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Don Crawford

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Racist: Marxist The New Woke Education

Are you a racist?

I ask a serious question, are you?

If you are white, however you define the color of the skin white, you are according to BLACK LIVES MATTER and millions of others, black and white.

Most people, most white people would answer that question with a resounding NO – I AM NOT A RACIST. The vast majority of people, and Americans right thinking, fair minded and honest cannot judge any person by the color of the skin. Rather, as Dr. Martin Luther King would say, by the content of the person’s character. But according to BLACK LIVES MATTER founders, three black ladies Marxist–trained, if you are white, you are racist whether you know it or not! That is, whether or not you practice racism. For, to be born white is to be born genetically SYSTEMIC RACIST, whatever that means. If you are born white, you are born with a systemic, perhaps genetic antipathy for black people. In my view, nothing is more racist than such accusations, NOTHING!

It matters not, says BLACK LIVES MATTER members and spokespersons, whether or not you are conscious of your racism. If you are, and you are racist, of course you know that. But even if you think you are not racist, or perhaps never even really think about racism as such, you are still, they say, racist subconsciously. It is there, this hatred of another race whether you know it or not! SYSTEMIC RACISM. What a bunch of poppycock. Those who espouse this hatred, this BLACK LIVES MATTER stuff are themselves HATEFUL RACISTS!

Tragically, this thinking, this spread of racial hatred permeates now so much of our educational system. There is what is known as the NEW PEDAGOGIES, new teaching priorities, a new way of educating the young about their inherent, systemic racism especially if they are white. There is the spread across American education from kindergarten through 12th grade, and especially in colleges and universities of what Fatima Morell, she the Director of the Office of CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY RESPONSIBLE INITIATIVES calls the requirement of culturally responsive teaching. No matter reading, writing and arithmetic, racism is priority one and all teachers must culturally respond accordingly. This Morell terms as well the:


She claims, for the Buffalo public school systems and hopefully all others, that such instructional strategies are EQUITY BASED and justify a complete revision, THE COMPELTE EMANCIPATION of Buffalo public school curricula. In short, fourth grader, you are racist whether you know it or not and you ought to get about the business of cleansing that racism from your system. Morell like so many others summarizes all of this new racism in one word:


Fatima Morell is the architect of the new racism, the attack on whites and perhaps all non–Blacks in Western New York. It is there and at least in some ways, everywhere.

Right thinking people, many of whom are Christian including white, Hispanic (so called brown), yellow – Asian or any other non–Black color should be shocked at the accusations of Morell and all like her that all such are RACISTS and in need of recognition of such followed by full atonement for those cultural sins. But the vast majority, VAST MAJORITY of these accused are not the least bit racist. They regard all men, all people no matter the color as equal, especially under our Constitution. They are not prejudiced, hateful, biased against blacks or any other person of different skin color. They believe, unlike much of BLACK LIVES MATTER that all human beings matter and that all human beings are created equal.

Christians believe that all men and women are Gods creations, they matter to
HIM and all who believe will one day be together, really together and with him no matter the color of the skin. That is fact, truth but that matters not to Morell, or BLACK LIVES MATTER or all other WOKE individuals who have become culturally responsive and champions of:


The new hatred of the woke Blacks against whites and all like them.

In the Buffalo public schools, Fatima Morell and her associates have created a new curriculum promoting BLACK LIVES MATTER, no matter that the organization and the founders have strong Marxist ties. Teachers are required to engage in ANTI RACIST training programs which promotes radical politics and as one anonymous Buffalo public school teacher said:

A series of scoldings, guilt trips and demands to demean oneself simply to make another feel empowered.”

This teacher went on to state that these “manipulative mind games” must be adopted by all, expressing support for Morell’s left–wing politics or “risk professional retaliation.” Reverse and hateful racism, black against white, don’t you think? The fundamental assumption is that all Americans are guilty of “implicit racial bias.” What an absolute bunch of nonsense.

I AM NOT A RACIST. Not in any way. I state that emphatically and clearly. That is so in my personal and professional life. You may find it interesting that the majority of the employees of the Crawford Broadcasting Company are so called MINORITIES. THE MINORITY IS THE MAJORITY! I suppose I should be proud of that, but in reality, I am only proud of them, those people, the so called discriminated against minority of workers. They have earned their positions; their salaries and they have taken advantage of the opportunities this company affords. They learn, they grow, they produce, all of them, no matter the color of the skin. And they make my company what it is, great in my opinion without favor or prejudice. Even as there is opportunity, there is accountability. We emphasize as scripture does WORK and not WOKE. At the slightest sign of racism of any kind, ANY KIND conscious or subconscious, that individual is terminated immediately. This company has zero tolerance for racism not just as a matter of policy but in actual practice. Discriminate in any way against any person of any skin color, red, yellow, black or white, and you are gone, TERMINATED! We do not think about racism in our company for THERE IS NONE. We proudly serve God and Country, all of us and we will not be diverted by the Morell’s of the world, the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement and all like them, we will not succumb to WOKE thinking or tenets. We do not understand SYSTEMIC RACISM, whatever that means for there is none in my company and to my knowledge none in the lives of the wonderful people with whom I work. We are concerned that it is Director Morell and all like her who fan the flames of racism, and promote the NEW RACISM, fostering hate and at least verbal aggression against all non–Blacks and we resist and deeply resent this movement, its ideals and any impact it may have on this company or the wonderful people who live and work here.

But back to the Buffalo public schools and Director Fatima Morell. Morell has designed a curriculum requiring schools to teach the BLACK LIVES MATTER PRINCIPLES which include among other radical and revolutionary demands the “dismantling of cisgender privilege” and creating “queer–affirming networks where heteronormative thinking no longer exists!” Some of this new stuff actually occurs in kindergarten and for the minds of four-year-olds. The new thinking, the new teaching is not about a man and a woman, nothing biological about people, but only the NEW NORMAL where you are what you want to be, a so called New Gender Identity and the new Sexual Orientation. And more, and this should frighten every American parent and citizen. This new curriculum is designed to accelerate:

“The disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.”

Can you believe that?

Christopher Rufo, an excellent writer for the New York Post newspaper, obtained lesson plans from the Buffalo public school district (Morell) which promulgate the following as Rufo states:

The lesson plans which I have obtained from the district (Buffalo public schools) are even more divisive. In kindergarten, teachers ask students to compare their skin color with an arrangement of crayons and watch a video that dramatizes dead Black children speaking to them from beyond the grave about the dangers of being killed by racist police and state sanctioned violence.”

Can you believe that? Kindergarten, four-year-old children being indoctrinated by this wicked, evil, hateful stuff. Absolutely incredible.

And the hateful Buffalo public school curriculum only gets worse as the children get older. In middle and high school grades, students learn that:

All white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism. Often unconsciously, white elites work to perpetuate racism through politics, law, education and the media.”

From four to 18 years old, this hateful, racist curriculum pounds the drumbeat of racial hatred into the hearts and minds of innocent children. Can you believe this? Where are the right thinking, fair minded people who should stand up to this reverse racism, this new cultural hatred and excise this from the Buffalo school curriculum and in fact all of Western New York and the rest of our country.

And perhaps the worst of all at least in my thinking. If you are white, born white, you have a very special duty to atone for your:


The chief attribute of WHITENESS is systemic racism, buried deep whether conscious or unconscious. If you are white, you are racist! And therefore, white man or woman, your first priority is to:


Be sorry, make amends, apologize for the fact that you are WHITE. Absolutely unbelievable. This stuff doesn’t come from a book, or a publication, or the thinking and speech of a few radicals and revolutionaries. This is actual teaching and this, all of this is now happening in the Buffalo public schools and in fact, all across America. This thinking, these tenets, more or less, are happening everywhere, in every state, in every county and city, and, more or less in every educational institution, from kindergarten through college and university. Whether you are aware or care, it is happening where you live, it is happening to your educational systems, more or less. And it will only continue to happen, and grow, and fester, and corrupt American culture in ways almost impossible to understand. This is hard truth. It is difficult as a subject matter to be dealt with by a broadcast company and its media outlets which are Christian at the core, conservative, and deeply concerned with the future of our once great America. YOU should be concerned because YOU have to be concerned.

TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY THE CHILD SHOULD GO says our beloved Bible, true words indeed. For if that training and education, which begin at the ages of three, four or five occurs, when that child becomes old, mature, an adult:


Get them young and get them forever. I am so deeply concerned, I grieve for the innocent young children in the Buffalo public school system and so many other once great American public school systems who are being brainwashed, indoctrinated, intimidated by this new WOKE, these new racist, cultural imperatives for, Fatima Morell and all like her are determined that these young children will grow and graduate and get going as adult:


Goodbye America unless you and I step up, put an end to this, get back to good solid teaching and education and train these young hearts and minds to be fair minded, true Americans with nothing but the highest respect for all men and women who are created equal under God and under our Constitution.

Please stand up my fellow Americans and put an end to this stuff. If we don’t put an end to this, it will put an end to us, and our beloved America.

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