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Don Crawford

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The Election

Next week, my fellow Americans:


It is here, finally, Election Week November 7.  We the people now takeover.  It is up to us.  For one brief shining moment, America at least to some extent is:


We decide if we wish to the election of thousands of our fellow citizens to govern.  Some will and others will seek to rule us.  Perhaps November 8 is the day, the only day when politicians really care about the American people.  We become largely irrelevant November 9 for they, the power-hungry, get what they want or not.  Either way, for them, we matter little thereafter.  But step-up my fellow Americans, and flex your political muscles for at least this one day and be proud, so very, very proud to be an American, a citizen of the greatest country in the world when you enter that voting booth.

It has for all Americans, as one pundit so well stated, been an unbelievable CIRCUS.  We have never seen political competition, primary voting, nominations, conventions and political sparring like we have 2016.  We watched with political fascination the candidacy of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders and at long last, some real competition to the vested and invested Hillary Rodham Clinton.  We have seen the further radicalization of the Democratic Party as a result of Sanders and his followers and the nomination of a flawed, deceitful and many think criminal candidate of the Democratic Party for President.  We have heard little or nothing about Benghazi, email scandals or a corrupt and probably illegal non-profit corporation.  When the Democratic Convention was held in Philadelphia, a billboard sign on a major highway read as follows:




And how true that is. The media has indeed had Hillary Rodham Clinton’s back, protected her, refused to deal with the issues surrounding her while she waltzed to the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party.

But the media had a field day with Donald Trump.  They saw him as crass, crude, bombastic even vulgar.  Media everywhere was anti-Trump including and especially the three major networks and their satellite interests.  The world knows about his alleged treatment of women, disrespect for things female without allegations of impropriety seemingly occurring daily whether true or not, reminding so many of Bill Clinton, and his affairs, and those who came forward including and especially Monica Lewinski when he was so very properly impeached.  The New York Times, once a most respected and objective newspaper, came after Trump with a vengeance, whether true or not.  Women surfaced from years ago claiming certain sexual assaults by Trump to the delight of THE TIMES.  It is a shame for me to see such a once great newspaper become a rag, muckraking, deceitful, biased, interested only in advocacy, anti-conservative and Christian in everywhere and determined biased as they are to do anything possible to see to the election of Hillary Clinton.  The New York Times is nothing but an embarrassment to any right-thinking American.

So we the people are left to get information, quality and objective information about the parties, the platforms, the politicians, the issues, the real issues that affect us and with which we are concerned from many different sources, including alternative media.  We deal with liable and slander.  We hear little but character assassination for both candidates.  We have never been able to understand the candidates thinking, platforms or promises with regard to the real issues of the day.  We are left with the conclusion that Hillary Clinton is surely leftist, highly progressive, potentially socialist, even radical in her thinking and will indeed move politics, platforms and the Democrats to the left or more.  It is difficult to understand exactly what Trump thinks and believes, and consequently what he will do if elected.  As a businessman, Trump has played politics for all it is worth, and so often for his benefit.  He has given to and support so many on both sides.  He has changed positions, vacillated in his thinking and sought his own brand of power, financial power and his own kind of fame known the country over for his famous words:


But each candidate Trump and Clinton stand behind rows of American flags, claim to be patriotic Americans and to really care for us when in fact so many Americans really believe neither one does.  Many think both Trump and Clinton are liars, unpredictable, self-serving and all about the power.  Perhaps they are.  BUT, one of them in January 2017 will in fact be our:


So, which one, my fellow Americans, which one?  Like the process or the candidates or not, you must, YOU MUST vote for the good of America.


The next President will appoint at least three new justices to the Supreme Court.  If Clinton is elected, the court will be liberal, even radical for years to come.  The average Supreme Court Justice serves 26 years.  The court will be liberal in nature with respect to all legislation and policy for the next three decades under Clinton.  Trump may very well appoint balanced, fair, even conservative justices who can keep the court balanced or mildly conservative.  Who do you wish to make that critical decision, Clinton or Trump?

The next President and the Supreme Court Justices appointed will deal with critical Constitutional issues including and especially FREEDOM OF RELIGION.  Countless cases will come before the Supreme Court.  The LGBT Agenda will be aggressively pursued.  Transgender issues including bathrooms among many others will war against all religions and all religious freedoms.  Clinton it seems has little or no concern for religious freedoms.  Trump promises to protect them and Christianity with them.  Who then my fellow Americans do you wish to make those critical decisions along with the Supreme Court he or she molds, Hillary Rodham Clinton, liberal and progressive, or Donald John Trump, centrist and perhaps mildly conservative?
The next President and the Supreme Court will deal with GUN OWNERSHIP RIGHTS.  The Second Amendment of the Constitution with regard to gun ownership can well be eviscerated with more regulations than ever, and perhaps even the potential, some think of the outright banning of the ownership of guns.  Clinton has no use for the Second Amendment and will do whatever she can to further restrict and regulate the use and ownership of guns.  If the Second Amendment matters to you, who should make those critical decisions, Trump or Clinton?

And then there is education.  Do we the people go further with COMMON CORE and even further control by the federal government, or do we return more to localism and education, protecting and preserving historical and traditional American views and principles of our history and educational values.  Clinton will champion far greater federal control whereas Trump will support localism, and in fact Trump has also pledged to be a strong supporter of school choice through voucher programs, something which would indeed aid and abet the inner city poor who many think desperately need to get their children out of failing schools and into those better run.  Who should make those critical education decisions my fellow Americans, Clinton or Trump?  And then there is FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  Now comes the onslaught of hate speech on the one hand and inciting violence on the other.  Such incendiary terminology can apply should one merely declare, as Scripture does, homosexuality as sin, or even oppose gay marriage.  The freedom to say such things will be gone.  That may also include a ban on the right to declare non-Christian religions false or untrue.  Islam claims that all other religions and adherence thereto are INFIDEL. Surely that would be Islamic hate speech, would it not?  And the Catholic Church declares itself to be the only ways and means to salvation.  Surely that would be incendiary and considered hate speech at the same time, don’t you think?  I think Clinton would think so.  Trump on the other hand has promised to protect free speech at all costs and without abridgement.  Trump has also pledged to repeal the 1954 Johnson Amendment and to restore the Freedom of Speech and the absolute right of pastors and other Christian leaders in the church to endorse candidates, platforms and take stands on issues.  So, who do you want in charge, my fellow Americans, making those critical Constitutional decisions when it comes to your right to free speech, Trump or Clinton?

And the economy.  Clinton has promised more taxes, many more taxes.  Trump has pledged to reduce taxes, modify and change the tax code and otherwise make certain that all things economic build our economy and employment with it.  Jobs are critical, especially for minorities.  Do you want Trump to make those economic decisions or Clinton?

National security and foreign policy.  Our military has been weakened. We need considerable investment in our armed forces, especially with respect to nuclear capability and the defense of this great country against nuclear attack.  We need to energize our military which has become so very politically correct in many ways.  We need more aggression and more positioning of America as a leader in the world community rather than a follower.  Clinton says little or nothing about Israel, our Democratic ally in the Middle East, while Trump has vowed to protect and defend this great little country.  So, for you, is it Trump or Clinton making these decisions.

One of Hillary Rodham Clinton or Donald John Trump will be the President of the United States in January 2017.  Which one, my fellow Americans will be your President?  Some think it to be the waste of a vote to in fact vote for a third party candidate.  A vote for a green party candidate would be a vote taken away from Clinton, while one for libertarian would be a vote taken away from Trump.  The power of the vote many think should be used where it has the most impact.  Think about that when you vote, my fellow Americans.

And you will vote, will you not?
You must, YOU MUST, vote for the best candidate, either Clinton or Trump.

In the words of Bob Dutko, a stalwart CBC conservative spokesperson:


Dutko concludes that Trump will do more things right for conservatives and Christians than Clinton so says Dutko:


There are for him and others qualities, decision-making ability and promises in behalf of Donald Trump which trump Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  Dutko and so many others think we should vote for Donald Trump.  Although Trump is far from perfect, perhaps indeed he is the better of the two candidates, at least for conservatives and Christians.

Every Presidential candidate and every President in fact has been far from perfect in any number of ways.  Some better than others but all have compromised, fallen short and failed in key ways to do what was promised.  Like it or not, you will have an America in large part through the decision making of Donald John Trump or Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Your choice, my fellow Americans, your call, your vote.

And you will vote, will you not?  You must, YOU MUST VOTE!  America needs your vote now more than ever.  Count it as both privilege and duty to vote for the candidates you think are RIGHT for America.

Thank you for listening, and for voting, and God bless you!

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