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Don Crawford

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Do you know what socialism is?

Are you a socialist or do you have a certain socialistic thinking and belief system?

We are told that there are new millions of Americans who are socialists in whole or in part. And that includes many of the younger generations, the millennials, and so called Gen Z young adults. Some think it is really cool to be a socialist and others think socialism is right and fair as opposed to capitalism. Many of the new socialists are anti-capitalists believing that the economy should be controlled by government and not by the people, and certainly not by entrepreneurs.

The younger generation and many older to be sure are against the new breed of BILLIONAIRES. They believe it is not right, and economically unfair for so much money and the power that goes with it to be held by one individual, one billionaire. They do not take into account what that person did to become a billionaire, how creative, hardworking, different and better that person was, nor how many jobs were created for thousands of people or the good directly and indirectly those billions of dollars do for society. Rather, they are content to criticize any kind of excessive wealth accumulation with the constant cry for REDISTRIBUTION of that wealth at the hands of government. They never realize that it is absolutely impossible for government to redistribute. Government can only take and destroy wealth, spending in lavish ways with all such hard-earned money never to be seen again. Billionaires may come to an end but so does the wealth and the economic benefits they created as well.

There are multiple forms of socialism. There is or once was a very hard, demanding, absolute–controlling Stalinism, a form of statism fashioned by Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx and Lenin as well. The state is all and everything, and of course all controlling and individuals have little and sometimes no freedoms or economic opportunity without the state’s approval.

There is then a state system of government which is more concerned with redistribution as we now see in Europe today where through government legislation and regulation, the state controls. So much of things economic and more.

And then there is an even more benign and hidden socialism which accomplishes governmental objectives at the expense of the individual through TAXATION. The more wealth produced, the higher the taxes. That is true for all classes and not just the wealthy. In reality, the so called middle class bears the brunt of any excessive taxation schemes, every bit as much as the so called wealthy.

Let history show you the legacy of so called genocidal communism. Mao Zedung slaughtered almost 60 million Chinese citizens to accomplish his socialistic agenda. Joseph Stalin was every bit the butcher that Adolph Hitler was as he established his hard Stalinistic communism in Russia. Each nation still struggles with the legacy of genocidal communism. And Eastern Europe suffers as well even today from decades of Soviet–imposed socialistic chaos.

Look at Cuba, Nicaragua, North Korea and Venezuela today. These states are not free, there is rampant poverty and lack of freedoms. Europe continues to become more socialistic. The EU moves in that direction daily. The European Union countries are stagnant and mostly dependent on the US military for their protection in the event of serious geopolitical happenings.

Now contrast America and its economy and economic objectives. The Trump Administration has deregulated offering considerable new freedoms and opportunities. There have been favorable tax cuts which have essentially exploded the economy. There are more incentives for business success in America than any other country in the world. Our country has been enabled to produce record quantities of new energy which today has given us the strongest economy in the entire world. Unemployment is at its lowest levels. Business starts anew, grows and expands and with it jobs and economic benefits for so many. So much of any American unemployment consists of individuals who do not want to work for in some cases, there are more jobs than applicants. We the people have hardly had it more abundant than the economy in which we live today.

One can only wonder why the Democratic party is so riddled with socialistic thinking and objectives. That is especially so with the top three Democratic Presidential contenders. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are open socialists and Joe Biden in so many ways leans in that direction. And of course there the heartthrobs of American progressivism, the so called SQUAD namely Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Congressperson Pressley all of whom lead the democratic chant for their party calling for socialist redistributionist schemes. Why? There are at least four major reasons.

First, MASSIVE IMMIGRATION is changing the demography of the United States. The number of foreign–born US residents (whether citizens or not) and their children has been estimated at almost 60 MILLION. That is approximately one in five American residents! Many come from socialistic countries or believe that socialism is really the only way for government to function. They are often uneducated and ignorant in political science, not knowing how the American government works, not understanding democracy and the freedoms offered by it and the constitution which guides it. Many have come from poor areas where socialism abounds including Latin America, Mexico, Africa and Asia that in many ways were destroyed by statism and socialism. They do not understand nor do they believe that there are economic and political alternatives to state socialism. They essentially live the socialistic way and vote that way. They come to America taking for granted that government will provide them an array of social services and they become supportive of if not actively promoting progressive socialism. It is, they believe for their benefit no matter the consequences. Warren and Sanders capitalize on that lack of understanding and consequently appeal as candidates to these essentially politically uninvolved and uneducated American immigrant residents.

Interestingly, a second reason for the new socialist craze is the strange leftward drift of the very wealthy in Silicon Valley (tech nation) and in Corporate America, believe it or not, and even on Wall Street where the American economy thrives. Some of these new progressive rich feel GUILT about their unprecedented and incredible wealth. Once they have successfully made what they want, they become easy intellectual and emotional marks for these loud, angry and aggressive progressives and they begin to side with them and their cry for redistribution even if it means more taxes and less money for them. These new progressive rich will have everything they could ever want or need for the rest of their lives so why not redistribute wealth and who really cares about much more and higher taxation. One economist calls this:


Even though this new progressive rich may be taxed more substantially, they are so wealthy that higher taxes barely affect them. Instead, redistributionist taxation hurts the struggling middle classes, no matter what these hypocritical candidates promise. In CALIFORNIA, these Wealthy Leftists promote this new socialism from their Malibu, Menlo Park or Mill Valley enclaves, all the while living of course as privileged capitalists having everything they could possibly want. But at the same time, it became nearly impossible for the middle classes of Stockton and Bakersfield in another part of California to cope with the reality of crushing taxes and terrible social services.

From 2008 to 2017, candidate and then President Barack Hussein Obama employed any number of cool socialist slogans such as:




among others. No matter that Barack Obama himself became a multimillionaire, the new progressive socialism was for others while he and others like him profited.

A third reason is ACADEMIA. Universities bear much of the blame for this new spreading progressive socialism. Their governmental influence fostered the federal government to guarantee student loans which empowered them to significantly raise college costs with little or no accountability. Liberal college administrators and faculty cared little about graduates who often were inadequately educated and unable in many cases to market their expensive degrees. More than 45 million borrowers now struggle with nearly $1.6 trillion in collective student debt with interest climbing every day. That indebtedness has delayed or even ended the traditional economic and cultural forces that encourage conservatism and traditionalism. Many delay or end getting married, having children and buying homes. Many stay single, childless, often feeling cheated that their high priced degrees did not earn them competitive salaries. Small wonder that when Warren or Sanders, both economically ignorant propose that the federal government pay off all such debt, college graduates would vote for them without thinking if that debt could be done away with. It mattered not where the money came from (the federal government is you and me with taxation) but only that the debt was gone.

And perhaps a fourth reason is the so called REPUBLICAN PARTY. This party, hypocritical in so many ways, is riddled with RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), preaching the orthodoxies of free trade rather than fair trade. They allowed what economists call the CREATIVE DESTRUCTION OF INDUSTRIES without a concern for the real life consequences for the unemployed in so many states. The Republicans became a party without uniform objectives, often split and divisive unlike the democrats who remain united in almost every critical case failing to legislate when in control for the most part and yielding the power struggle to the democrats far too often. The media, itself far more liberal and socialistic than objective, champions these points of views and the candidates that espouse them and that builds a protective emotional environment which allows these growing numbers of progressives to feel fair and right in their beliefs and consequently their political actions and their votes. Capitalism and the American dream are in the fight of their lives and if such a movement continues, and grows, and votes, and wins, the America we know and love could be changed forever.

Combine a lost generation of WOKE AND BROKE college graduates, millions of impoverished immigrants without much knowledge of American economics, wealthy advocates of boutique socialism and ASLEEP–AT–THE–WHEEL republicans, it is easy to understand why historically destructive socialism is suddenly seen as COOL AND RIGHT! Should they regain power, these progressive, socialistic democrats would fundamentally change America, destroy so much of our economy, and our way of life and produce a culture and lifestyle for WE THE PEOPLE far less than we now have. Don’t let it happen, my fellow Americans, don’t let it happen!

You can even now, as elections 2020 near, stand up and speak up. You can join organizations which FIGHT THE FIGHT. You can contribute time, effort, expertise and money to these political and economic causes which champion the real America. And, most importantly:


for those who believe in democracy, capitalism, economic opportunity, and the American way. You can vote against every candidate who in any way promotes leftist, liberal, progressive socialism and statism no matter who they are. They are WRONG for America. Keep them out of office and out of power with your vote.



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