies the existence of hell.


Woke Christianity expands the doctrine of marriage to include almost anything.


The movement centers around a global attempt to effectuate so-called UNIVERSAL SALVATION. It champions social justice far more so than any doctrine of individual or personal salvation.


It rejects the concept of sin and the need for redemption. It just seems amazing that these radical, woke, progressive individuals would even bother with Christianity. Why not be totally honest, progressives, and deny anything and everything Christian.


Be not deceived, progressives. GOD IS NOT MOCKED. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I WILL REPAY. Perhaps it is the ultimate sin (unforgiveable?), the denial of the true God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and the substitution of the so-called intelligence of mankind and the re-write, the fundamental change-over of the Bible of old. Now comes to life, the words in the book of Judges:

“They (mankind) did what was right in his or her own eyes.”


The bottom line, my fellow Christian, and for every Jew and even Muslim, is that the all-out war against:


has begun and moves full speed ahead. You stand up, and do so NOW, Christian, or the faith of our fathers, the truth of ONE GOD may well be extinguished forever. More than ever, now, you and I must FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH. We must stand for biblical truth, ALL OF IT. There can be no exceptions, no interpretations, no cherry-picking. Scripture and the Christian way of life is ALL OR NOTHING. This still remains the right way, the only way:


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