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Don Crawford

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The Angry Parent

Mom and dad are mad, really mad the Nation across. In fact, there is a “wave of anger like no other” coast to coast in America. The problem is education and the source of the anger is:




Americans by a margin of more than 3 to 1 think that the top issue in our Country is:




This information was provided by polling of CONVENTION OF STATES ACTION and THE TRAFALGAR GROUP. They report:


“Politicians have vastly underestimated the extent to which parents are charged up about wokeness in education. Everywhere we go across America, people are absolutely furious.”


So that, the bottom line is:


“When you mess with someone’s kids and their schools, you strike at the very heart of what Americans care about the most.”


The right education may well be the most important responsibility of any parent. “Train up a child in the way he or she should go. Train them up right.” So says the scripture. That means not only in the ways and the things of the Lord, but in all things secular which make them better citizens and responsible society members. The right education is critical for any child.


Joseph Stalin, the ruthless Russian Dictator told the world that if he could educate a child until that child was four years old, he would have him for life. The worst killer in the history of mankind Adolf Hitler said let me control the books (the education) and I will control the child forevermore. Education, learning, quotes the study to show yourself approved unto God, workman for Him and for society should be priority number one.


But, somehow some way, right thinking parents lose control to radicals, progressives, the woke individuals, the radical minority that wishes to replace real history, real facts, real learning with subversive and radical theories like the 1619 project and Critical Race Theory rule the day. How does this happen? How did these radicals get control of school education boards, determine the criteria and curriculum for education and introduce over and again radical change, how does this happen? Parents the Country over are finally waking up to woke, seeing so clearly the damage these radical social ideas in education can cause and they are saying by the millions:




And, as always in the radical segments of our society, it is the Democrat party where these candidates arise, and the most radical, progressive of them with their anti–American ideas somehow get control. In Virginia, one very passionate Democrat mother said:


“We used to have a good school system. Now, my daughter’s safety and education seem like an after–thought.”


The former Democrat Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe said on the campaign trail last fall, a reelection effort he lost by a substantial margin:


“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”


Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable! Small wonder this radical, progressive, Democrat Governor lost for he and all like him in Virginia lost perspective, value, historical significance and then, LOST the election big time. McAuliffe was soundly defeated by Republican Glen Youngkin, who aggressively campaigned against socialist ideas in education among many other anti–progressive ideas and principles. Even Virginia’s new Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears, by the way the first female and African American woman ever to become Lieutenant Governor, denounced Critical Race Theory and socialist ideas in education. Said she about CRT:


“It says that black children are oppressed and white children are the oppressors. And I ask you, what kind of learning can happen in that kind of a school environment?”


Conclusion: none, none at all.


Nationally, socialist ideas in education is the number one issue among parents in America so say these two polling organizations. All the way west, in progressive, radical San Francisco, California, there is an aggressive and frustrated parental reaction. Voters demanded a recall of pre–Board of Education members and 75%, 3 out of 4 of the votes in that recall election demanded the recall of the only three board members who are eligible to be recalled. They were radical, progressive, kept the public schools of San Francisco closed for 13 months, introduced the most radical education curriculum possible including Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, and an agenda endorsed and prorogated by the LGBTQ movement. Even in San Francisco, enough was enough.


Back east to Florida. The Governor of that great state is Ron DeSantis, Republican and conservative, a real, true American. The Governor openly and aggressively refers to Critical Race Theory as a, “mortal threat to the United States”. He says:


“The rise of this woke ideology is an attempt to really delegitimize our history and to delegitimize our institutions.”


DeSantis is determined to tackle Critical Race Theory everywhere he can, and especially in the new corporate diversity, equity and inclusion training programs. He cited certain reports and information produced by Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute as evidence of his deep concern. Some are as follows:


  1. Arizona claiming that babies are racist
  2. Santa Clara County, California denouncing the United States as a parasitic system
  3. Philadelphia teaching students to celebrate BLACK COMMUNISM
  4. San Diego, California telling teachers, “You are racist”
  5. Bank of America teaching that the United States is a system of white supremacy
  6. Verizon teaching that America is fundamentally racist
  7. Google teaching that all Americans are raised to be racist


Governor DeSantis claims that all of this is an elite–driven phenomenon in bureaucracies, universities, and corporate America among others. He vows that radical, progressive wokeism will not happen in the state of Florida. One good man, this DeSantis, many think a strong potential Republican candidate for President in 2024.


Americans the Country over are WAKING UP TO WOKE. They realize now more than ever how this small group of radicals, progressives and anti–Americans have somehow taken an unbelievable number of positions of control, especially in education, and they are standing up. They are demanding change, CHANGE BACK to the values, morals and standards of traditional American education. They are determined to elect right thinking individuals at all levels of government, influence and decision–making, including and especially in education. Public education in so many cities, especially large, in our Country are little more than problematic and the parents will fight back. Contrary to what former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said, parents will tell teachers and Boards of Education what they will teach their children. America will be in their hands as the next generation matures. If they are not trained up in the way in which they should go, if they do not know how to truly study to show themselves approved, there will be as Governor DeSantis has well said, no more America. They will destroy this great Country as we know it. Even in San Francisco, parents have vowed that will not happen. Our children are our future. Show them, teach them, educate them for the good of all mankind. Our future depends upon that.


Millions of parents say to Boards of Education and teachers that if you don’t do it right, WE WILL.

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