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Real Representatives

WE THE PEOPLE is what our beloved Constitution is all about, including and especially the Bill of Rights. America is all about freedom, clearly enumerated, divinely inspired, inalienable rights and never to be taken away by mortal man. NEVER!

But they are, one by one. There is a sense of sabotage in the Democratic Party, anti–American, utterly ignoring the Constitution except when it may favor their positions or their priorities. The so called Rule of Law has been so watered down and compromised that the law means nothing like it used to. The Democratic Party has been infiltrated by socialists, revolutionaries and radicals of all stripes, don’t you agree? What they do, this party does, is implement the thinking and philosophy of men like Saul Alinsky, George Soros, and even some of the thinking of the old communists like Stalin, Lenin and Marx. They the culprits will of course deny that but the proof of the pudding is in what they do, and what they propose, and what they would have in store if they come back to full power in 2020. Many think it would be the end of America as we now know it. I agree, do you?

And so, the Constitution asks WE THE PEOPLE to:


A republic built on Democratic principles, shock full of checks and balances as the Founding Fathers knew the fallacies of mankind. The union, supposedly indivisible and with the liberty and justice for all, is anything but. Diversity rules, tribalism is on the grow and America in so many ways politically and culturally is torn asunder. So much so that in reality:


Our Representatives, House and Senate, so many of them are elected by machines, POLITICAL MACHINES. Candidates are proposed, backed and financed by special interests, by monied interests in the lust for power. Candidates for the House of Representatives or the Senate come to office when elected beholden, owing, corrupted in so many ways by the powerful and the wealthy. They come not as independent representatives of WE THE PEOPLE but as obligors, debtors to the powerful and wealthy few. Some come with aggressive fringe interest and objectives caring little about WE THE PEOPLE at least in the majority and fight the minority fight to the point of frustration, without dialogue in many cases with each other, even in their own party, much less with the so called loyal opposition. It is a sad political and cultural day for America. So many of our elected officials are corrupted, compromised, without individual voices and in essence forced to toe the party line. What they think, what they promise their constituents, what they know may be right for America matters little or not. Pelosi, Schumer and company rule the Democrats. Trump and McConnell rule the Republicans. Critical problems seem never to get solved and vitally necessary legislation never gets passed. WE THE PEOPLE suffer seemingly without remorse or concern from either party. It is, again, a sad day politically and culturally for America, for WE THE PEOPLE! We lose our republic, our democracy slowly but surely day by day.

Once elected, there is virtually nothing we can do to get these politicians out of office. We are stuck with the likes of a Tlaib or Omar for two years. We are stuck with a Schumer or a McConnell for six years. And we are stuck with a President for four years. Once elected, all of them do exactly as they wish, without remorse, and so many without ever really thinking about US. WE ARE RULED NOT REPRESENTED! And it never seems to change. There are candidates who run for office with goodwill, determination and motivation but as soon as elected, they become corrupted by Potomac Fever, by power, by the old pros, by those in the know and all good intentions go out the window. That is especially so if they enjoy no media coverage, buried in anonymity in House or Senate without influence for a first term unless they toe the party line. Things that matter really don’t change.

But, there are always those candidates who have had enough and come to elections with fresh promises, hope, goodwill and energy. They promise to make a difference. They believe in a constitutional America where the rule of law prevails. They believe in traditional values and they decry the political and cultural courses which America follows. Once again, in election 2020, they, these fresh new candidates, promise to make a real:


They ask us to vote for them and vote out establishment candidates whether Republican or Democrat. One such is Colonel Martha McSally, she from the great state of Arizona. She now serves in the Senate but faces election 2020. She is a military hero, intelligent, strongly traditional and conservative, the right kind of candidate which Arizona should reelect.

Or, Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska. He also a Colonel and a decorated Veteran in the United States Marine Corps. Now in the Senate doing his best for traditional America and to MAKE AMERICA FIRST.

Then there is Rik Mehta running for Senate in 2020 from the great state of New Jersey. He runs against Cory Booker, the current radical Democratic Senator from New Jersey who is determined in his words to “turn Cory Booker’s seat (in the Senate) red in 2020.”

Then there is Mia Love running for Congress as a strong conservative and Republican from the state of Utah. She was the first black Republican Congresswoman in United States history and she seeks that very same seat in 2020. Mia Love is the kind of minority representative of which America can be proud.

Then there is Scott Perry, business man, solider (a strong military veteran) and a leader in Congress. He proudly states he is one of the strongest supporters of President Trump and the Trumpian policies in Congress. He stands up against Representatives like Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez who openly and proudly states:

“To me, capitalism is irredeemable!”

Few radical socialists are as anti–American as AOC.

Then there is Brian Mast, retired from the United States Army. A proud American patriot who takes the stand, as he says in “the heavily democrat composition of Ilhan Omar’s Minnesota district.” He wishes to defeat of anti–Semite Omar and may it be so.

Then there is one Jineea Butler, Republican candidate from the same district in which socialist Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez lives and was elected. She a minority, and a conservative and a Republican, would be an excellent candidate and a proud member of Congress if in fact elected. It is so rewarding my fellow Americans to see so many so called diverse and minority candidates who are traditionalists, conservatives and republicans running for office against the radical democrat socialists. This kind of response and uprising from minorities is precisely what our Founding Fathers had in mind as they CONSTRUCTED THE CONSTITUTION and the more of these fresh thinkers, devoted Americans, unspoiled and traditional Americans are elected, the better off our great country will be.

Then there is yet another minority candidate from Oklahoma, one Miles Rahimi. Yet another conservative and traditionalist who would be a great Republican – conservative member of the House of Representatives if he were elected. For me, it is always a blessing to see political candidates, good and right thinkers coming from Arab descent who believe in and love America. They are worthy of our vote.

Then there is Dr. Manny Sethi. He is candidate for US Senate. As a son of immigrants, he comes to the election process right thinking, honorable and conservative and determined to protect constitutional America and the policies of President Trump. Dr. Manny Sethi, a renowned Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon from Tennessee would be an excellent addition to the United States Senate and most worthy of our vote.

And then there is Devin Nunes, a dedicated conservative and Republican, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee in the former Congress and ranking member of that Committee today who has served WE THE PEOPLE well. This good American from California is well worthy of our reelection.

Then there is the brother of Vice President Mike Pence, one Greg Pence running for Congress from the great state of Indiana. Like his brother, Greg Pence is an outstanding American, a traditionalist, loyalist and patriot and a most worthy candidate.

And then there is Lacy Johnson. This good man, African American, seeks support for his candidacy for Congress from the state of Minnesota to as he creatively states:


Millions of right thinking Americans feel the same and that Lacy Johnson would be an excellent Representative of WE THE PEOPLE.

Then there is another Republican candidate running against Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, one John Cummings, a former member of the New York City Police Department and a proud conservative Republican. He among others would love to make the first term of AOC her last!

And then there is Dr. Joe Profit, candidate for the United States House of Representative from the great state of Georgia. Joe Profit was a great football player, including a former running back for the Atlanta Falcons professional football team. Dr. Profit was a proud member of the organizations BLACKS FOR REAGAN – BUSH and proudly identifies himself as a conservative, and a Christian, and a Trump supporter. We can hope and pray that Profit is elected from Georgia’s Seventh district.

And then there is Mike Garcia, US Naval Academy graduate, highly decorated Naval fighter pilot and successful business man. Another minority candidate, right thinking, concerned American and running against AOC. One good man worthy of election.

And then there is Omar Navarro, candidate for Congress from the state of California running against Mad Maxine Waters. Most give him no chance but if anybody can beat Waters, this man can.

And there are so many more, good, strong, right thinking, traditional, conservative Americans who care deeply for our country as it was founded and as it is and if elected, will be active in all the political processes to keep America great and continue to:


All these candidates are Republican. They are all conservative. They are all worthy. All are either minority, completely diverse or unknown and determined to make a difference. In the states where we serve, the great state of Michigan, and New York, and Alabama, and Illinois and Indiana, and Colorado, and even California, all of us who care about America, the real America and are determined to preserve it and our way of life should know the candidates and be ready, willing and able to vote for new, fresh, diverse and MINORITY candidates who would be great in the fight to keep America great and make it even more so.

And that is so because of the radical posturing and beliefs cultivated by the once great Democrat party. This party rises up against Christianity, and churches, and religious schools. They talk openly about ending tax–exempt status for these religious institutions and in the words of Beto O’Rourke, all such institutions should be punished as a result of their beliefs and:


We cannot let that happen and the candidates mentioned in this commentary will not!

The great playwright William Shakespeare wrote the following:


And they do. And these amazing and hopeful candidates minority and diverse wish so very much to make their entrance for the good of America and to usher in the exits of radical opposing candidates or those radical who now occupy office. I for one pray these new and exciting elections of right thinking candidates, especially those who are minority and deeply caring and appreciative, occur in the great year 2020.

Pay attention to them and all like them. Pray for them. PAY (contributions) for them. Support them. Promote them and encourage them in their election campaigns. AMERICA NEEDS MEN AND WOMEN LIKE THESE MORE THAN EVER!

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