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Don Crawford

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SCOTUS, The Supreme Court of the United States

We are, my fellow Americans, ruled by the grand total of:




545 PEOPLE! That includes the House of Representatives, 435 of us, the U.S. Senate, 100 of us, the Supreme Court, 9 of them, and of course the President. 545 PEOPLE RULE AMERICA.


They tell us how to live. They make our laws. They choke us with regulations. They exercise control any and every way they possibly can. As much as possible, THE 545 ignore the states. They create agencies, and more agencies. They make special appointments and invest additional persons with power. They control the military. And, WE THE PEOPLE think we live in a democracy.


We don’t. At best, functioning as our Founding Fathers intended this Country to do, we America are a REPUBLIC, a series of checks and balances, the power of our Country divided four ways between House, Senate, Judiciary (federal courts) and of course the President. If the right people are in office, true Americans, REAL REPRESENTATIVES of We The People, the United States of America is the finest government ever created by mankind.


The Constitution of the United States created a Supreme Court. This court was empowered to create lesser courts and they created local federal district courts, and federal appellate courts to handle legal business before it got to the Supreme Court. Again, with the right people in office, the federal judiciary can function extremely well, dispensing real justice, constitutionally driven, fair decisions, with liberty and justice for all.


There are, my fellow Americans as you undoubtedly know, 9 of them. They come and go. Some stay far longer than others. Some are appointed because they are brilliant jurists. Others because they are fair, impartial and constitutional. Still others are political appointees, put in office to serve a certain and specific cause (i.e., conservative). All make a mark, one way or another. There are 9 of them. Five, ONLY FIVE, United States citizens, men and women no different than you or me can make a decision which radically changes or deeply affects the lives of millions upon millions of people. FIVE!


Justice Stephen Breyer, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States resigns his position at the end of the current Supreme Court term. Justice Breyer has been a member of the Supreme Court now some 27 years. Breyer has been labeled a pragmatic liberal. That is, Breyer votes with the liberal–progressive block of the Supreme Court in every major decision, but at the same time he is sympathetic to law enforcement, not hostile to business and a great believer in the independence of the Supreme Court, in fact all judicial bodies. He was openly against the Democrat notion of packing the Supreme Court, that is increasing the number of justices from the current 9 to 15. But again, in every major decision, Breyer showed himself to be liberal in thinking and belief, and in interpretation of a constitution, progressive to the core. But Breyer was pragmatic, reasonably fair, and most importantly listened to opposing points of view. In light of the candidates who will arise out of the progressive, radical left to replace him, small wonder that many think the resignation of Stephen Breyer will indeed be a loss to the Supreme Court.


The balance of power will not change. There are now 6 justices who are considered conservative and 3 liberal or progressive, including Breyer. His resignation will leave the court with but 2 liberal members, Kagan and Sotomayor and the same 6 conservatives namely Thomas, Alito, Roberts, Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. There are 6 males and 3 females. There is one black male justice, Clarence Thomas and no black females. In choosing a replacement, it seems as though President Biden is determined to play the race card. Biden has promised that he would appoint a BLACK WOMAN to the Supreme Court with his first nomination. As the Wall Street Journal stated, that is most unfortunate because that promise “elevates skin color over qualifications”. Indeed it does. It is most unfortunate for WE THE PEOPLE that race is a determining factor as high up as the United States Supreme Court. But sadly, that is America 2022.


The two most discussed black female candidates who meet Mr. Biden’s demographic litmus test are Leondra Kruger of the California Supreme Court and Ketanji Jackson, now a member of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. If either were nominated, either one would be a progressive farther to left than Stephen Breyer.


If justice is in fact colorblind it matters not who sits on the Supreme Court. If justice occurs as a result of the rule of law and is fully constitutional in justification, it matters not who sits on the Supreme Court. But it never is for human beings are involved. They have preferences and predilections. They have their very own points of view and the members of the Supreme Court invariably show their colors conservative or liberal, when all WE THE PEOPLE care about is whether or not the decisions they make are fair and constitutional. We should hope and pray, We The People, that Biden will appoint a fair minded, objective, constitutional, rule of law nominee so that those 9 people who ultimately rule us will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and more importantly, protect, preserve, and defend the freedoms of this great Country and all of:



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