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The 45th President

And that would be Donald John Trump with his right arm Mike Pence.  There were many perhaps millions in America who thought the election of these two gentlemen was nigh onto impossible.  It was, if you believe the polls (which I don’t and never have), biased and inaccurate as they are.

But it seems as though the American people Election 2016 never paid too much attention to the polls.  Nor did they listen to the pundits, the politicians, the press, the professionals (the academics), nor the personalities from Hollywood.  It really seems as though the critical issues facing America and the incredible decisions which need to be made got down in full force to the lowest levels, the so-called common man or woman (you and me), and it seems as though those issues were understood, researched and seriously dealt with.  This election sent a clear message that no longer would WE THE PEOPLE be told what to do with our country, Republican or Democrat, that parties, old-timers, the deeply rooted power structure in Washington, D.C. would no longer rule.  WE THE PEOPLE WOULD!  We sent the strongest possible message to all of the politicos:


We want change back.  We do not like nor will we accept the direction in which our country is headed.  We have watched for the past eight years the erosion of our beloved Constitution and the rights we have enjoyed for more than two centuries.  We have seen the mockery of the Rule of Law and a total lack of accountability on the part of so many in power.  We have listened to lie after lie and we rose up Tuesday, November 8 and said to them and to the world:


We the people want our country back.

We elected a man with personality crass, sometimes vulgar, aggressive and untraditional.  We did that because enough was enough with the politicians, including the President who rule us.  They care little or nothing for us, but only themselves, their so-called vision for America, the power that office brings and so often the wealth and fame illegally gained.  We elected so that there could be in fact a refining fire in Washington, change hopefully from top to bottom, new leadership, aggressive leadership, REAL AMERICAN LEADERSHIP for those of us who love our country with all of our hearts.  We have sent a message to Trump and Pence to the Republican Senate, and to the Republican House of Representatives that we the people demand a return to:


To the respect of our Constitution.  Our precious Bill of Rights, the Amendments which protect our inalienable rights, our God-given freedoms, including and especially the Freedom of Religion, of speech, of press, of assembly and the right to own guns, and to be fully protected against government intrusion, not to be intimidated because we disagree with others, to respect balance of powers, and to restore respect and cooperation to federalism, the integrity and individuality of states’ rights, all 50 of them, and to change back to the traditional America:


To restore our country to a greater position of strength, leadership and influence in the world at large.  To strengthen our dollar and our economy and to provide even greater opportunity for all of our citizens, ALL OF THEM.  To continue and strengthen our indifference to color, race or ethnicity, believing full well that all men and women are equal in every way.  We ask not that of Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence:


We should remind them at all times that we will be watch men and women on the walls, holding them accountable, making sure that they fulfill their promises and otherwise move America forward, promises and platforms which earned our trust and our vote.  Our vote should remind Trump, Pence and the Republican Senate and House of Representatives that we demand new hope, new opportunity, new growth and even more prosperity for all, a change back of so much of THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION in so many ways.

Our vote should remind our representatives that they no longer are rulers but that they are fully accountable to us.  We should monitor, we should dialogue, be more fully involved and active than ever before and we should hold Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence to their promise to us to:


We will settle for nothing less.  Our vote indicates we will look beyond character flaws, personalities, rancor and division, but we will expect results.  We will expect all who were elected:


We will not settle for compromise, delay, stalemate, gridlock, nor will we tolerate pork, waste, fraud or the abuse of our economy and our dollars.  We will demand that the Rule of Law prevail and that those who break the law be held fully accountable, especially those at the highest levels of government and power.  Let the new President and Vice President have ears to hear.  Grow America and get it going again.  That was your promise.  We hold you to it, Mr. Trump.  WE HOLD YOU TO IT!

How interesting the rise and success of Donald John Trump.  There was a man eight years ago who came from Chicago.  He had little or no political experience.  He was a community organizer.  He never had a career in business.  He was little known the country over.  But with great ambition, will and energy, and exercising an incredible influence on his very own Democratic Party, this little known man from Chicago, with nothing but a year or two of experience as a Senator, rose to become THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  This man, the son of an African American father and a Caucasian mother became our leader without experience, America knowing little or nothing about his values and beliefs, his background, education or the forces that molded his mind and heart was elected for not one but two terms as our President.  That I do believe forged the template, the pathway, the modus operandi for Donald Trump to not only run for President but to do so successfully when few, including and especially his own party, gave him any chance.  Such is the fulfillment of the American Dream.  No matter the person, the age, the gender, the race or ethnicity, any man or any woman can become the President of the United States or for that matter, hold any other office of stature, power or influence in our great country.  There is no country in the world like America which can offer those incredible personal opportunities.  Trump, a businessman and a reasonable successful one, extremely wealthy, delivered a message which resonated with the American people.  That message in a word was:


I am not content, says Trump, nor will I accept the structure and decision making of the old guard Republican Party.  It were as though Trump was saying that he would bring a new vision, new decision making, a new energy, working with new people, different people, with a mindset like his, centrist and conservative, but all for the betterment of America, its wonderful citizens and for the Republican Party, torn asunder and born again.  All of that resonated with the American people and resulted in Trump’s election, supported by millions who felt as he did about the Republican Party, willing to accept his foibles and frailties and to trust not only his vision for America and the future, but his uncompromising will to make that vision happen. The American people believed, with their vote, that Trump would in fact produce change, that unlike other Presidents he would work without compromise, and do what was right for America as the majority of voters demanded by their vote.  A new man, a new political force, a new kind of leadership, respectful of the past and tradition unlike the present administration, working from that foundation, that past, not trying to destroy it and building new chapters, higher towers for the American Dream.
Perhaps Trump believed in the vision of President Ronald Reagan who saw America as:


Perhaps Trump tired of the American Dream having been tarnished, extinguished in many ways, the individual more fully controlled by a federal government constantly on the grow.  Perhaps the inspiration of Ronald Reagan was that which inspired Trump to think in terms of building his very own:


And to say, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, again with that great President Ronald Reagan:



And that we do, my fellow Americans, that we do.  The destiny of this great country is to once again BE GREAT.  We have been told that we are not any longer exceptional, or at least no more exceptional than any other country in the world.  Tens of millions of Americans do not believe that.  We think we are different.  We are not better but we are different.  Our way of life, our government, our values and beliefs are in fact DIFFERENT.  We want our leaders to believe that as well.  We think Trump does and in so many ways that is why Donald John Trump was elected President of the United States.

We look for change in leadership.  Trump has promised WE THE PEOPLE that he will bring in the best and brightest minds he can find, those who are committed to making America great again, think differently than those appointed by the present administration, reduce and eliminate federal controls, rules and regulations and produce new energy.  There are men and women everywhere in America who share the vision of Trump and want to be part of what this man, his vision and his administration can accomplish.  They will be marvelous additions to government at work as it should be, right, limited and functional.  Perhaps and most hopefully, Trump will be like Reagan who knew that the way to move things forward and get the economy moving was to:


Then and only then can there be momentum and energy.  Then and only then can there be change, change back.  Then and only then, government limited and put in its proper place can:


Trump will appoint up to three Supreme Court Justices.  May there be men and women who share the vision of the majority of Americans, traditional America, protective of our great Constitution and the Rule of Law.  Nothing, NOTHING is more important to the future of America than the very right appointments, those learned men and women who will provide balance, direction and preserve a certain conservative influence.
Trump has promised to protect, preserve and defend RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, so fully guaranteed by the First Amendment.  He has promised to be advised in that regard by people of faith and to listen, really listen to their advice.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have promised to protect the rights granted by the Second Amendment so that there is no further erosion or elimination of the right to bear arms, to own guns.

Trump has indicated he will not attempt to reverse Roe v. Wade nor certain general rights to abortion.  But he has promised to restrict abortion wherever legal especially partial birth abortion.

Trump has indicated a general support for the rights of the LGBTQ movement and to make certain that those newly found constitutional rights do not erode the rights of freedom of religion.

Trump has promised to protect to the fullest freedom of speech, to curtail the growth of hate speech barriers wherever possible.
Trump has promised to bring his business expertise to bear, grow our economy, produce far more jobs, energize employment and give opportunity to all Americans, especially lower and middle class.  Trump has promised to energize a stagnant economy and make America prosperous again.

Trump and Pence have promised to restore American leadership in the world, to deal aggressively with terrorist nations such as Iran, reestablish detente and respectful relations with the ever growing and aggressive Russia, and to otherwise promote capitalism and economic growth the world over.  May it be so.

We the people expect much from Donald Trump and Mike Pence, so very much.  We expect a new and energized Republican Party at work, governing, legislating and making things happen as this party has failed to do time and again.  Trump has promised to make certain that happens and we will hold him accountable.  This 45th President is a man with promise, possibilities and potential performance.  We have every reason to be hopeful, every reason to believe that these two men and the decisions they make for our great country will in fact:


Let us, with him, work and pray to that end.  A new day dawns January 2017.  May the bright light of freedom shine once again fully across our great country and may the pride of being an American citizen be returned full force more energetic than ever.

No leader comes to any political stage in this world without the will of God so condoning.  Here comes Trump, at a critical time in the history of America and the world.  What an opportunity this man has.  I for one pray that he will make things happen, fulfill the promises he has made so that once again:


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