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Don Crawford

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The Deplorables

You remember that word, that infamous title, do you not:


That’s what Hillary Clinton, former Senator, Secretary of State and presidential candidate called WE THE PEOPLE. Or as someone else of that ilk called us, the unwashed masses. Plain old Americans good for little more than giving to candidates like Clinton and of course voting for her. Once the gifts were given and once the vote was in, then get out of the way and go away, all ye deplorables.

And that really is the attitude of so many politicians of all stripes and parties. They have little respect for the average American. They are elitists, thinking of themselves as above and better. Smarter. Part of a ruling class which deserves to rule and the America they want they demand that be the America WE THE PEOPLE want. Very few of our rulers are really representatives. Most will do anything to get elected, and of course make promises (lie), then off to Washington where day one they catch POTOMAC FEVER, sense the power in Washington D.C., become fully politicized, part of a party, led by one like Schumer, Pelosi or Trump and all the political promises made are buried in the bottom of the Potomac River. Harsh but true, unfortunately for democracy, for the once great republic America and for WE THE PEOPLE:


What seems to exist in America today is a growing and rabid environment of:


It seems as though even liberals, progressives and Democrats are intimidated to the point where they would not even consider voting other than Democrat. Toe the party line whether voter or politician. And even more so intimidation for the conservative and the Republican. If you are conservative or Republican, so many today are intimidated to go public with those sentiments, feelings, beliefs and perhaps most of all SPEECH. To post a Trump bumper sticker on a vehicle is to risk vandalism. To wear a Trump button or hat virtually guarantees verbal assault if not physical. To watch the unbelievable riots, vandalism and assaults to property and person occurring in America today drives so many of the timid Americans, the deplorables out of the marketplace, away from politics and the ultimate goal of all such is to do anything to keep these American deplorables away from the voting booth. And by and large, these satanic objectives succeed.

Are you intimidated? Are you afraid to go public in the public square? If you are a Trump supporter, are you in any way intimidated to let that be known whether by what you do, wear or say, are you? FEAR exists today on the part of so many Americans. We fear for our country, for the barbaric changes at work. The conservative, Christian and Republican fear what will happen to America if Democrats are elected, in the majority for House, Senate and of course the presidency. There will be a radical LURCH TO THE LEFT which will destroy our republic and lead us down the path of socialism and many fear even communism itself. Small wonder that the sale of guns and firearms are at an all time high. Look at what is happening in our cities to the police forces. They are ridiculed, the police are, threatened, assaulted and in some few cases killed solely for the reason that they are police. Defunding of the police forces occurs everywhere, whether small or large and even in cities and towns where defunding of the police is always proposed as any such budget is considered. And that is so even though, as a recent poll showed, more than 77% of all Americans do not want police departments defunded. And, we should call this to the attention of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, that same poll showed that 57% of all African Americans not only want no defunding of the police department, but even more protection, more police. They fear for their lives and their property if police protection is decreased. Tell that to such Mayors as Wheeler – Portland, Lightfoot – Chicago, Kenney – Philadelphia, de Blasio (ugh) – New York and so many others, and tell that to Governors like Cuomo – New York, Wolf – Pennsylvania, Murphy – New Jersey and so many other so called Governors. All such words would fall on deaf ears. In one real sense, all such politicians are INTIMIDATED just as so many of us WE THE PEOPLE are. They are bullied, pressured and even indirectly threatened by organizations like BLACK LIVES MATTER and they pursue what they term as so many do SOCIAL JUSTICE even though the way they pursue it may result in some small justice for some but not at all for others, the vast majority of American citizens. We live in a radical, changing, secular, violent world and country, do we not my fellow Americans? Don’t you agree? And as a result of all of this and so much more, are you:


Will you not vote, will you withdraw from the political process, will you throw your hands up and even as so many Christians say, leave it up to God when in so many ways God is leaving it up to you, will you? If you do and if you are, GOODBYE AMERICA, at least the America we now know and love.

Radicals and progressives count upon the vast majority of Americans, especially conservative Americans to remain as they think of us:


We really don’t care all that much about politics and now more than ever, millions of Americans don’t want to be involved, fully and completely intimidated. And that indifference seems to grow and it allows a much wider path for progressives toward power, prestige and political control. Are you one of those deplorables, indifferent? Have you withdrawn from the world of politics, sordid and nasty as it can be, leaving the fate of your once great country, your family, your children and grandchildren, your church and fellow Christians, or conservatives to these progressive – radical – violent BARBARIANS AT THE GATE, is that you? I pray not. Now, more than ever, you must be involved. YOU CANNOT BE INDIFFERENT!

They the radicals think of you as:


That is, ignorant of the:


The great political issues of the day. If they can control, these progressives, in the majority the House, Senate and see to the election of Biden, they know that they will forever control America and:


Their goal is socialism, and then many fear COMMUNISM. If they can control all aspects of government, including the packing of the Supreme Court, and the considerable agencies which now implement congressional rules and regulations, and refill the SWAMP, THEY will control America forever. That means YOU, the end of your freedoms, your liberty, and especially your right to freedom of religion, and speech, and press, and assembly and even petition. And of course, no guns. Surrender all such immediately. Goodbye America! Will you let that happen? You will by default if you don’t vote, and you will by voting if you don’t:


Or as Tony Perkins of Family Research Council has so well stated, if you don’t vote for issues in accordance with the standards of:


Do you intend to vote? Are you registered to vote? Will you encourage others to vote? If you love America, if you love your family, your spouse, your children or if you the children love your family and your parents, will you vote and vote right?


It is estimated that 25–30% of EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS do not vote, DO NOT VOTE! I find that stunning, shocking, totally surprising and sad, oh so sad. That Christians, so many of them, ordained and birthed by God to live in the greatest country, the greatest democracy in the history of mankind ignores their God-given responsibilities and fail to:


Are you one of them?

I say unequivocally and categorically that it is your:


to vote, to be involved in your democracy, to live out the calling and the personal placing which you have, fully God-given. If you love America, if you love your lifestyle, if you love freedom and liberty, then you must VOTE and you must vote right, and you must vote in accordance with the high standards of:


You must or:


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