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Don Crawford

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The Deep State-The Fourth State

There is a powerful FOURTH BRANCH of government.

This powerful fourth branch of government often goes unnoticed.

This fourth branch of government touches every aspect of the daily lives of WE THE PEOPLE. It affects healthcare, the cost of goods, what medicines we can access, how we consume our energy and even how we use our very own private property.

And, tragically, it has been generally accountable to no one, NO ONE!

This fourth branch of government is known as the:


It is what Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF), one great organization calls:

The out-of-control federal agencies that make and enforce rules without the approval of Congress, our elected representatives.”

This fourth state, this fourth branch of government, the federal agencies publish more than:

29,000 RULES

In the Federal Register. That computes to nearly 10 rules, 10 RULES every single day, every day 365 days per year, and these agencies did that every day for:


And, these very same agencies issued thousands upon thousands of so-called regulatory GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS and enforcement manuals that require behavior and conduct for our lives, again with the force of law, which were not even published in the federal register. 29,000 RULES IN THE FEDERAL REGISTER. Unbelievable.

More than 3,000 of these 29,000 regulations were labeled:


That is, rules and regulations which have significant economic and legal impact on our lives. 3,000 LIFE-CHANGING SIGNIFICANT RULES AND REGULATIONS FROM THIS FOURTH BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT:


And even worse, the federal agencies, largely under the influence of the President do their business and “legislate” with their rules and regulations without the knowledge or the oversight of Congress itself. These government agencies have been routinely bypassing Congress for 20 years! Again, these rules and regulations carry the weight of law as though Congress authorized them (which it did not) and go into effect without any of the checks and balances the Constitution requires.

These agencies, many of them are ROGUE agencies often with their secretaries ignoring Congress and authorizing on a daily basis a so-called FIFTH COLUMN of other rogue employees to do essentially what they think is right, politically driven, working often at the direction of the President of the United States. That is so in spite of the CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW ACT (CRA), passed by Congress and signed by then President Bill Clinton in 1996. That law clearly and unequivocally states that any rule or regulation published by a government agency MUST be submitted to Congress for approval BEFORE the rule can take effect. That also includes the regulatory guidance documents and policy manuals that the agencies have been UNLAWFULLY enforcing even though they don’t publish them. No matter the CRA, federal agencies continue to function independently and as they wish in so many ways.

Executive agencies have routinely disregarded these CRA requirements because of negligence, incompetence or simple sabotage. Congress does not know what happened until well after the fact. But the really interesting thing is that these rules and regulations are not LEGALLY BINDING. They are not enforceable and the American people are not bound to conduct their lives accordingly. That mattered not to Obama and his agencies who issued and enforced the illegal rules and regulations as they wished. Many of these regulations were done out of sight and opponents dub the Obama Administration’s 29,000 rules and regulations as the so-called MIDNIGHT REGULATIONS.

Issued at off-times without the knowledge of the public. Just another example of the deceit, the unlawful and unconstitutional actions of Obama and his ilk.

Hear this my fellow Americans. The so-called SIGNIFICANT rules and regulations have, each one of them, an economic impact of:


$100 million each! And so many have never been published in the federal register or approved by Congress and are therefore UNLAWFUL AND ILLEGAL! Unbelievable.

And now, more importantly, hear this. Federal regulations and intervention in the lives of we the people cost American consumers and businesses:

$1.9 TRILLION IN 2016

$1.9 TRILLION! And, when you add in the taxpayer dollars government agencies spend administering these regulations, the real total cost of the regulatory state reaches:

$1.963 TRILLION (2016)

The economic effect on every American family is disastrous. These federal regulations, $1.963 trillion of them, results in a hidden tax, a financial burden to every American family, every American household, every year in the amount of:


$15,000 per family! Unbelievable.

In 2016, Congress enacted 214 laws during the calendar year while at the same time, 3,853 rules were issued by agencies. That means that 18 rules were issued by these rogue agencies for every law enacted by Congress in the year 2016. The cost of these federal regulations are greater than the economies of all of the nations in the entire world with the exception of six. The administrative state with its federal regulations would then hypothetically be the world’s seventh largest economy! Unbelievable.

Once again, the real cost of the rules and regulations and enforcement proceedings of federal agencies, $1.963 trillion in 2016 exceeded, EXCEEDED every single tax dollar collected by the IRS from both individual and corporate income taxes in 2016! In short, all other expenses of our federal government, everything else was paid for by debt or secondary income sources. Federal regulations and their enforcement are by far, BY FAR the greatest single expense of the United States Federal Government. Don’t you find that absolutely unbelievable?

The 2016 Federal Register, the publication of legislation, rules and regulations by the federal government now contains the staggering sum of:

95,894 PAGES

Can you believe that? There is no human being on the face of this earth who has ever read those pages much less understood them. But they are the law, actual or de facto, and they are enforced by government, the courts and of course the agencies with dramatic and substantial effect on our lives. We the people pay in actual dollars and in life changes! We are controlled, more socialistic, perhaps even subject to soft dictatorship often without our knowledge or concern. America changes slowly but surely while we the people are asleep at the switch.

The cost of federal regulations surpasses every other household expense except housing. The cost of federal regulations cost more than what we the people spend on entertainment, transportation, clothing, food and healthcare. More than all of that! Federal regulations are the most expensive hidden tax on Americans, by far. Small wonder that the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) calls these often deceitful actions by federal agencies the:


And dark, illegal and unconstitutional it is!

An example. We all know about Lois Lerner and the IRS. Head of the IRS, Lerner did what she wished or rather what Obama wanted her to do, attacking conservative groups, auditing and harassing in political ways in so many ways unlawful and illegal. And the same for the EPA, following instructions from the White House, often issuing illegal rules and regulations all for the benefit of environmentalists and the GREEN PEOPLE. Just to name two for there are many, many more.

And the workforce of government at all levels, and especially federal, continues to grow. There are more career governmental workers than ever. They are often entrenched because of civil service protection which functions much like tenure in academia, making it virtually impossible to fire them or even lay them off. They can in some cases do as they please or as they are politically directed and the rogue state, the fourth branch of government in many ways as or more powerful than Congress, or the President, or even the judiciary in so many ways
rules our country and our very lives. These agency employees and workers are what one politico termed a:


Akin to even a fifth branch of government, working deep within one agency to carry out the politically driven agenda of that agency often without regard to any other agencies, the Congress or even the President. When they act, when rules and regulations are issued, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to counteract such action, even in some cases requiring the Supreme Court to rule in the matter. That means that in America there is what one writer has called a:


A benign form of dictatorship ever-growing and ever more powerful which again is probably the most impactful force in the lives of all Americans. So many of the rules and regulations issued are in no way cost effective. Congress employs what is termed as:


Of every rule and regulation to make certain that the reward, the just purpose of the regulation is economically feasible and consequently right for the American people. The majority of so-called significant or major rules and regulations are not! They are politically and philosophically driven championed by the President or party in power and of course subject to change if that political power itself changes.

In 2008, a Chicago community organizer, a first term-one year senator from Illinois promised Americans that:


That man meant radical, fundamental, constitutional and legal change in America. That man was determined to significantly grow the power of the presidency, find every way Constitutional or not to bypass Congress, operate and make decisions with a PEN AND PHONE, structure and invest these rogue agencies with unbelievable power and politically responsive leadership and through presidential orders and these incredible rules and regulations, all $1.963 trillion of them, radically and fundamentally change the American way of life, the Constitutional way of life. This man from Chicago did so very much of that, creating the most harmful change that America has ever experienced and more to come. It is virtually impossible to remove this fourth state, this fourth branch of government and the fifth column which exists in so many of these agencies. The Congress House and Senate would have to act in concert and there would need to be a President who would sign-off on legislation effectuating major change. That would be extremely difficult to accomplish, especially given the civil service protection these often rogue individuals have.

So, my fellow Americans, get accustomed to having your lives run by federal agencies. Get accustomed to the rules and regulations, significant or otherwise issued by them which control in virtually every way how WE THE PEOPLE live. You can credit or blame Trump, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and the Republican-controlled Senate all you wish for things not done right in America, or even the federal Judiciary and the Supreme Court for that matter. BUT, the real problem in America is:



It is often insidious, ever-growing and ever more powerful. These rogue agencies and civil servants cost you, your family and your household:

$15,000 ANNUALLY

Minimum. MINIMUM! Think about that carefully when you pay your next tax bill. America is changing, radically, and for the worse. Step up now, and support deregulation or your lives will forever be ruled by:


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