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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

Social Justice

There is a silent enemy of the grace of the Gospel that is creeping through the American church. Pulpits are filled with those who in the name of “love” and out of fear, stay silent about, or even endorse, socialist ideology under the guise of “social justice.” 

The enemy is sneaky, full of slight twists and deception. Christians everywhere are taking the bait and virtue signaling their Christian family to shame them into compliance. Christian leaders and organizations are pressed more and more to continually interact with such or face economic challenges as cancel–culture not so subtly suggests… agree or be canceled.

The bottom line is that the more Christians are focused on identity politics, post-modernism, and human perspectives of rightness, the more the absolute truth of the Gospel is squelched. This results in a failure to focus on individual responsibility and the personal mandate for repentance, confession, and God’s grace. Modern ideas of social justice (which is a completely subjective and arbitrary term) and the like are nothing more than legalism repackaged in a much more palatable form. Effectively proposing that “you’re only a good Christian if you act and support what they deem important.” There is also an inherent greed that perpetuates throughout the social justice movement. The idea that one has something another does not and therefore, is obliged to tip the scales to a more equitable situation, is problematic. Not only does it not rely on God as the giver of all things, but it also causes an “I deserve what you have” mentality. That is not biblical living. Again, this creates tribes and divisions that are not of biblical Christianity. I would propose a different term for those who truly have hearts for the less–fortunate, the widow, and the orphan…that is “biblical citizenship.” No true believer in Jesus would say that we are to ignore those in need. However, there is a big difference between living out one’s faith through generosity and making social justice an end in itself, which it has become.

Thank God, there are some who continue to speak the truth and that we are doing whatever we can to refocus on things right. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that can stamp out racism, hate, and injustice…and only He can right all wrongs. Any message that claims anything different than that as its goal is a false Gospel and is empty. Right thinking, biblical, Christians across North America need to stand up, be heard, and refocus on spiritual message of the Gospel, individual responsibility, and our calling to speak truth no matter the consequences.


Recently my Pastor preached a sermon on lament. I began to think about the things I lament and how to approach those things while living in a fallen world. But, before we talk about how to biblically approach the things that weigh heavily on our hearts, let me tell you what I’m most concerned about, and it might surprise you.

I am lamenting the loss of our American constitution, specifically the First Amendment. It’s gone, perhaps never to return. Yes, I know, it’s still there on paper, but in practice, its value has been eroded to nothing more than a suggestion.

The First Amendment was first for very good reason. THE core principle of a free society is open, honest, and challenging debate. Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved.” My friends, free speech is gone!

It began on college campuses and in our education systems. The issue grew with the politically correct movement. In the name of “love”, so many bought in to squelching any type of speech that seemed to offend or hurt. You’ll see this play out in so many problems…the idea that we Christians should go along with something because it is “loving.” That’s a whole different topic for the future, but love is so much more than feel–good placation. It’s Satan’s greatest tool; to twist something good just ever so much to destroy what is right.

So, the politically correct movement led to many other phenomena such as cancel culture and now, people lose careers, jobs, friends, and family over what they SAY!

Now, we have a social media generation who has been educated in the politically correct cancel culture, and everyone has a platform. I’ve tried respectfully debating issues on social media. I get frustrated, not at the ideas but at the inability of people to rationally debate their position. I can honestly say, I have never been bothered by a position or an individual, it’s more that logical debate is dead. Just challenge a left–leaning assumption and watch the vitriol and hate. There is no rational and logical back and forth that is separated from emotion, which leads to logical fallacy. Every time it ends in ad hominem, straw–man, and false dichotomies…among other fallacies.

The left has very effectively silenced all debate; because leftist policies rarely hold up to rational scrutiny. Therefore, they must shut down debate through identity politics, personal attacks, and name calling. The bottom line is that the First Amendment protects all speech, even speech none of us like. ALL SPEECH!

I could go on and on about the why’s and how we got to this point, but the bottom line is, free speech and the First Amendment will never be the same again. I lament that.

Now…to what to do with our lament. Well, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and frustrated. But the Bible tells us to bring our laments to the Lord. He is Sovereign, He is in control, and free speech or not, His plans are established. We can run to Him for comfort and we can trust that whatever He has purposed will come to pass. Praise God that His ways are higher than ours and our most clever deliberations pale in comparison to His most basic thoughts. In lament, look to the heavens.

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