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Don Crawford

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The Equality Act – Part 2

Perhaps the proudest and certainly one of the most difficult often extremely painful events in a woman’s life is becoming a mother.

Childbirth is a beautiful thing, God given, the fundamental and basic act of creation. Nine months after conception, when human life begins, there comes among us this new human being whom God intended. We are blessed, says the doctor with the birth of a new baby boy or girl. The mother and the father are ecstatic, or should be. A biological boy or girl comes into the world, thank God.

No matter what God intended, man kind or perhaps more rightly so woman kind intends to change that. Sex at birth is boy or girl, male or female, the biology of the infant. But the Pelosi, radical – progressive Equality Act seeks to change all that. This vicious, aggressive new proposed law replaces sex with gender identity.

If this monstrosity ever becomes law, any individual can claim a new sexual orientation and more importantly, a brand new gender identity. Boy becomes girl and girl becomes boy, so he or she says. When any individual determines to change sex, no matter the biology, this new law allows that to happen and even worse, this new claimant interpretation becomes a:


The boy no matter the biology is now girl, so says the law.

This brutal, incredibly naïve and stupid legislation would require churches, religious schools and other faith-based nonprofit organizations to abide by the newly framed Civil Rights Act (The Equality Act) and this law would make no exemptions for religious institutions. Whatever is required of the secular world, the religious world would have to comply no matter the tenets of the faith. Judaism in the Torah condemns the unnatural, homosexuality. And so does Christianity in the writings of the Apostles and especially Paul. And so does Islam. The unnatural includes the transgender and all faith-based institutions, including churches would be required not only to recognize this new sexual orthodoxy, but actually endorse it. Imagine, my fellow Christians, going to church and hearing your Pastor, from the pulpit, endorsing and even encouraging TRANSGENDERISM because this law so requires. Would you stand for that? Would your Pastor, your religious leaders capitulate, compromise and cooperate with this new orthodoxy? They would, my fellow Americans, be required to do so or they could be fined, otherwise punished or even in extreme circumstances sent to jail. And this is a DEMOCRAT CREATION, a product of the now fully radicalized Democratic Party extreme, anti-traditional America and its conservative, patriotic and religious values and determined to change it at the core. How, I ask, can any Christian, real Christian, Jew, real Torah believing Jew, or Muslim, following the tenets of the Quran vote democratic and allow this to happen. HOW?

There is irony here. So often, Christians and Jews have been polarized, antagonistic. Both religions have very often been antagonistic to Islam. But this Equality Act if ever passed could serve to make these three religions EQUAL in their opposition to the Act and its enforcement. If right thinking Christians, Jews and Muslims banded together for the protection of faith-based institutions, and the rights of religion generally, what an unbelievably powerful force that would be. God the Father, God Jehovah and the Allah, though so very different in so many ways, would triumph over radical atheism and human arrogance.

Right thinking Congress knew something like the Equality Act might happen. It therefore passed the RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT (RFRA) which, no matter judicial interpretations or subsequent legislation, would fully protect the rights and freedoms of religious organizations and entities, including and especially churches and synagogues. But this EQUALITY ACT would completely do away with, TOTALLY INVALIDATE this protective Act and the religious freedoms it sought to protect would have none of those protections going forward. Not only would freedom of religion, guaranteed by the first amendment be done away with, but so would freedom of speech, press and assembly which are in any way associated with the propagation and preaching of anything religious. My fellow Christians, if you ever needed a wake up call, THE EQUALITY ACT IS IN FACT THAT ALARM CLOCK! Wake up and stand up, stand up to these radical democrats and not only do away with this Evil Act, but do away with the democrats who proposed it! You can do that in November 2020.

THE EQUALITY ACT comes in full force against parents and parental rights. Parents now think in terms of their rights to make choices for their children on questions of sexuality or gender, including medical treatments. But, those rights would be essentially done away with, superseded by federal civil rights codes. Parents would be required to do what the law says no matter their values, religious beliefs or personal preferences. More so, this vicious law would also strip parents of their rights to raise and educate THEIR OWN CHILDREN if their personal beliefs in any way contradicted these new governmental mandates. The new village to raise a child would be the federal government of the United States of America. GOD HELP US! Again, I ask, how can any thinking, moral, caring person especially parent ever vote for these democrats who vote for this law. HOW?

Listen ladies to what this Act would require of you. Male–bodied transgender women would have rights to women’s private spaces. That would mean that transgendered men, declaring their new gender identity to be female, would have the right to enter women’s bathrooms. So called transgendered men would have the same rights to the personal privacy which a woman expects using a ladies room. Transgendered men would be put in the same cells as women. They would be housed in homeless shelters with women. And the same with hospital rooms. And college dorms. And elder care facilities. And sports leagues and locker rooms!

And that lead Martina Navratilova, a self-declared liberal and gay to come out in open and aggressive defiance of this Evil Act. Navratilova, one of the greatest female tennis players of all time, having won Grand Slam tennis tournaments 18 times to say the following of this new transgender law:

It’s insane and its cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers. But I would not be happy to compete against her. IT WOULD NOT BE FAIR.”

In short, competition would not be equal no matter the Equality Act. If the Equality Act passes, males will have the right to compete against females, an atrocity that even the most liberal women and feminist reject. This Equality Act would make strange bedfellows of people of faith, and more so, would unite right thinking women against not only the Act itself, but the democrats who seek to pass it. It will be interesting to see how these potentially new alliances will vote in 2020. I wonder even more how any thinking person could vote Democrat.

Hospitals and insurance companies will be required to provide costly sex – reassignment therapies (transgender surgeries). Employers who refuse to conform run the risk of losing their businesses. They can be sued, fined or even punished criminally. Workers who do not conform to the new sexual orthodoxy would very well lose their jobs. Bakers, florists, photographers, videographers, web designers, wedding venue owners and public officials who believe in TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE would be targeted. All would no longer have the rights of freedom of religion. The Act would require faith-based adoption agencies to conform. If not, done and gone.

Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors would be coerced and threatened so as to be required to abide by this new sexual orthodoxy. And get this, my fellow Americans. We the people who fail to use transgender pronouns would be subject to fines or firing, or even imprisonment. In short, our speech would be curtailed and if we dare use the wrong pronoun to describe anyone covered by this Act, the penalties could be severe.

AND, this new sexual orthodoxy would be mandated into the curricula of all educational institutions from preschool to post grad. Teaching these new sexual norms and standards would not only be tolerated but REQUIRED. They would change courses in biology and science and become the core of courses in philosophy and religion. Can you believe this my fellow Americans, can you? Whether or not you agree, you do in fact endorse THE EQUALITY ACT and all of its inequalities if you vote Democrat. You should do anything possible to do away with this Evil Act and the AUTHORS of this Act, the democrats. The fight is on and you either fight the fight of faith or compromise. We will see the character of America or the lack thereof in 2020.

Faith-based institutions including churches, nonprofits and even private institutions and businesses would have no protections whatsoever in HIRING EMPLOYEES. There would be no right to hire people who adhere to their biblical, moral or character principles. In actuality, the Equality Act would require such entities to hire those who do not believe in their principles or statements of faith, utterly eviscerating the core and character of the institution. Can you imagine the effect of this Act on churches and Pastors? You should make certain that your Pastor understands the vicious and evil potentiality of THE EQUALITY ACT and stands up against it in the pulpit and otherwise. And that includes the Catholic church which shuns politics in the church and from the pulpit, and perhaps rightly so. But, not in this case. This church should stand up as aggressively as a church and not some part of it and loudly protest for this Act if passed would destroy so much of the character, core and quality of the Roman Catholic church.

Oh, and by the way, a woman (are you listening ladies) would have no right to have a person of the same sex conduct SECURITY BODY SEARCHES at airports and otherwise. How would you, a lady who believes in the privacy of her body, feel if a supposed security man feels your body conducting a so-called security search. How would you feel? What a world.

By the way, private insurance companies would be forced to cover transgender surgeries and treatments WITH NO EXEMPTIONS. If you wanted, boy to girl, you can get it free of charge on the insurance company’s nickel. I wonder what AIG, Liberty, Chubb, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and so many others think about this new requirement and expense. I wonder if they will contribute to the Democratic party and its candidates in 2020!

Imagine how much fun the media will have with this new Act. If passed, the already radicalized and progressive media would have no limits in its exposure and coverage. Corporations in their board rooms, and among stock holders would be required to embrace and endorse the new sexual orthodoxy and perhaps, at least indirectly be forced to contribute to the destruction of American and Christian values. If, in 2020, the democrats maintain control of the House of Representatives, and win the majority in the Senate, and win the presidency:


as we have known it. Goodbye forever to the freedoms of our beloved constitution which we have enjoyed for almost two and one half centuries. How can any thinking, caring, faith-based individual vote for these radical, progressive democrats who propose this vicious evil INEQUALITY ACT. HOW? Will you?

Andrew Walker, Professor of Christian Ethics and Apologetics at THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY warned that people of faith must oppose the Equality Act:

or else, with the stroke of a pen, pillars of human history – the ideas that marriage is a complementary union of a man and a woman, and that male and female are immutable, biological realities – would be thrown into the dustbin of history.”

I pray you stand up my fellow Americans even if you are not a person of faith. There is nothing equal in this Act but only evil in destruction coming from the minds and hearts of politicians who are just like the Act they propose. There is only one real and conclusive remedy:


Vote these democrats out of office in 2020 and anyone for that matter who believes in or votes for this Act or anything like it. The future of America depends upon it! America is your country, my country. Protect it or lose it!

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