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Don Crawford

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The Boy Scouts of America

I always wanted to be a boy scout.  I admired everything about that good organization.  I never did and I regret that.  The Boy Scouts of America began as an organization for the bonding and training of father and son, protecting and defending that traditional relationship.  The organization which began decades ago was then God-fearing, “morally straight,” patriotic and concerned with traditional American values.  How it has changed.

In 2018, the BSA became co-ed.  Girls were admitted for the first time.  Then of course came the onslaught from the progressives, gay activists, radical feminists and the wealthy corporations that kowtow to them demanding that the name BOY SCOUTS be changed.  Get rid of the boy part, they demanded, this discriminatory masculine identifier so that this organization could be inclusive of everyone and every gender.  The Boy Scouts of America, now used to compromising and giving in, accommodated.  The organization changed its name to SCOUTS BSA.  Gone forever is the boys part, the masculine identifier and an iconic organization that started in 1910, led by men to train boys to become men and do their duty to God and Country is now effectively, in the words of Media Research Center leader Brent Bozell:


Like so many other organizations, the BSA has been corrupted and transformed into another liberal social incubator, required to instill leftwing ideology in the minds of American youth.  This radical transformation has happened rapidly over the last 18 years and with the untiring help of the liberal media, of course.  The former BSA, now SCOUTS USA accepts everyone, openly gay scouts, openly gay scout leaders, transgender scouts and now girls, including lesbians and any other genders the left cares to invent miles away in philosophy and implementation from its original purposes which were founded upon traditional morality and Biblical values.  Chalk up another win for the progressives!

For decades, activists had pressured the BSA to let openly gay men join the organization, along with transgenders and others.  The BSA refused because it stood firm on its Judeo-Christian morality.  Undeterred, radical liberals took the issue to the Supreme Court in the year 2000.  Surprisingly, the Supreme Court of the United States sided with the scouts ruling that the organization could set the standards it wished for its own membership.  But, the relentless liberal media attacked the Boy Scouts of America more than ever.  Peter Jennings of ABC labeled the BSA policy an “embarrassment.”  All three major networks did.  And even PBS, the Public Broadcasting System funded by YOUR AND MY TAX DOLLARS produced a pro-gay, anti-scout documentary which they sarcastically entitled:


And of course, the New York Times, dutifully liberal described the scouts as “discriminatory.”  The pressure was intense, so intense that in 2013, the BSA, because of a decline in corporate support and this never-ending media attack surrendered and ended their 113 year old ban against openly homosexual scouts.

The Boy Scouts of America had lost their courage and their original moral standards, gone forever.  So that, in 2015 and 2016, the radical left demanded that girls and transgenders be allowed to join.  A young girl by the name of Jodi had become transformed, a transgender, into JOE and the BSA refused.  Jodi, now Joe, sued the BSA and the scouts once again surrendered and compromised in December 2016.  The now transformed and utterly changed SCOUTS BSA verbalized their final transformation as follows:

“We realize that referring to birth certificates as the reference point is no longer sufficient.
State laws are now interpreting gender identity differently.”

One week after Scouts BSA announced its new name, the MORMON CHURCH declared it was ending its 100 year association with the scouts.  As a result, about 425,000 Mormon boys are leaving the former BSA to join a new organization setup by their church.  Other corporations, large non-profit organizations and individuals have stopped gifting and supporting this once great organization.  These changes have wreaked havoc on Scouts BSA.  Since the activist and radical liberal media onslaught began and these progressive changes were made, BSA membership has fallen from 4 million to 2 million.  What an absolutely tragic reduction as a result of the radical changes in the structure, nature, values and purposes of this once great organization.  Many suspect a goodly part of the 2 million remaining members will sooner or later depart.  Other organizations, with philosophies and moral values different from BSA spring up and offer some of the opportunities the former BSA once did.  This current state of affairs left Brent Bozell, Founder and President of Media Research Center (MRC) to state the following:

“The leftist press has made the BSA so inclusive that millions of parents have dropped out.  They dealt a deathblow to the Boy Scouts, a once iconic American institution.  It’s fading fast and will never come back.”

What a tragedy.

So now, in today’s current American society, an organization can no longer be a traditional father-son entity without having to deal with claims of discrimination.  I suppose the very same leveling principle would apply to any organization which is exclusively mother-daughter.  Perhaps even organizations which function exclusively on Biblical principles and traditional moral values would face the very same charge of discrimination.  Perhaps even churches will one day have to deal with this radical, liberal onslaught.

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, among others do not accept homosexuality.  Sooner or later, all three and more may well come under the brutal attacks of radical progressives and be forced to compromise or pay the price.  Such attacks and demands by these radicals are for so many unconstitutional, intrusive and unfair.  Organizations and individuals under the First Amendment have the right to freedom of speech, religion, conscience, press and organization and nowhere in the Constitution are they required to compromise, change or include what others demand.  The battle rages, does it not, between the freedoms of the First Amendment and the Constitution generally and the constant claims of discrimination because of the newfound sexual identity.  Bakers refuse to sell cakes.  Ministers refuse to perform marriage ceremonies.  Religious institutions restrict membership.  And, since 1787, that has been their right, their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.  Now, in this era of post-truth, and the constant evisceration of our beloved Constitution, it seems it is no longer their right and this is only the beginning of these radical changes.  Freedom of religion, and association, and even the outward expression of belief will be attacked from now on.  The fight is on, bigtime, the FIGHT OF FAITH.  If you are a person of faith, my fellow American, it is no longer a matter of getting ready for the fight for:


You are in it, like it or not.  More than ever, all people of faith and especially true Christians should standup and say to this aggressive, hateful, radical world:


You the radicals are allowed in this great country to live as you will, believe as you do.  But you do NOT have the right to tell us what to believe and how to live.  We will fight for those constitutional rights with all of our might.

And, by the grace of God who Himself is under vicious attack:


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