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The Elites


And, name it she did, the words of former Democratic nominee for President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Presidential candidate Clinton was referring to those who were stupid enough to vote for Donald John Trump for President of the United States. If you did vote for Trump, you were deplorable, you were racist, you were sexist, you were homophobic, you were xenophobic, you were Islamophobic, and you were much more said the learned Mrs. Clinton. She was, as one commentator so aptly stated, simply following IDENTITY POLITICS to its logical conclusion. As yet another commentator stated, no wonder she lost!

Reminds me of the words of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s predecessor Barack Hussein Obama. Then candidate for President Obama accused middle America, so-called small towners, average Americans of clinging to their guns and Bibles, guns and religion. In short, Obama then, in 2008 and Clinton now, in 2016 had nothing but disdain for ordinary Americans, you know we the Deplorables, or yet another Clinton phrase for us:


And that, my fellow Americans is what elitism is, what elites are. Better than us. Smarter than us. Above us. The only ones capable of ruling us and telling us how to live our lives. In this case, a political class born to govern, determined to control our country and us with it.

And back to former President Barack Hussein Obama. One of Obama’s crafters of the disastrous ObamaCare Jonathan Gruber told all of America that the passage of ObamaCare was easy to accomplish because of the:


Stupid are we, my fellow Americans or at least we were in 2008. The disrespect for the American voter, for the average American, for you and me was rampant top to bottom in the Obama Administration and of course, in that man himself. And the disease of disrespect and disdain was just as infectious in Hillary Rodham Clinton. We are, in the minds of these elites, these who are better-than-us IRREDEEMABLE, contemptible, end of the matter.

Small wonder that the Democrats and the Democratic Party has changed so radically, so progressively that it is no longer relevant in so much of America. Their views, principles and objectives are incredibly extreme. Democrats are seen as radical agents of change, aggressive change, anti-American change, unconstitutional change. They seem to have little respect for the Rule of Law, for tradition, for religion, for values and morality. Rules are for little people and so many truly believe that they can do as they please without legal consequences. Like Mrs. Clinton and her email scandals, the law was clearly broken and any number of times, the rationalizations of former FBI Director Comey notwithstanding, and of course Clinton got away with it. Those actions were felonious and she, like any other ordinary American citizen, could have and should have gone to jail for 20 years or more for what she did. But nothing happened, like with Eric Holder, or Lois Lerner and more, and
THE ELITES, marching to the beat of a different drummer lived life lofty and above and indifferent to the rest of us.

But at least there is some awareness of this Democratic-elitist-radical progressive CONTEMPT FOR AVERAGE AMERICANS. There now is a plea on the part of at least some Democrats for:


One writer stated the following:

Elitism is liberalism’s biggest problem.”

Even the New York Times writer Joan Williams stated the following:

The dumb politics of elite condescension.”

Looking down on average Americans, as these elites do, and seeing them with guns,

and religion, and football, and no more. Perhaps, Williams implied, that if elites consider American voters stupid, they themselves are dumb and victims of their very own DUMB POLITICS, and even another elitist statement. Get this my fellow, stupid American voters:


Can you believe that? In short, elitists really don’t know how to talk to the white working class, whoever they are without appearing condescending, disrespectful, without looking down on them. Not knowing how to communicate without condescending and not knowing how to hide their contempt. Since most of these elitist individuals are Democrats, sounds good for the Republicans, does it not?

One of the biggest problems these elites have is the fact that they simply can not accept the Presidential victory of Donald John Trump. They continue to be stunned, sickened as one elitist stated at the thought of having to deal with Trump for all of four miserable years. Trump in their view is the leader of all of the American mediocrities, the average Joe, the beer drinking, dirt under the fingernails hardworking men and women, the backbone of America. As one writer stated, elites still find it somewhat inconceivable that so many middle Americans continue to, ready for this:


Wow, how stupid is that. And, so many of the non-elites are Republicans. Wow, again. And, the coup de gras:

These average middle Americans actually salute the flag, honor the Star Spangled Banner and respect traditional America!”

Wow, and wow again. Foreign language and conduct to the progressive elites of this world.

And these elites, these super and above us human beings, actually do believe that the vast majority, the masses are in fact stupid. One of them actually made this statement about the average American. They are, he said:


Low information folks, you stupid average American voter. You and we are perceived by them as not just stupid, but without fact, information, failing to understand the superior wisdom, points of view and beliefs of the elites of this world. So that, if they the elites could actually communicate to you, you would be persuaded, you would vote Democrat, you would become a low level progressive, even a radical and the bottom line is:


One writer made this very astute statement about progressives and what he called the progressive dilemma. He stated about Democrats, the progressive-radical kind that:

Contempt is baked into the identity politics that defines today’s Democratic Party!”

The contempt, born just before and during the eight years of Obama, and when Clinton determined to carryon, is a fundamental, core BAKED INTO problem of the Democratic Party and in fact defines it. It is for this writer incurable, so that it must be camouflaged, softened, TONED-DOWN as these elitist Democrats attempt to communicate with the average American voter and of course persuade them. I for one think that will never happen for the American voter is far smarter than elites give credit, far smarter, instinctive and knowledgeable about the issues and especially the condescending ELITISM of the Democratic Party. The elitism of a Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Franken, and of course Bernie Sanders, and even Hillary Clinton however marginal she may be today in her very own party. These elitists will never be able to do anything but look down on, disrespect and have contempt for:


The so-called identity politics of the elites transforms those on the other side of the argument, those average Americans who are prolife, respect the military, work hard for a living, go to church, are perhaps anti-abortion and so much else, all on the other side of elitism, transforming them from political opponents worthy of dialogue (not) into OPPRESSORS. In short, non-elites are treated as bigots whose retrograde views mean they really have no rights, at least in the minds of elites. So that, when the Supreme Court unilaterally imposes gay marriage on the entire nation, a baker who does not want to cater a gay reception must not only be confronted as wrong, but, as an OPPRESSOR must be financially ruined! In short, that baker really has no rights and complete ruination is the only remedy. And that really is the way it is with these radical progressives.

If you are not progressive, then you are the enemy. If you do not hew to the rules and regulations of progressive orthodoxy, then you are an oppressor and you should be totally oppressed. This hostile, contemptuous dynamic is most visible on college campuses where identity politics is also most virulent. Witness the mob action at Middlebury College. Witness the constant mob activity of the student mobs at UC Berkley, America’s hotbed for radicalism. And then there was the mob activity at a small school EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE, a small public liberal arts institution which few have heard of. Professor Brett Weinstein had taught biology at this college for some 14 years. This year, an angry mob of about 50 students disrupted his class, called him a racist and demanded that he resign. Weinstein was labeled a racist because he protested what had been organized as a DAY OF ABSENCE in which white people were asked to leave campus on a certain day.

Hear the language of the mob:

White students, staff and faculty will be invited to leave the campus for the day’s activities.”

Can you believe that? Obviously, Professor Weinstein was deeply offended and protested. And of course, he was immediately labeled racist by some 50 yelling, screaming, mob-like students. But at least this good professor stood up, did not capitulate to this mob, or the feckless university and its administration, refused to resign no matter threats to his safety and challenged the absurd, radical actions of the campus mob. Would that many other colleges and campuses would do the same, standing up to these radical elites and their contemptuous behavior. So many of today’s elites live and work in academia. Small wonder that our colleges and universities produce a new generation of radicals so contemptuous of the old America and traditional Americans. And so we live, my fellow Americans, not in the united but in the:


The writer William McGurn, writing for the Wall Street Journal stated about the elites, the Democratic Party and their resistance and opposition as follows:

The great irony here is that this (contemptuous elitism) has left Democrats increasingly choosing undemocratic means to get what they want.”

McGurn refers by illustration to Obama who loudly boasted that he would get what he wants by simply using his PEN AND PHONE to bypass Congress. And that the Democrats would use the legal system, and especially the Supreme Court in preference to the legislature or Congress again to get what they want, to make as McGurn says, “an end run around the Constitution.” And McGurn concludes with the following:

The modern American progressive has no faith in the Democratic process because he has no trust in the American people.”

And that, my fellow Americans is in fact what so many elitists in the Democratic Party think of you and me, the average American voter:


So, the Democrats, those who lead the party, the elites may never learn how to communicate with middle America. They simply can not talk to us without addressing their very own identity politics. They continue to hopelessly divide us, allow us no dialogue, show average voters no respect, and oppose and threaten rather than discuss and debate. It is for them their way or the highway. And so it is for the rest of us, no recourse but to resist and defend, even aggressively defend the way of life in which we believe. The elites, the radical-progressives are really dangerous to America. And that is especially so, as writer William McGurn has so well stated that the primary premise of the Democratic Party:

Starts from the premise that the Americans they are condescending to will remain too stupid to figure it out!”

But, I have never met an American too stupid to figure things out, have you? In fact, most Americans have more sense, commonsense than any elite, radical-progressive I have ever met. I for one trust the American people, the intelligence of the average American voter and I do not believe that the radical progressives, the elitists can run them over or run them out of politics. Those stupid voters had enough of the man with the pen and the phone and the woman with the email scandals and voted for Trump. Perhaps someday, the elitist Democrats will learn the lesson of the Trump election. And that is that the American voters would take a man like Trump over an elitist, deplorable, irredeemable, condescending candidate for President Hillary Clinton!

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