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Religion And The Presidents


Such is the unconditional standard of the Constitution of the United States Article VI – Oaths.

So that, when any individual runs as candidate for any federal office, or as otherwise appointed to or hired for any federal position or trust, no religious test of any kind can be given to that individual by anyone, including and especially Congress.

Obviously, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat from the once great state of California never read or simply chose to ignore such a constitutional mandate when she and her committee vetted Amy Coney Barrett for qualification on the United States Court of Appeals when Feinstein thought her unqualified for being a strong, committed and convicted Roman Catholic telling her:


And, indeed it did then, last year and it still does in the heart and soul of Mrs. Barrett who now seeks to qualify for the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court, nominated by President Trump to become the ninth United States Justice of the Supreme Court.

Mrs. Barrett is indeed a strong and committed Christian, a practicing Catholic and a member with her husband of the entity PEOPLE OF PRAISE. This movement emphasizes personal conversion and evangelizing the world with the teachings of Christ. The organization is charismatic in nature, emphasizing personal conversion and salvation with millions of members the world over. It is dynamic, effective and especially in South Bend, Indiana, home of the great University of Notre Dame and of the People of Praise local chapter to which Barrett belongs, socially active and effective. You can well imagine how the Godless, anti–religion progressives and radicals have severe apoplexy at the thought of Barrett on the Supreme Court.

Of course these bigots, virtually all Democrats in nature care little that Mrs. Barrett is a wife, and a good one, and a mother of seven children, and a very good one, an outstanding citizen of this great country, socially active and caring in every way. Barrett is a highly respected professor at the University of Notre Dame. She is an accomplished legal scholar, always well prepared for every case before her, knows the law and most importantly for we the people, Barrett is a constitutionalist, a textualist, an originalist, and one who will faithfully apply the law of the Constitution and not depart therefrom in decision making as other Supreme Court Justices do. Sounds like a real winner to me, what do you think?

Democrats, Schumer and Pelosites, whine and moan that this appointment should be made by the next elected President of the United States. When President Trump heard that, he moved aggressively to nominate Barrett even now, and as quickly as possible, knowing that with the Republican Senate majority, there would be enough votes to confirm Barrett and have her seated on the Supreme Court before the end of the year. You can be certain that professor Amy Coney Barrett will be the ninth Justice of the United States Supreme Court as soon as possible. WE THE PEOPLE will be far better off as she legally decides and participates in the making of the ultimate rules of law (Supreme Court decisions) which effect our great country and all of us.

It is so interesting the double standards of Democrats, especially when it comes to Catholics. Democrats would do virtually anything to disqualify Barrett and prevent her from becoming a Justice, because she is TOO CATHOLIC, too real, too practicing, too faithful in her faith. But these very same Democrats have no problem touting the Catholicism of Joe Biden, this Catholic Johnny-come-lately who now tells us after all these years that he goes to Catholic church, carries rosary beads in his pocket wherever he goes, takes Communion or tries to, and attempts to live by the morals and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. And this very same man, now running for President of the United States, good Catholic as he purports to be, champions, aggressively champions abortion, has indicated he will defend the right to an abortion under virtually any circumstances and will do his best to codify, that is put into law the tenets of that bastardly case ROE V. WADE if he is elected.

Biden as well openly champions the gay agenda, LGBTQ, and he, along with Senator Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have promised that, as a first presidential – congressional act, they will see to the passage of the Equality Act which, as one commentator has stated:

Weaponizes the nation’s civil rights laws against Americans who don’t conform to the LGBTQ agenda.”

Such a bill would establish a new sexual orthodoxy and it would characterize the beliefs of people who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman as the equivalent of racist bigotry. Female athletes would be required to compete with men identifying as women. Students attending bible believing colleges and other schools would not be eligible for federal loans. And there is much more in this disastrous bill which may well become the law of the land early in 2021 if Democrats are elected President, Senate and House.

And euthanasia, condemned by the Catholic church. Biden is very much for it.

Simply looking at the facts, we can readily see the evident and factual hypocrisy of Joe Biden. How, I wonder, can any such man attend church, profess allegiance to that church and its teaching and moral precepts, walk out of that church and do everything possible to defy the teachings of his Catholic church in the most fundamental ways. HOW? And more so, how can we the people vote for such a hypocrite to become our President and do what he is promised to do. The net effect is not only to eviscerate the teachings of the Catholic church, but all of Christianity. Biden as President would effect every non–Catholic Christian church, the Pastors and congregations, and make the practice of religion, guaranteed by our Constitution’s First Amendment virtually impossible. Whether unwittingly or not, Biden then becomes the champion of anti-Catholic sentiment, perhaps somewhat like that prejudice of old and yet seeks to call himself a good practicing Catholic. It seems obvious that Biden is pandering to Catholics in order to secure their votes. I think of this as religious hypocrisy at its height, wrong in every way. What do you think? ONE CRITICAL STANDARD FOR AMY CONEY BARRETT – YET ANOTHER FOR JOE BIDEN. I’ll take Barrett, the real deal, any day over Biden the hypocrite. What do you think?

Small wonder that the Rev. Robert Morey of Saint Anthony Catholic church in Florence, South Carolina said that he denied Joe Biden Holy Communion in October because of his stance on abortion. If you wish, said this good Priest, to participate in Catholic Communion, then you disavow abortion in every aspect of your life, personal and political, Mr. Biden. That did not happen. But, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t serve God and mammon. You can’t seek the blessings of the Catholic church and then openly and aggressively defy its teachings. Hypocrisy at its zenith. HE THAT IS NOT WITH ME IS AGAINST ME.

Biden has promised with Pelosi and Schumer that the Democrats will do away with the Hyde Amendment which has protected American tax payers from being forced by the federal government to pay for abortions. In short, WE THE PEOPLE will be paying for abortions whoever wishes one no matter the circumstances. And Biden and his fellow Democrats rejoice over the fact, perhaps privately for now, that the so called EQUALITY ACT if in fact passed will obviate and do away with the RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT (RFRA) which provides some substantial protections for religious practice and decision making in America. A Biden presidential Administration would have severe and serious impact on the Roman Catholic church. And on Evangelicals. And Protestant churches generally. And the Jewish religion. And right thinking, sincere Muslims, and all people of faith. It seems clear that a vote for Biden is a vote against freedom of religion of our beloved First Amendment. I state unequivocally that I do hope and pray that you, a person of faith, will not vote for Joe Biden as President or for any other Democrat championing these beliefs running for any other office.

President John Adams, one great founder of our Constitution and our freedoms stated the following:


But it seems as though we the people have lost our way. Our morals are in shambles and we seem ready at every turn to compromise RELIGION. We back down, fail in so many ways to resist and seemingly blindly elect people to govern and rule who have no regard for religion or faith. In fact, they seem against it and ready to rid the marketplace, the public square, all of America of that highest freedom which is guaranteed by the First Amendment. Please don’t let that happen my fellow Americans, please. If that freedom is reduced or eliminated, once lost it will be lost forever.

So please vote, and vote right, and for candidates who will champion our Constitution and our beloved First Amendment. And you will vote, will you not?


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