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Don Crawford

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Student Terrorists

Education in America is in one sad state. Even in some cases, Christian education succumbs to secular pressure, woke-radical influence, even anti-American and anti-Christian influence but, thankfully for the most part, remains a sane and sensible option, certainly for Christians but for truly conservative Americans as well.

The leading secular universities are beset with student terrorist tactics. Those once illustrious universities including Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, UCLA, and others are campuses of lawlessness, rebellion, defiance of authority, criminal activity, and a total disregard for the rule of law and constitutional authority. What a tragedy, an unbelievable tragedy which represents the great discontent and divide between Americans today. We the people are indeed a house divided and unless we find a way to correct these problems, and once again realize that our primary responsibility is to be law-abiding citizens of this great country, this house of ours will indeed fall.

These student rebellions and riots are not just mobilized by students. Leaders of these outbursts are often the very professors who are supposedly their teachers. It is simply unbelievable to see these teachers defying university authority, rules and regulations, and even the laws of the city and state. That however is professorial conduct fostered by a radical, woke, anti-American philosophy and point of view.

But more, the riots we see on campus, the takeovers of buildings, and the sit-ins are fostered by outside rabble rousers, some paid to do so by men like George Soros, and his supposedly charitable, nonprofit entities, anti-American to the core. Other paid rabble rousers, rioters, and mini-terrorists are paid for by other extremely wealthy, radical businessmen who, like Soros, are anti-American-anti-Chrisitan as well. These men and women want the end of the America we have always known and loved, and are in danger of losing at least in part if not all together.

But the real actors are the students themselves for the most part. They are responsible for the consequences. They are children, so many of them, without parental guidance and certainly little or no discipline. The influence of a real mother or father is missing in so many cases. They act irresponsibly, they seem to desire attention, and they are more than willing to act out. In so many cases, they really don’t understand the full meaning of why they are doing what they are doing, and acting the way they are acting, nor do they care about the consequences of their actions. There is some uneducated talk about acting under the freedoms of the First Amendment, but that is totally wrong. They talk about their rights to protest, and to assemble, and to petition for redress of their grievances under the First Amendment, but they absolutely plagiarize and corrupt the true meanings, the freedoms and responsibilities, the rights and duties, which the First Amendment allows and requires.

Our beloved and special First Amendment allows for peaceful assembly, not the kind we see at Columbia, and it never allows for trespassing. There is no right, for example, on the part of any student or rabble rouser to unlawfully occupy buildings or otherwise restrict the access of others to those buildings. To do so is a violation of the law, a criminal action, and should be punished as the law requires without exception. There can be no exception for these BRAINLESS BRATS, or these radical and progressive professors, and certainly these AWFUL AGITATORS, paid by radical anti-Americans should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

These so-called protestors, really mini terrorists, violate with impunity the rules and regulations of the universities they attend, including Columbia, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania. They also violate with impunity the laws of the jurisdiction of the city, and the state in which the university resides. They should be punished. They should not be suspended from school but expelled. They should not be free from prosecution but disciplined and punished according to their unlawful acts.

They have utterly ignored the rights of other students. They have prevented access to classes, they intimidate and even threaten, and on occasion even do harm to their fellow students. Such conduct is as wrong as it can be.

They chant, bear signs which are anti-Semitic to the core. These students hate Jews and they engage in hate speech against the Jews. One hears chants and sees signs which they bluntly say:


They even wish for a reincarnation of the holocaust. They are violently anti-Jewish, and they have ignored the atrocities committed against the Jewish people by Arabs, Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and of course HAMAS. It is as though October 7 never happened.

They promote BDS, the boycott of all things Israel and Jewish, the divestment of all investment in Israel, sanctions against Israel, and the end of all aid, financial and military, to the only democracy in the Middle East. The main motivation behind these student riots and uprisings is a hatred of the Jews, the re-emergence of a vicious and vitriolic antisemitism. They even invoke the name of Adolf Hitler in their so-called cause.

They trespass upon the private property of others with impunity.

They leave property damage in their wake. They set up their tents and leave refuse and garbage behind, caring nothing about the property or the people who formerly used those spaces.

They rebel against and resist any police action and they have committed violence with impunity against the police who attempt to restore law and order.

They disrupt education. They prevent students, especially Jewish students, from going to classes or attending events. They have created an atmosphere of fear and a lack of individual safety in attending classes, interfering at every turn with the educational process.

They have and they will engage in violence, as the opportunity may occur, no matter if innocent and uninvolved individuals take the brunt of such actions. Whether to property or persons, violence and damage are the end result of these unlawful actions in so many cases.

These student terrorists block access, ingress and egress, to university campuses, classes, and events. They bargain with university officials, who lower themselves in considering the demands of these terroristic student gangs, and the so-called university officials and leaders seem to have no compunction in compromising with these would-be young criminals. The leaders of these student gangs bargain with university officials and even law enforcement for:


for their actions. Woke and radical anti-American district attorneys, law enforcement officers, politicians, and others, so many of them look the other way, do little or nothing, and seem ready to forgive and forget. What an absolute tragedy.

In so many cases, these rioters do not really understand why they are rioting. They don’t know the facts; they are unconcerned with the truth for they live in the day and age of:


where anything goes. Compounding this American tragedy is the fact that these students are fully supported by their very own professors who stand with them, picket, barricade, march, and otherwise encourage this unlawful activity. George Soros and company would be proud. Small wonder Israel no longer trusts America like it once did and is determined to protect and defend its nation, its rights, and its people ALL BY ITSELF, no matter what. It may come to just that.

What a world. We hope and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we ask for the intervention of God Almighty, the great G-d Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; but the hate, the antisemitism, the worldwide rebellion against law and order, and religion, and especially Christianity, goes on. We cannot forsake Israel, especially we the Christian people. We know that if we bless the nation and the Jews, God will bless us, and if we don’t, we will be cursed, as we are told in the Book of Genesis.

What is happening in the world at large, the Middle East, and in Israel-Palestine, all are signs of the END TIMES. If so, we should be watchmen and women on the walls, watching for the return, the rapture. But in the interim, we should work for the night is coming when no man can work, work for peace, for goodwill, for dialogue, for salvation, for the return of this world to faith, hope, and love. Otherwise, the worst, the very, very worst is yet to come.

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