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Don Crawford

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The Angry Parent-Homeschooling

Education has been taken over by radicals, by progressives, by those intent, even passionate about changing America. The true parent gets angrier by the day.


But not just a different kind of education, not just all things politically correct and WOKE, there are those in education anti–American, intent on destroying this Country and its history. These subversives now exist at every level of education from day school to graduate school. The payrolls of our colleges and universities are chock full of professors and teachers who have these radical, progressive, woke agendas, far more important to them than the studies they were hired to teach. Enough say the parents, we have had enough. We will find a different and better way to educate our children.


So, now there are more than eight million students in America, kindergarten to 12th grade being educated by the means of:




The Homeschool Boom is happening all across America. Not only did this occur as a result of the incredible default in education of America’s high schools, colleges and universities, but it was fostered by the COVID–19 Pandemic. Homeschooling has been adopted by American families from diverse communities, different political ideologies, and by different races and ethnicities. There are even many children with special needs who have also successfully transitioned to homeschooling.


Lance Izumi, Senior Director of Pacific Research Institute’s Center for Education stated the following:


“The COVID–19 Pandemic forced millions of students to learn at home. Many parents saw for the first time how ineffective traditional schools were at educating their kids.”


What began as a stop gap measure, something temporary until the regular schools could open, turned into a viable alternative for parents who were fed up with public education. The temporary became permanent in so many families, eight million students and growing.


This wonderful phenomenon crossed racial and ethnic boundaries. For example, the number of African American families homeschooling increased by five times, FIVE TIMES. And, the number of Hispanic families homeschooling doubled as parents were determined to take control of the minds, hearts and emotions of their precious children. If these precious God–given children were to be educated by progressives, radicals, woke and anti–American teachers, parents who love their children would provide their education themselves. Homeschooling showed the fight, the spirit, the passion of true American families who were determined to control the educational destiny of their children. Enough of Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, the teaching of white supremacy and racism and back to real education. When former governors like former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe tell parents they have no right to tell teachers what they should teach their children, THE ANGRY PARENT rebels and these parents will not only control what is taught, but they will do it themselves!


The really good thing about homeschooling is that it is not a phenomenon only among conservatives or Christians. Parents from every background, and religious belief, or even political persuasion are homeschooling. It undoubtedly exists in your own family, or friends, or surely those you know. The Pacific Research Institute even profiles a parent who is a self–proclaimed “flaming liberal” who joined, of all things, with a conservative Christian parent and together they found it a:




One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is that it can provide the most INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING OPTION POSSIBILE. It offers choice, real choice in education. It offers flexibility, real flexibility. It offers personalization, real personalization. That is simply not available in traditional schools. There are a tremendous array of resources available to help parents educate their children at home. There are online learning platforms. There are affiliations with neighborhood charter schools and more options become available by the day. It is a wonderous movement to behold.


But of course, homeschooling comes under increasing attack by teachers’ unions. These powerful unions cannot abide competition and they bring power and political pressure to bear on authorities and politicians to put an end to or severely limit homeschooling. There are many politicians ready to take up the cause in behalf of unions because of their power, money and voting resources and they have no qualms in attacking the homeschoolers, even with the possibility of legislation which would end the phenomenon altogether. And you can be sure the Ivy League academics and other educational elites decry homeschooling and attack it every way possible. That makes these real parents even more determined to preserve, protect and defend their right to educate their children, to control that education as they wish.


THE HOMESCHOOL BOOM has also become a successful alternative for the most vulnerable, special needs students in our society. There are numerous resources now available that enable them to provide 1–on–1 instruction, flexible scheduling and creative and individual learning environments for these different students. That kind of education is far more effective than anything which traditional schools can offer.


The Homeschool Boom is here to stay, my fellow Americans. There are millions of parents dissatisfied with traditional education, more so each day, and they are determined to create and control educational alternatives. When it happens in the liberal bastion of San Francisco, it can happen anywhere in America. Homeschooling can occur in individual families, individual households and homes or it can extend out to co–operative efforts where families band together and provide even more resources. These loving, caring parents do all of this and at the same time, continue to pay high taxes for public schools and state and county education because they know that as parents, it is their first and foremost duty to train up their children in the way in which they should go, so many of them for God and Country.


This movement will not go away. It will only grow. Woke and radical progressivism have taken over America’s educational systems, they are deeply entrenched and while the task of eliminating, eradicating and changing, CHANGE BACK goes on, THE HOMESCHOOLING BOOM continues to boom all across America.


If you are a Christian, or conservative, or true American parent of a child, especially young children, why not join the movement. Perhaps you should consider that for today, it may be America’s best choice in education.

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