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Don Crawford

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The Fight for Freedom

Once upon a time, America was a two–party system.


There were Democrats and there were Republicans. They differed in philosophy and policy, sometimes significantly. But each was fully American, essentially Constitutional in belief and above all, in freedom, in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which the Constitution promised. There were, to be sure, other parties, such as Libertarian, even at one time the Communist Party in America (unbelievable), but they amounted to little other than to take votes from either Democrat or Republican. At the bottom line, America was exceptional to all, individually and politically and, whatever our problems, it was a blessing to live here.


But not so today. We the People, once indivisible in the pursuit of liberty and justice for all, now are deeply divided, we are angry, defensive, distressful and so often suspicious of anyone who believes differently than we do. There is no common ground, there is no reasonable compromise on issues that can be compromised, and the foundation of our beliefs, once the Judeo–Christian moral foundation, is highly eroded or even nonexistent. We are a Country at risk, of people seemingly becoming unpatriotic by the day with loud leaders moving our Country towards socialism and worse, accumulating massive debt which will in time destroy our economy and doing virtually everything possible to eviscerate law and order.


We are a Country ruled by Democrats, the party which controls the Presidency, the House of Representatives and the Senate with a Vice–Presidential vote. The Democratic party controls the media, Hollywood, and academia. The voice of the conservative is hardly heard. The loud liberal voice of today began in 1988, the last year of the Reagan Presidency resulting in the election of Clinton. Even though the Republicans were able to elect George Bush and him for eight years, Bush was never really a true conservative nor Republican and in came Barack Obama, the loudest liberal–progressive voice in American history. America rebelled and elected Trump. Those four Trump years provided a respite from the liberal onslaught. Many feel that Trump would have been reelected in 2020 were it not for his abrasive personality. But, now Biden and back to the progressive, aggressively liberal agenda of the Democrats with socialistic leanings, policy largely formulated by George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, the so–called squad (four women) in Congress and others like–minded. They run the Country. They are determined to change what America is, or even destroy some or much of it. They seem angry, hateful and of course, there is no political dialogue. What a tragedy for our great Country and WE THE PEOPLE.


A truly serious political problem today is the lack of an aggressive Republican Party. The Republicans, once to be counted upon as reasonably conservative, Constitutional to the core, law and order have now become for the most part what many regard as RINO:




The party seems to be at best centrist, willing to compromise or at least not willing to fight for real Republican conservative principle. The party seems leaderless in both House and Senate, without a real legislative agenda, the exact opposite of the Democrats. Democrats appear to fight and disagree, but always unite when it matters. Republicans can fight, disagree but seem not to unite when it really matters. There is McConnell in the Senate, McCarthy in the House and Trump seemingly waiting in the shadows for another chance. Otherwise, with the exception of a strong Governor here or there, there is no real conservative, Republican leadership who can unite the party, formulate its policy and platforms and take that aggressive, conservative position to the American people.


EXCEPT ONE. And, that one is:




The New York post describes Governor DeSantis, a strong Republican, as AMERICA’S SHADOW PRESIDENT. As Governor of America’s third most populous state, DeSantis has done an excellent job of creating contrasts between his political way, the way he governs the state of Florida and that of the Biden–Harris administration on the federal level. The Governor opposed lockdowns, so much so that the opposition fearing his growing power and influence, actually called DeSantis a “murderer”. But even in the midst of COVID, the SUNSHINE STATE fared so much better than lockdown–heavy states like California and New York. That was so not only economically but also with regard to COVID. So much so that there has been an absolutely unbelievable influx of people from other states as a result of COVID policies, lack of law and order, defunding the police, constantly changing COVID policies and perhaps above all, rising, never–ending taxation policies. Many predict that Florida will become America’s most populous state, largely as a result of its political environment and the governance of Ron DeSantis.


The Governor has opposed mandatory masking policies, deferring to leave such requirements to businesses, schools and local authorities. Florida is a very fair state with regard to taxation. There is no income tax. Sales tax rates are reasonable. Law and order is real and enforced. Business and economic growth are fully encouraged. That is especially so with regard to small business encouraged by DeSantis at every turn. Many think that this shadow Republican President shows the spirit and the substance of what a real true Republican President would be and they view him as a very prime candidate for President in 2024. Small wonder that Democrats and the media which this party controls tries harder everyday to take DeSantis down. They do everything possible to smear him, tarnish his reputation and attack his policies.


But Ron DeSantis is a man of character, principle and courage. He resists. He will not compromise. His beliefs are firm and he may well be the best conservative representative of any so–called Republican leader in this Country. The Florida economy is exploding. Real estate values have never been higher. People come from every part of this nation to live in this great state. They do so largely because of what Republican Governor DeSantis has created, the new and better Florida, an exciting, opportunistic, reasonably safe place to live without compromise or radical change.


DeSantis is young (40s), veteran, openly conservative and a passionate American. Ron DeSantis seems to be the exact kind of candidate for President which the real Republican party needs. Ron DeSantis is the very kind of President which our beloved America desperately needs. He would, like Trump, put an end to the socialist trend. A DeSantis administration would protect our freedoms and our beloved Constitution far more than the Biden administration will. Keep an eye on this man. Watch what he does and how Florida prospers. In 2024, Governor Ron DeSantis may well become President Ron DeSantis.

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