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Don Crawford

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The Evangelical Pastors – Continued

Along with this new WOKE – Progressive – Liberal – Secular heresy is the concomitant rise of:




The churches, the Pastors do not encourage parishioners, hungry Christians to read, study and learn scriptures on their own. So many of the once great seminaries have been LIBERALIZED, reinterpreting and doing away with much of the bible. Sadly, many Christian colleges and universities, so called, have also been liberalized and professors do not read or study scriptures themselves and consequently do not encourage other to do so. What a tragedy indeed.


So, how much time do you spend reading, actually reading the bible, the holy word of God? All by yourself, or in small study groups where you can really listen, learn and be heard. Separate and apart from church, Christian television or radio, you and you alone with the holy word of God as interpreted by the Holy Spirit of God. How much time daily, weekly, and monthly do you spend:




If you don’t know the word of God, you will fall prey to virtually anything or anyone, including and especially false Prophets and teachers of the last days and their WOKE, heretical ideas, interpretation and eliminations of the holy word of God. You and I, and our biblical LITERACY are the major checks – and – balances against this progressive WOKEISM of these apostate evangelical Pastors.


Many of these so-called evangelical Pastors, says George Barna, do not have a regular spiritual routine. There is no regular regimen of bible reading, prayer, worship of God or confession to Him, none. In fact, 1/3 of all such wrong thinking and believing Pastors do not read the bible during a typical week. I find that incredible. They are, as a result says Barna, spiritually weak and ineffective. Not to mention wrong and apostate.


Thankfully, there are those in the pulpit who are strong, REAL EVANGELICALS, real bible believers and they are the hope, the leaders of truth and love in this ever growing secular age. They are the antidote to the false teachers which seem to occur everywhere.


Even though the Barna survey found that only 37% of clergy (1,000 Pastors) have a biblical world view, those Pastors of non-denominational and independent Protestant churches scored the highest for upholding biblical beliefs, bible truisms and world view. I wonder if you attend and worship in one such church?


Those apostate Pastors, some 2 out 5 so called evangelicals, have become:




I do hope and pray that we the people, we who believe in the truth, that absolute truth of scripture and the saving grace in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ remain more than ever faithful:




Stand up, my fellow Christians for that WORD, its truth, it and it alone no matter the cost in secular society. Even if that means confronting your Pastor or other Christian leaders, do so. God will reward you, strengthen you and even as is promised, give you the words to speak in your:




Pray for them, apostate leaders, but confront them as Paul did to Peter. Redefine what it means to be EVANGELICAL, assuming that really matters. If you are a person of the word, a true believer in Jesus Christ, him alone as God’s gift of salvation, that is the straight and narrow which leads to eternal life. Stay away from the WOKE, Progressive, work pathway which is:




May God bless you, my fellow Christians as you stay:



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