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Don Crawford

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The First 100 Days

The first 100 days in office, as President, as the most important decision maker in the world of:


So, now comes our 45th President having made promises to WE THE PEOPLE, lots of them, to CHANGE BACK America in his first 100 days in office and to begin the process immediately of:


May it be so.

Mr. Trump has promised to:


Of Washington, D.C., to do away with bureaucracy, red tape, corruption, bribes, untruth and immorality, special interests, pork, delay and inaction, TERRIBLE LEGISLATIVE DELAY AND INACTION, and no matter the personal attacks on his very own character, refurbish, restore and reinvigorate the American character, lifestyle and:


May it be so.  It better be so.

Trump has pledged six measures to clean-up the corruption and special interest collusions in Washington, D.C.

First, Trump will propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose TERM LIMITS on all members of Congress.  Nothing in my view would do more to change the political landscape of America than that.  Perhaps two six year terms for senators and six two year terms for members of Congress.  Twelve and gone, four more than the President of the United States.  Make that promise happen, Mr. Trump.  We the people will require it.

Secondly, Trump intends to reduce the size of government and proposes a hiring freeze on all federal employees and to reduce the federal workforce through attrition while at the same time maintaining the strength and numbers of the military, public safety and public health employees, good exemptions.  The federal government has skyrocketed in size.  It is bloated, duplicative, overlapping and inefficient.  The reduction of the size and consequently the influence of the federal government would produce enormous and constructive change for America.  Change it back, Mr. Trump as you have promised.  We hold you to it.

Thirdly, Trump proposes to deregulate (oh, may it be so).  The new President would require that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated.  Nothing sounds better to me than a two for one swap.  There are now hundreds of thousands of regulations in the federal register, issued by the agencies, and forced to the letter of the law, strangling American lifestyle, and our economy.  Deregulation must occur for America to grow great again.  Two for one, Mr. Trump.  We hold you responsible for that.  We the people do.

Fourthly, Trump proposes a five year ban on White House and congressional officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service.  In short, no undue influence by those who had power trying to influence those now in power.  Special interests and the lobbyists which accompany those interests (and are highly paid by them) produce legislation which by and large ignores what is right for the majority of Americans.  If term limits move politicians away from power, then those very same politicians should not indirectly exercise those powers through lobbying and championing special interests. Make it happen, Mr. Trump, make it happen. WE THE PEOPLE HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE.

Fifthly, Trump proposes a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. LIFETIME.  Recall how special interests foreign and domestic influence the Clintons and their corrupt foundation, contributing to that foundation (bribing them) to gain favor in Washington for foreign governments.  And recall how Clinton sold-out American uranium interests to Russia no less, an act of sabotage which some call treason.  Ban them forever, a lifetime under the threat of strong criminal sanctions. Make it happen, Mr. Trump.

Sixth, Trump proposes a complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections.  Like Soros, like China, like anyone not truly America or with its interests at heart raising money for un-American influence.  Amen to that.  Make it happen, Mr. Trump, make it happen.  WE THE PEOPLE HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE.

In his next set of promises to the American people (seven of them), newly elected President Donald Trump proposes what he calls concrete and certain actions to protect American workers.

First, Trump proposes an intention to renegotiate NAFTA.  He finds those terms onerous and restrictive with regard to American workers.  In the event the NAFTA Treaty can not be renegotiated, Trump proposes the American withdrawal from the deal under Article 2205 of the Treaty, championing the consequent changes involved.  Make it happen, Mr. Trump, make it happen.

Secondly, Trump has said that he will exercise his executive authority to cause America to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific partnership.  Such a partnership, Trump thinks, is not good for the American economy and especially not good for the American workers.  Out we go, he says, and in comes all new foreign relationships, economic and otherwise.  Some think that is not good for America.  Others think such a move would cause America to change back in fundamental economic ways.  If you believe that is right for America, Mr. Trump, MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Do what you promised.

Thirdly, Trump has promised to take on China.  He emphatically states that as President, he will direct the Secretary of the Treasury to brand China:


That, Trump strongly believes, is extremely hurtful to the American economy and American workers.  Perhaps that is why Trump began a preliminary dialogue with Taiwan, taking a phone call after his election from Taiwan officials, to the outrage and chagrin of China.  If you believe that is right for the American economy and for our foreign relations and especially for American workers, Mr. Trump, make it happen.  Do what you promise, good sir, in these first 100 days.  WE THE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING.

Fourthly, Trump promises to direct the Secretary of Commerce and United States Trade representative to identify all foreign trading abuses that unfairly impact American workers and further direct them to use every tool under American and international law to end those abuses immediately.  Make it happen, Mr. Trump, make it happen.

Fifth, Trump promises to end the restrictions on the production of as much as 50 TRILLION DOLLARS of American energy reserves so that they can be made available to the American people and for the good of our economy.  Such a move, says Trump, will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, grow the American economy and protect it for the long term.  That will allow America to control its own natural resources including oil, shale, natural gas and clean coal.  No longer, says Trump, will America be dependent upon foreign energy sources in any way.  Every other nation claims the natural resources which are an inherent part of their territory.  So, says Trump, so should we.  Make it happen, Mr. Trump, we hold you responsible.

Sixth, says Trump, is the absolutely necessity to reverse the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS such as the Keystone Pipeline to move forward.  More jobs, more energy, says Trump.  President Trump has vowed to rebuild the America infrastructure and the resources and financial benefits of energy projects will aid in that regard most significantly.  Make it happen, Mr. Trump, we hold you responsible.

Seventh, President Trump intends to eliminate billions of dollars in payments to United Nations climate change programs and redirect the use of that money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.  What a tremendous boon, an enormous benefit to WE THE PEOPLE if our hard-earned money went not overseas to a corrupt United Nations, but stayed home, money well used for the benefit of our citizens, correcting our problems and making our country great once again.  America has ever-growing water problems (witness Grand Rapids, Michigan).  There is ever-growing water pollution seemingly everywhere.  There are environmental problems, real ones, not identified by the EPA nor part of the so-called climate change movement.  Trump has promised change, change back to real world problem solving rebuilding American infrastructure, roads, highways and bridges, repairing and protecting the American environment, and most especially for Trump, protecting our water and our water reserves.  Sounds like a plan, Mr. Trump, real, viable CHANGE BACK plan with new priorities, new vision and new possibilities to indeed:


You have become a President chockfull of promises, a political platform and priorities which are aggressive, revolutionary and FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT.  You now have, Mr. Trump, with your Republican-controlled Senate and Republican-controlled House of Representatives the golden opportunity to do and do quickly all that you have promised:


Make it happen, Mr. Trump, make it happen, President Trump.


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