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Sounds like organ donation from a deceased adult, does it not? Actually, these are the sickening, barbaric words of Dr. Deborah Nucatola, a Senior Executive of Planned Parenthood who brazenly bragged about her organization’s practice of selling the body parts of late-term aborted babies. Abortion for profit, my fellow Americans. Not only rid the potential mother of the potential baby, but do so in a way to:




Like an old junkyard used car lot, don’t you think?


And the later on in the abortion process, so-called late-term abortion where the baby, excuse me the “ever-growing collection of cells” is virtually physically mature in the womb, the better for the harvesting. The better for the:




And another Planned Parenthood’s top medical director talks about manipulating the abortion procedure to yield the most marketable baby parts. No matter the risk to the woman, the once-meant-to-be mother, wait until the very last minute if possible so that the fetus (?) could yield the largest and most profitable parts, the heart, the lungs, the liver and any other valuable organ. What a corrupt, disgusting barbaric organization. Have you ever given to them or do you support them in any way? Our federal government does, the Obama Administration, to the tune of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars through the years. In fact, Planned Parenthood and its principals, especially Director Cecile Richards, are perhaps the President’s closest ally, supporter, and fundraiser. What a world.


Even the liberal Arthur Caplan of New York University, no friend of conservatives, was appalled that anyone would knowingly change medical protocol to scavenge baby parts. Said Caplan:




Indeed it is Professor Caplan and it is good to know that even staunch liberals like you and others are appalled by the immorality of Planned Parenthood.
But a typical liberal Democrat reaction follows. Any number of Democrat Senators and representatives are calling for the Justice Department and Attorney General Lynch to investigate the organization or organizations that fostered this so-called STING operation on Planned Parenthood, utterly ignoring the barbaric actions of Cecile Richards and her ilk at Planned Parenthood. No matter right or wrong, no matter morality, do what is in the best interests of protecting the liberal-radical Planned Parenthood and of course the Obama Administration which authorizes the funding of this above the law abortion entity. By the way, not only does the federal government, the Obama Administration fund Planned Parenthood with hundreds of millions of dollars, but so does the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Why in the name of all breast cancer victims would an organization like the Komen Foundation which raises hundreds of millions of dollars for the cure of breast cancer give to an abortion mill like Planned Parenthood! Anybody in Washington got an answer to that one? How about an investigation by the IRS to take away the tax-exempt status of the Komen Foundation for improper utilization of gifting, monies which hurting and caring people have given for the cure of breast cancer which found its way not to life and healing, but to death and killing. A lot of Americans have a lot of questions about the Susan G. Komen Foundation in addition to Planned Parenthood.
And then there is President Barack Hussein Obama, he the professed Christian (?). So far, this President has said nothing, no comments. This Christian President sits back, authorizes the funding of Planned Parenthood to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars for the purpose of the killing of millions upon millions of babies, and the worldwide spread of abortifacients, and says and does nothing. What a fine Christian example he is, don’t you think?
But there was one response from the White House, to this enormous issue through White House Secretary Josh Earnest. Asked if the President would reconsider federal funding to a group (that is do away with it) that may be endangering women to farm out their babies organs, Earnest said, get this:




The White House Secretary gave the issue all of two seconds and frankly, I doubt if his boss gave the matter even that much time or thought. What an Administration, what destructive values and lack of morals, what indifference to the sanctity of life. What a President we have, my fellow Americans. I don’t know about you, but I am angry to the core for enough is enough. We all should rise up and take on this man who gets away with anything, the Teflon President, masquerading as a Christian when in fact no one in the White House has ever done more to destroy Christian America, Christian values, Christian morals and principles than Barack Hussein Obama. George Bush, or Jimmy Carter, or certainly Ronald Reagan and even John F. Kennedy would have stopped the funding of that organization immediately but not Obama and his ilk.


In fact, there has been no direct response by Health and Human Services, a federal agency completely controlled by the Obama Administration except for one thing. HHS, in this crisis moment, directed its criticism and complaints against, are you ready for this:




Catholic charities! Those who do good, help women and are diametrically opposed to abortion. That good organization was attacked by Health and Human Services. Are you listening all who are Roman Catholic? Are you active, aggressive, demanding, resisting and standing up against this President and his tightly controlled Health and Human Services agencies, both of which are dead set against anything Catholic? Other than taking jabs at Catholics, this White House is virtually ignoring the scandal.
And so are the networks, the three stooges, you know ABC, CBS, and NBC and even their subsidiary CNN. All three ignored the story altogether, leaving only, thank God, the reliable Fox News to let Americans know what was being done to hold Planned Parenthood, the recipient of one-half billion tax dollars a year accountable. The media, those biased three stooges, utterly ignored the media mantra:




And when babies have their organs and other body parts cut out by surgical knives, talk about bleeding. Those three networks spun the story which for them was all about “politics,” the reaction of the American people, a nice a copout and the vague possibility the story might be true rather than dealing with the damning allegations that had been made. Small wonder that so many Americans turn away from these networks in droves because you simply can not get the facts, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from ABC, CBS and NBC. What a world, especially a world where we have lost the objectivity, the check and balance of our press and our media. Want to bet that Planned Parenthood gets away with this in some shape or form? Like Benghazi, Lois Lerner and the IRS, and so many other scandals and corruption of this Obama Administration which just simply fade into the sunset, watch this one disappear.


Incidentally, no one holds Obama accountable or questions him in any direct way, no one. Major Garrett, News Reporter for CBS asked a question of President Obama with respect to the nuclear deal with Iran. Garrett asked the President why he is content to leave the Americans unaccounted for in the custody of Iran and not include their release in the Iran deal. Obviously, the Garrett question hit a Presidential nerve, easy to do when he is confronted and this President responded to a very legitimate question and a sincere news reporter as follows:


“I’ve got to give you credit, Major (Garrett), for how you craft these questions. The notion that I am content as I celebrate with American citizens languishing in Iranian jails-Major, that’s nonsense and you should know better.”


Typical Obama, don’t you think? How dare you question me, how dare anyone question me about anything. You can be sure my fellow Americans that no one will ever have the opportunity to question Barack Hussein Obama in any direct, accountable way regarding his support for Planned Parenthood or the billions of dollars which our federal government has funded, given to this organization through the years. By the way, my fellow Americans, that is not federal government money funding Planned Parenthood. That is:




Our tax money which this Christian President has given to this abortion mill, this champion of the culture of death, this killing machine. But you and I sit back, do nothing, turn the other cheek and head out to Starbucks to talk about the matter. We should be demanding that every representative and senator who represents us stop this funding, get rid of Planned Parenthood, and put a stop to the unaccountable, often unlawful and illegal actions of President Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk, all of his tightly controlled agencies like HHS and IRS. Enough is enough.


By the way, Planned Parenthood has a PAC, a Political Action Committee. Incredible is it not. That PAC gave more than $586,000 to the campaigns of House and Senate Democrats in 2014. Isn’t that unbelievable. Our federal government funded this butcheringorganization with hundreds of millions of dollars and this very same organization Planned Parenthood through its PAC turns around and gives $586,000, monies that we know of and of public record, to the Democratic representatives and senators who, with Obama, made these millions of dollars happen! Talk about conflict of interest. Cecile Richards and her organization Planned Parenthood are the epitome of corruption.


By contrast, hear the words of Dr. Ben Carson (what a good man), candidate for President for the Republican Party. Remember that Ben Carson is a doctor and he said the following:


“What’s really disturbing is the fact that we have become so callous that a lot of people don’t even realize that this is shocking. To see the callousness with which we are treating human life. There are so many people who are concerned about little spiders and things, and yet, the human being inside the mother’s womb is much more sophisticated than many of these creatures that they are trying to preserve. There is nothing that can’t be done without fetal tissue.”


Beautifully said, Dr. Ben Carson. Your words of course, though right on, will surely be ignored for you are conservative and pro-life. But you know the truth and you speak it well. What is involved is a real baby, a real human being, and not a fetus or a collection of cells. Time to stop the killing machine and the main participant in this ever-growing culture of death, this so-called Planned Parenthood. By the way, talk about a misnomer. The organization should be entitled PLANNED NON-PARENTHOOD. For following the ways of Planned Parenthood would destroy any opportunity for a mother to be a parent!
And yet another benefactor of Planned Parenthood, one HILLARY CLINTON. Funding and gifting to the Presidential candidates indicates that Hillary Clinton is the recipient of 20 times as much Planned Parenthood money as her Democratic Presidential rivals! That is a lot of money for Clinton, which interestingly enough did not benefit the Clinton Foundation as so much other illegal dollars have. It will be interesting to see the decision Hillary Clinton will make to keep or return the Planned Parenthood money. That will say a lot about her, will it not?


On the other side, hear the words of Senator James Lankford, Republican from Oklahoma who provided Americans with an emotional speech on the Senate floor. Senator Lankford said the following:


“You can’t say in one moment that’s not a human and then sell it in the next moment as a human organ and say now suddenly it is, it was a human all the way through. There was never a time that wasn’t a child, never a time that wasn’t a human, and it seems the ultimate irony to me that we spend time talking about humane treatment of animals being put down and we completely miss children being ripped apart in the womb and their body parts being sold.”


Right on, Senator Lankford, right to the point. We are talking about the killing of human beings and the harvesting of their organs, not a collection of cells. This was a human being from the beginning, recognized as such, and sold IN PARTS for profit. God help us, my fellow Americans. What kind of society have we become?


By the way, you know all about Planned Parenthood. Keep a close eye on the Susan G. Komen Foundation. That organization was supposed to be the recipient of $4.5 million from the federal government as a special coin was minted. That money instead went to other organizations, not to Komen, even though the Komen Foundation argues that they only gave Planned Parenthood and Cecile Richards $465,000 (only) without specifying why the gift was made or the purpose for the utilization of the funds. Birds of a feather, don’t you think?
Now hear the words of Presidential candidate and former Governor of Texas Rick Perry. Perry was asked whether a moratorium, at least, should be put in place for any further funding or gifting to Planned Parenthood. Perry answered:




Perry went onto say the following:


“Where is your common decency? Where is your understanding of right and wrong? Where is your morality?”


Planned Parenthood, decent? Planned Parenthood with any sense of right and wrong especially when it comes to killing? Planned Parenthood with morality, a strong sense of good and evil? None of the above. All about the parts for profit and the killing of babies. Don’t ever forget my fellow Americans that this all happens because YOU AND I PAID FOR IT. This is all a result of tax dollars at work, your monies and mine. Don’t ever forget that and don’t ever accept that.


Incidentally, there are federal laws against the harvesting of human body parts, CRIMINAL LAWS, which can result in large monetary fines and up to ten years in jail. You can bet your next Starbucks latte that will never happen, not to Cecile Richards and her ilk. Too well connected, too well protected by Obama and the Justice Department, by new Attorney General Lynch and after some talk and blabber, and a superficial investigation, nothing will happen as with Benghazi and Clinton, the IRS and Lerner, Eric Holder and Fast and Furious just to name three of the transparent and truthful happenings of our beloved Obama Administration.
Not only is the Komen Foundation a conspirator by giving to Planned Parenthood but so are 40, 40 of the largest United States companies for profit including Xerox, Ford and Coca-Cola. 40! Some claim they have been erroneously listed on Planned Parenthood’s website but none have denied that they have made no contributions to Planned Parenthood. 40! The names of those 40 companies have bene posted by Family Research Council and Tony Perkins on their website and you can access that if you wish to know who they are. Might be time to spend your money with their competitors, don’t you think? And there is another contributor, the March of Dimes. THE MARCH OF DIMES issued a statement which claimed they had no relation to the abortion giant. Then of course, they backtracked and admitted that five local chapters had indeed given money to Planned Parenthood. Incredible sleight of hand, is it not? We didn’t do it, we the central organization, but we turned a blind eye when five of our local chapters gave money to Planned Parenthood. America has become so sophisticated in lying and getting away with it, the spin, the politically correct things to say without accountability for there is no accountability. It might be time to reconsider any monies you may give to the March of Dimes, don’t you think?


The whole public posture of Planned Parenthood is truly pathetic. Even a cheerleader like Texas Monthly’s Erica Grieder, a longtime advocate of Planned Parenthood says the following:


“From a pro-life perspective, the discussion in the video is morally appalling, obviously. But I don’t think many pro-choice people would disagree.”


That, my fellow Americans is putting it mildly, don’t you think? By the way, have you seen the video? It went viral and you can readily find it under Planned Parenthood or you can get the information for viewing from the Family Research Council website. WATCH IT if you have a strong stomach.


Erica Grieder goes onto state:


“What Planned Parenthood is doing here violates the stated ethical principles of Planned Parenthood (?). When paramedics arrive at a car crash, they don’t treat injuries differently based on whether the injured person is an organ donor (as far as I know). Similarly, a physician providing an abortion should be focused on the care that they are providing to the actual patient in the room (the pregnant woman), not managing the surgical procedure with the view to minimizing CRUSHING that might inconvenience a researcher at some future date.”


CRUSHING. Do you get that? Imagine an eight month old baby in the womb, ready for life, a full bore human being taken out of that woman and CRUSHED by a physician, killed as long as the umbilical cord is attached and then cut up like an animal so that body parts can be harvested. That may be the most barbaric act of killing, barbaric butchery since the incredible killing fields of Nazi Germany. Six million Jews were slaughtered. Perhaps as many as a hundred million babies, human beings through the course of the years have been slaughtered in our very own America. But don’t forget, my fellow Americans, that this is all talk, typical American political talk, typical talk without action from the Obama Administration and our pro-abortion Christian President and I will bet you a baby’s crib that nothing criminal will happen to anyone, nothing. May I personally confess that I am as angry as I have ever been, frustrated by our once great country and its declining values and morals, and by this so-called President and his Administration which allows this to happen to our country, MY COUNTRY. I say unequivocally that Barack Hussein Obama is far and away the worst President that our great country has ever had to endure. Planned Parenthood, the lies, the deceit, the fraud in government will be his legacy and this great country will pay for years and years to come, and pay bigtime! Many say that Planned Parenthood and its abortion factories are shocking. I think they are typical of the new America, the one without traditional values or morals. I for one am not shocked but angry to the core. And you, what about you? Can you tolerate this, or this President and his Administration which allows this to happen through the funding of hundreds of millions of dollars? Can you?


By the way, that video recording which implicates Cecile Richards and her group Planned Parenthood is three hours long. You should watch it.
And that leaves Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council to state as follows:


“(Americans should be) wondering what kind of society we have become as so-called medical professional casually negotiate the price of baby parts over lunch. Most Americans would agree, scavenging baby body parts is inexcusable and morally reprehensible. And, it should not be underwritten with our tax dollars.”


It is sickening, is it not? And, by the way, my fellow Americans, you and I have paid for all of this. You can say in that sense that we are part of this new society for we sit back and let it happen without protest, demand or accountability. We let Obama and company take our monies and funnel it into Planned Parenthood and we do nothing. We support in our society this new CULTURE OF DEATHand we support specifically this killing machine, this abortion factory, this so-called Planned Un-Parenthood! We ought not to ask for the blessings of God but our prayer should be:




Incidentally, so many of the liberal-radical Democrats House and Senate, and otherwise who are criticizing the sting operation have never even seen the video. Typical Democrats, in so many ways, don’t you think? They are obviously the Pelosi Democrats, the ones who never read the Affordable Care Act when it was rammed down our throats, waiting to see how it works so they could know what was in it after they passed it. They would rather condemn the sting operation than deal with the underlying issues. But by contrast, hear the words of Speaker of the House John Boehner, Republican from Ohio who said the following:


“If you’ve seen this video, I don’t have to tell you how sickening it is. So rest assured that we’re (the House) going to get to the bottom of this and protect the values that we hold dear.”


High sounding words Speaker Boehner, now get off your political duff and DO SOMETHING. Like defund Planned Parenthood altogether, bring criminal charges against them, and find some way to restrict the unbridled discretion of Christian Barack Hussein Obama in the gifting of American taxpayers in the billions of dollars to groups like Planned Parenthood who support abortion and provide abortifacients. DO SOMETHING!
And you should do something. You should contact your senators and congresspersons and demand action. You should march, petition, threaten with your vote and otherwise say with every right-thinking American with true values and morals:




It is time now to harvest the bodies of the directors, leaders and decision makers of Planned Parenthood and fine them and put them in jail. Their acts are criminal which makes them criminals. Convict them and jail them and it should go without saying that our government, any government, federal, state or local should never give one last dime to this organization or any other like it. Giving money to killing machines makes you and me CONSPIRATORS in murder. Enough is enough.


Senators Grassley and Cru have demanded that the Department of Justice take action. They have indicated to Attorney General Lynch that they expect the Justice Department to provide them “with a description of any and all actions taken by the department to ensure compliance with the federal partial abortion ban.” I can only wonder how quickly that request will be ignored. By the way, have you ever seen a video of a partial birth abortion? It left me sickened and speechless. If you still think there is some justification for abortion of any kind under some circumstances, you should watch a video of this barbaric procedure and I guarantee it will change your mind. INFANTICIDE is a crime of which our entire society is guilty, and that includes YOU AND ME.


The liberal-radial-pro-abortion Democrats refuse to comment on the matter because they don’t want to give the story, get this:




What a play on words, is it not, what an analogy for a procedure that involves the crushing, THE CRUSHING of the thoraxes of babies. Can you ever imagine crushing the thorax of a helpless, brand new baby human being, can you? Even minority leader Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada (isn’t it nice not to hear from him or his name these days) admitted that the videos “raised questions.” Laughable, is it not? What are the questions, Mr. Reid, and more importantly what are the answers, your answers? Harvesting baby parts is CRIMINAL ACTIVITY! These men and women should go to jail, and for a very long time! I’ll bet you a baby bottle full of mother’s milk that will never happen.
Hear the words of Representative Sean Duffy, Republican from Wisconsin:


“For 30 years, Planned Parenthood has worked to dehumanize the babies that they have aborted, claiming that these little babies were just clumps of cells, just clumps of tissue. But through the recent videos that have come out, they have in essence admitted what we have known all along that these are actually little humans! These are little babies! These are the same babies that feel pain in the abortion!”


Right on, Representative Duffy. They are human. They do feel pain and they are precious God-given babies and we kill them. This Planned Parenthood said Representative Trent Franks, Republican from Arizona has been “blind to the dignity of humanity. They have always been at the forefront of the greatest human genocide in human history.” Indeed they have and we have got to stop them.


No matter how criminal, Planned Parenthood ignores the law and looks for better ways to get better body parts. That led one Planned Parenthood Executive to say that doctors should begin “using a less crunchy technique to get more whole specimens.” Doctors asked about the legality and this person replied:


“To me that’s kind of a specious little argument.”


In other words, the heck with the law. Do what’s profitable. And don’t forget the 40 American companies that have supported Planned Parenthood when you buy your next tube of toothpaste and your next automobile.


Disgusting, repulsive, revolting and sickening. Pro-choice is nothing more than a label for abortion, for killing babies. Pro-choice is epitomized by Planned Parenthood. Get on with the getting rid of Planned Parenthood and all like it, my fellow Americans. Enough is enough. You should hold Barack Hussein Obama, the professed Christian, accountable for Planned Parenthood, for abortion, for partial birth abortion especially, and for his and his Administration and agencies’ indifference and calloused disregard of human life, dignity and morality. Stop giving these killing machines our hard earned tax dollars. In fact, do away with them and where the law applies, charge these people criminally, convict them and jail them. Think about that the next time you pass an abortion clinic in your neighborhood. Think about what goes on there and what happens to the baby murdered, the harvesting of that baby’s body parts. May it sicken you to the point where you do something, DO SOMETHING!


Enough is enough. Stop the killing. The next time, mom, you look your sweet little baby in the eyes and hug her, think of the torture in the womb that little child could have endured in the womb of the wrong woman and think of your little baby divided up into parts and sold off. Maybe that will spur you to action.
I do hope and pray so. Knowing all this, I can not utter the words God Bless America. I can only say as a disgusted American:



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