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Don Crawford

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Religious Freedom

CHRISTIANITY HAS NOT BEEN TRIED AND FOUND WANTING. It has been found difficult and left untried.

Those were the words of the great writer and thinker G.K. Chesterton. How right he was. The heart and soul of Christianity is demanding, no compromise. If you follow Jesus Christ, really and truly, then you are required to put your:


Not some, but all, everything and everyone. Nothing, as the old hymn goes, between the soul and the savior. NOTHING!

And the Carpenter from Nazareth goes even further. He tells us that we should leave father and mother. He tells us that we should sell everything we own and give it to the poor. He tells us to preach the gospel everywhere and especially where it is most difficult and dangerous, where life and limb are always at risk. He tells us to resist the devil, evil at all turns, to visit the downtrodden and the prisoners, to feed the hungry and house the homeless. Small wonder indeed that Chesterton found Christianity so difficult and came to the absolute correct decision that at its core, IT had never really been tried. Today, more than ever, it is difficult to be a Christian, A REAL CHRISTIAN!

Since the very beginning of our great country, it has been rather easy to be a Christian. There are of course bumps in the road, difficulties culturally, socially and politically. But even as our society turned more secular, there was always tolerance for Christianity, and in fact, for all religions. Jews for example who were persecuted the world over found tolerance and reasonable acceptance in America. Muslims, however difficult it was for Americans to understand and tolerate that religion, were welcomed. Different Christian sects and denominations were tolerated and accepted and the real religious diversity of original America cooperated, accepted and fostered religious freedom for all. As a result, there came in our beloved constitution the first amendment which guaranteed forevermore FREEDOM OF RELIGION and the freedom of speech to proclaim those beliefs anywhere and everywhere. How ironic today that what was once fought for and then constitutionally guaranteed is being attacked as never before.

More than ever, our society becomes spiritually intolerant. Our culture becomes more secular, more aggressively anti-religion and specifically much more aggressively anti-Christian. Atheism grows and there is a disrespectful disregard for THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, the God Creator who made this world and all therein. It is tragic to see but real and threatening. Dialogue is being replaced by dangerous conduct. There are threats, intimidation and violence directed towards People Of Faith. The issues of the day are hardly ever really discussed. Witness the Democratic debates which always devolve into AWFUL ARGUMENTATION. Congregants can be gunned down while at worship. Anti-Semitism is very much on the rise once again here and around the world. The call to change America, RADICALLY CHANGE OUR BELOVED COUNTRY TOP TO BOTTOM GROWS LOUDER. We the people are divided as never before and America now lives under the mantra:


Nothing more to say. Freedom of religion, press and media, assembly in the public marketplace with all of its rights and privileges and the freedom to speak virtually anything anywhere without fear of intimidation or bodily harm is being eroded and eliminated by the day, carefully by carefully calculated step.

That is the difficulty for Christians and conservatives. The erosion, the threats are subtle, ONE BY ONE. There is no secular change by revolution but only evolution. A change here a change there. When confronted, the secular, radical, progressive side of our country employs the Saul Alinsky philosophy and denies, DENIES everything, delays dealing with the issue, obfuscates (confuses) and distorts truth and the facts, and as a last resort, litigates the matter so that it hardly ever ends. These radical progressives are determined that people of faith, and especially the Judeo – Christians will someday soon:


and confine their faith to the four walls of a church or see it eliminated altogether. And this radical opposition is determined to win, passionate, unyielding now more than ever.

Witness Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House who has indicated that her passion, her first and perhaps only priority in her political life is to see to the passage of:


Nothing which Washington DC ever politically envisioned would do more harm to the first amendment and especially religious freedom than this brutal UNEQUAL ACT. It would strip away religious rights and especially those of Christians. More importantly, it would do away with the RFRA:


And all the protections this federal legislation guarantees to religion generally. The Democrats, at least those in the House of Representatives are strongly in favor of this Act by large majority. That may well be so for Democratic Senators as well, yet to be seen as the Senate considers this proposed legislation. Then comes the so called SQUAD, Tlaib, Omar, AOC, and Pressley, radical socialists and in the words of President Trump:


Perhaps the real leaders or spokespersons of the now radical and progressive democratic party not the traditionalists like Pelosi and Schumer. The radical conduct of the democratic party led Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to state of the democratic party that it had:


Franklin Graham went on to say:

Many Democratic politicians don’t want God in any part of their politics or our country’s business because His standards condemn their sins.”

And, said Graham further:


Graham went on to state that, since gaining the majority in the House of Representatives, Democrats have been making changes to House traditions including sometimes omitting the words:


from the swearing-in oath. Democrats follow the mantra of Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee who said:

I think God belongs in religious institutions: in Temple, in Church, in Cathedral, in Mosque, but NOT IN CONGRESS!”

In answer to that democratic attack on God, Representative Liz Cheney, Republican from Wyoming declared that Democrats are resorting to a socialistic and atheistic way of running government. Said Cheney:

“House Democrats really have become the party of Karl Marx.”

A conservative commentator Clint Cooper agreed with Cheney stating himself that:


No more God, no more Religion of any kind in Congress or the federal government, and eventually and hopefully for Democrats, nowhere else in America no matter how much they would deny. And yet another comment on this critical issue:


And that is the America of today, the America which now lives in the:


Anything goes. There is no such thing as truth, absolute truth. And, whatever advances the cause, the ultimate objective is what is right, the SUBSTITUTE for truth and fact. God for the great majority of the Democratic party is gone never to return.

And more. Republican National Committee Spokesperson Elizabeth Harrington stated as follows:

THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY has gone from mocking us (Republicans, traditionalists and conservatives) for clinging to GUNS AND RELIGION to saying we will TAKE your guns and your religion is….!

Beyond offensive said Harrington and we will keep our first and second amendment rights, thank you. And so the battle lines are drawn and the fight is on, WINNER TAKE ALL.

So, no choice my fellow Americans, fellow Christians and people of faith:


Stand up now while there is time.

RESIST now or become the victims of this radical change proposed.

Protect this Faith once given to the Saints and the right to believe, practice and testify. Protect it now even as those who would take it away grow in numbers every day.

BE READY. Be not deceived. Understand what is happening and remember the words of radical revolutionists like George Soros who said:

“I will bring down America!”

And now with the entrenching of THE DEEP STATE in Washington DC, the now radicalized Democratic party, progressive and liberal judges everywhere and billions upon billions of dollars ready to be invested in the fundamental change of America, the fight is on whether we choose to fight it or not. We can do so now without violence, for the most part, but the day will come when the resistance and the defense of freedoms may not be NON-VIOLENT. And we would then witness and be part of the end of our beloved America.

Please don’t let that happen, my fellow Americans. These are indeed the times, as revolutionary Thomas Paine well said, that try men’s souls. Let us not as Chesterton said be tried and found wanting. AMERICA AND THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS NEED US, YOU AND ME NOW MORE THAN EVER.

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