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The First Amendment, Faith and Christianity

You don’t hear much from the Democrats about the First Amendment.  You hear little or nothing about Freedom of Speech and of course virtually nothing about Freedom of Religion.

America’s first freedom didn’t even make the cut in what everyone agrees is the most radical document of the Party’s history.  That is, the Democratic Party Political Platform.  Not a mention about Freedom of Religion in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Obama’s former head of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Chai Feldblum made the statement about special rights especially with regard to LGBT rights and religious liberty as follows:

“Gays win: Christians lose.  I have a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.”

There you have it, you Christians, you losers.  You lost to the LGBT movement and its newly found so-called special rights.  Get ready for genderless bathrooms and of course special treatment for transgenders, my fellow Americans.  Here they come along with gay sex-ed curriculum, gay history and more.  Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was prescient when he stated that the finding by the Supreme Court of the Constitutional right to gay marriage would trigger endless strife and litigation between this new Constitutional right and the Freedom of Religion granted by the First Amendment.  That battle has only just begun.  In the secular world of Obama, who once claimed to be a Christian, this President and the Feldblums he employs will make absolutely certain that Christians lose and secularists, including and especially LGBT members will win every legal and constitutional battle.

When Congressman Jared Polis, Democrat from Colorado, who identifies as gay, suggested there may be room to accommodate men and women of faith, that comment was treated like blaspheme.  A spokesman for the pro-LGBT Gill Foundation quickly interjected:

“I want to be careful that we don’t say there is a kind of balance between equality and religious freedom.”

In short, the LGBT movement has only just begun its legal assault upon religion, religious freedom and especially Christianity.

It was interesting indeed that the Democrats opened their convention proceedings in Philadelphia with a word of prayer from a Christian minister who stated in her prayer:

“We have an opportunity, oh God, to give undeniable evidence to our commitment to justice and equality by nominating Hillary Rodham Clinton as our candidate for the highest office in the land.”

The prayer was offered by the Reverend Cynthia Hale but during every word of that prayer, the secular and socialist attendees began booing, and jeering, and interrupting and disrespecting and before the prayer ended, those hecklers were yelling:


More evidence of what the Democratic Party thinks of Freedom of Religion and the right to pray.

And do not ever forget the words of Harvard Law School Professor Mark Kushnet, a leader in the attempt to vanquish conservative Christian values from the social marketplace who wrote:


There is again, Christian friends, from the secularists, the liberals and the Democrats, you lost, you LOSERS.

More from Kushnet:


There is your new label, people of faith and especially Christians:


You lost, give up the fight.  For the Democrats, starting with Obama, and Feldblum, and virtually everyone in his administration are determined to excise conservative and Christian values from the marketplace any way they can.  It makes me cringe when I think that Obama actually told America that he “found Christ.”  What Christ I wonder did he find?

Hillary Rodham Clinton claims to be a Methodist or at least has come from a Methodist upbringing.  But the only time anyone ever heard of Clinton attending church was when she turned up in the pulpit to stump foreboders in black churches.  She has done that several times but of course, never went back.  Small wonder that recent polling shows the Democratic Party includes in its ranks nearly four times as many atheists and agnostics as the Republican Party.  I recall the words of Dr. David Jeremiah, one of America’s foremost Christian leaders who said in the title of his new book:


Neither did I.  Did you?

And speaking of the Democrats, please don’t ever forget the words of Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post who addressed us the losers, the Christians and conservatives as:


Weingarten said:

“Dear Thoughts and Prayers People:

Please shut up and slink away.  You are the problem and everyone knows.”

To Weingarten and all like him, conservatives and Christians are the problem for virtually everything.  Whether cause or effect, if you are a person of faith, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM and the Weingarten, Feldblum, Kushnet Democrats want you absolutely out of the way and out of America’s new mainstream culture.  You are for them nothing more than a:


A fighting word, don’t you think?  That is, the call now loud and clear to FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH.  We the people of faith, the thoughts and prayers people, better fight that fight of faith now or we will definitely see the erosion of religious liberty and eventually its elimination.  We better stand up now, or sit down forever.

There just a mockery, a watering down of all things Christian.  There is a man in Philadelphia by the name of Michael Grant who calls himself:


He dresses in a long white gown and of course has long hair and beard and he jokes that he with his iPhone are on the family plan with God and the Holy Ghost.  He carries an eight foot wooden cross around the city and whatever his motives may be, the bottom line is hilarity and mockery of the Christ of the Gospel by all who see him.  Typical of the times.

Then comes Ben Hur, the new version.  The film, thought produced and directed by Christians, is in the words of one reviewer “a watered-down Christianity which mirrors the sentiments of today’s fearful-to-offend evangelicalism.”  This film, the new Ben Hur utterly misses the main point of the Christ:


The new Ben Hur neither presents Christ clearly as the Messiah nor the King whose Kingdom is not of this world.  Jesus’ death on the cross has no particular religious significance here (the film).

And the radical, secular, anti-Christian drumbeat goes on and on.  The new Ben Hur has nothing of the truth and impact of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST produced by Mel Gibson.  Gibson never hesitated to imbue the crucifixion of Jesus with every ounce of theological meaning he saw.  The PASSION OF THE CHRIST brilliantly displayed the suffering the agony of the crucifixion in a way which corresponded to the enormity of human depravity.  What a world my fellow Americans, what a world.  We the people of faith better fight the fight of faith or we are in danger of losing the faith.

And then there is of course the Johnson Amendment of 1954 which forbids churches and pastors to deal with politics, politicians or political issues from the pulpit.  You can be certain that the tenets of this Amendment will be called more and more into play by radical secularists who are determined to do as much harm to Christianity both in the marketplace and eventually even within the four walls of the churches themselves before this fight is over.  You should encourage your pastor to stand tall for GOD AND COUNTRY.

Then there is the man who works at the University of Michigan campus and hospital who works with many, he says, who say they are Christian.  But their conduct, he says, does not display anything recognizable which may be coming from “our Holy Bible.”  This man of the medical world says as follows:

“If you endorse abortion, gay marriage, and other secular popular views, no matter how sincere you are, these actions are not in alignment with being obedient to God.”

And it does seem, does it not, that so many Christians are making every effort to compromise and accommodate the new thinking, the new radical secularism and to find new ways to turn the other cheek. No matter that Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, flat out forbid and condemn all things UNNATURAL, absolute and categorical, if there is any way to accommodate and compromise, so as not to be caught in the crosshairs of radical liberal fire, these wishy-washy Christians will do so.  There are so many Christians, so-called today who seem to feel and act that way, perhaps intimidated, fearful of radical reprisals and consequently silenced, LOSERS in the new social debate.  They are those unwilling to take up the cross and follow, and lay all on the altar for the faith that is within them and in so many ways show their lack of love for the crucified Christ.  In response to their words and conduct, they may very well hear these words from HIM:


And now comes TechNet.  A coalition of major technology company Senior Executives who have urged Capitol Hill leaders not to pass the so-called Russell Amendment which simply makes clear that current law recognizing the rights of religious organizations to take into account faith in employment decisions does indeed apply to those ministries providing public services as government contractors, guarantees and the like.  TechNet leaders like the Presidents of Apple, Comcast and Google fight against that Amendment and as a consequence, urge Washington to discriminate against religious organizations.  When the new world of technology joins forces with the new radical, liberal forces at work, the end result is a barrage of ammunition against people of faith and religious liberty which can have disastrous effects.  Remember that the next time you buy the brand new Apple iPhone, my fellow Americans.  Remember that.

And then comes the so-called EQUALITY ACT, legislation in the works which would force acceptance of special protections for homosexual and transgender behavior in 25 areas of federal law with no religious liberty protections for people of faith who disagree.  Following the finding of this new Constitutional Right for Gay Marriage and all the rights associated therewith, now comes the Equality Act which would transform the enormous total of 25 areas of federal law guaranteeing and protecting these new rights with NO RELIGIOUS LIBERTY PROTECTIONS FOR PEOPLE OF FAITH!  Yet more radical, social legislation, directed against THE LOSERS, the people of faith.  You should write your senators and congresspersons passionately objecting to this new legislation THE EQUALITY ACT.  If passed, it would be an absolute disaster for people of faith.

And of course, now comes BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Not content with matters of race, BLACK LIVES MATTER in its platform and in reality its true political nature accuses Israel of conducting “genocide” against the Palestinian people and calls Israel:


Nothing more than a new form of anti-Semitism at work.  That led the ECUMENICAL LEADERSHIP COUNCIL OF MISSOURI, representing hundreds of predominantly African American churches throughout the State of Missouri to issue a statement rejecting without hesitation any notion or assertion that Israel operates as an apartheid country.  How rewarding it is to know that African American churches are finally standing up to these unwarranted attacks against Israel and as a result the Judeo-Christian ethics and values determined to be heard and to speak the truth as they know it.  Would that all pastors in all churches would do the very same.  So many so-called Protestant churches avidly espouse the:


Which seeks to isolate Israel as an apartheid state, as the Black Lives Matter movement calls it, through economic boycott, the selling off of all investments in Israel and the refusal to do business with Israel, and to sanction Israel at every level of international commerce and social intercourse.  It is not a good day to be a Christian or Jew unless all such people of faith are willing to STAND UP and fight back, and do so now and do so aggressively.  Will you?
And then there is the group of pastors suing the State of Illinois over a law that bars the therapists and counselors from trying to change a minor’s sexual orientation which these pastors claim is a law unconstitutional, the prohibition of which violates free speech and religious rights.  The suit in federal court dares to state the following:

“Homosexuality is contrary to God’s purpose and a disorder that can be resisted or overcome by those who seek to be faithful to God and His Word.”

Fightin’ words, are they not?  How interesting that there are those now beginning to stand up and be “faithful to God and His Word.”  I can only wonder how the courts, the federal courts will react to those assertions.  The battle wages and it has only just begun.

A listener to the Crawford Stand in Birmingham, Alabama told the story of a friend who was shopping in Birmingham and was approached by a boy about 5 years old who pointed a coat hanger at her, like a gun and said:

“I’m going to kill you because you’re a girl.”

The woman was shocked and expected an apology from the parents but got in response nothing more than a chuckle from them to which this woman said boldly:

“I will pray to Jesus for you.”

The adult parents were offended, seemingly Islamists, that anyone would dare mention the name of Jesus to them and off they went in a huff.  You can be sure that such verbal conduct, a strong statement of faith by this bold woman, may soon become HATE SPEECH no matter the freedoms of speech and the freedom of religion guaranteed by the First Amendment.  The radical secularist administration of Obama and the one to come from Clinton if elected will see to the further evisceration of First Amendment rights and eventually their elimination.  It is time America to wake up and stand up.  The fight is on and you are in it whether you want to be or not:


Then comes America’s official national motto:


That motto has been on the U.S. Currency since legislation was enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Dwight D. Eisenhower some 60 years ago.  Now comes anti-Christian activist Michael Newdow who has twice unsuccessfully sued the federal government to remove UNDER GOD from our Pledge of Allegiance, suing the United States of America, the United States Congress, the Secretary of the Treasury and Directors from the U.S. Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing demanding that the Supreme Court will determine that this 60 year old motto IN GOD WE TRUST is an unconstitutional violation of the separation of church and state.  Given the tenor and behavior of this Supreme Court Newdow may well win and that motto will be excised, yet another removal of God and religious values and statements from American life.  With David Jeremiah, I never thought I’d see the day!

And then of course there is the Pledge of Allegiance which includes the words sure to be attacked:


One nation under God.  On Flag Day, June 14, 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the proposed congressional amendment into law.  That amendment was sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, a strong Catholic organization which did a good thing for America and hopefully will stand up for America as anything under God will be subject to attack now and forevermore.

And then there is Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Senator Tim Kaine.  Kaine professes to be a practicing Roman Catholic.  As Tim Kaine gave a speech to a far left LGBT activist group, Kaine actually invoked the Bible as evidence that his church (the Catholic Church) was wrong on the issue of marriage!  Kaine stated the following:

“And you know, like many people faith including maybe many in this room, my support for marriage equality now-my full, complete and unconditional support for marriage equality-is at odds with the current doctrine of the (Catholic) church that I still attend.  But I think that’s going to change too.  I think that’s going to change too.”

I find it absolutely unbelievable that Tim Kaine, a so-called practicing Roman Catholic would dare to challenge the 2,000 year old teaching regarding marriage from the Catholic Church, in all of his liberal wisdom.  Just more evidence, my fellow Americans, what the Democrats, including and especially Clinton and Kaine, really think about faith, religious doctrine and liberties.  In response to Kaine’s ridiculous remarks, Catholic Diocese of Richmond Bishop Francis X DiLorenzo issued the following statement:

“The Catholic Church’s 2,000 year old teaching to the truth about what constitutes marriage remains unchanged and resolute (between one man and one woman).”

That and much more we the people will get from Clinton, Kaine and the Democrats if they are elected.  And don’t forget ISIS.  The 15th issue of the Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine BREAKING THE CROSS states the following:

“ISIS calls on the population of Europe to abandon their infidelity and accept Islam, the religion of sincerity and submission to the Lord of the heavens and the earth.”

And more:

“We call you to reflect on those questions as the bloodthirsty Knights of the Caliphate continue to wage their war of just terror against you.”

Convert to Islam, all the world, or live under the threat of ISIS and Islamic terror.  Small wonder that increasing numbers of Muslim refugees in Switzerland and Germany are converting to Christianity according to many reports.

The persecution of Christians is far more aggressive the world over.  Iranian authorities beat and arrested five Christian men last week for their faith in Christ.  They were engaged in a joyous family party when Iranian police stormed in and rounded up 15 people.  When they resisted, they were brutally beaten. The party by Christians was in private, at home and even that can not be tolerated by the extreme Iranian Islamic regime.

The Egyptian Parliament passed a new law regulating church building which will in essence curtail or even forbid the construction of certain new Christian churches.
And the clergy in Britain are advised not to wear collars in public.  To do so may make them targets for Islamist terrorism.  There are also new British security measures which recommend the stationing of the security guard outside churches.  They recommend the installing of cameras and having vicars carry personal attack alarms.  Can you believe that?  Does your church in America have security at work, guards, cameras, attack alarms?  The day may come here in our beloved USA when that will become absolutely necessary, my fellow Americans.  It is already happening in Great Britain.

But the NRB and many of its members do in fact stand up, and in this case for Israel.  Hundreds of Christian leaders across the United States have signed their names to a letter asking the nation’s next President to:


Would that every church rich in the history of Judeo-Christian values and faith would do the same.

The Constitution of Egypt stipulates Freedom of Religion for Islam, Christianity and Judaism, but not for any other faith.  No matter, there is a new law which allows local authorities to forbid new church buildings and requires any new churches that are built to be “commensurate with” the number of Christians in that area.  Unfortunately, that law allows Egyptian mobs to attack Christians as one Christian legislator said “with impunity” simply because they are Christian.  No matter that there are as many as nine million Coptic Christians living in Egypt, they are second class citizens at best, often without protection.
And in China, two Christian summer camp organizers were detained on the charge of “indoctrinating minors with superstitious beliefs (Christian).”  In China, Christian parents and church leaders can get into trouble with police if they involve their children in any Christian activities.

And then of course there is the new legislation in Russia known as the Yarovaya package, under the guise of anti-terrorist rhetoric which forbids people to share their faith with a neighbor or passerby and applies to all religious activity, including and especially evangelical, except the favored and preferential RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH.  Speak out for your faith, Christian, and off to a Russian jail you go.  The hatred goes on the world over, all the world over my fellow Christians.  The fight is on bigtime and you are in it whether you like it or not.  If you witness, if you testify, you can be accused of terrorist activity.  You can be accused of hate speech.  And off to jail you go.  You are labeled bigot, dinosaur, homophobe and intolerant.  Shut up and sit down, LOSERS.  Join the radical, secular revolution or off to jail you go.  You can bet your last copy of THE GOSPEL OF JOHN that this will happen in America, sooner or later.

We have no choice but to fight the fight of faith, none at all.  If we do not stand up and fight for the right to our faith, religious liberty, freedom of speech and real Constitutional guarantees and rights, we will in fact be LOSERS and so will the faith given once and for all.  The call to stand is not only for Christians, but for Jews, for all people of faith, for the battle now is public, the marketplace.  But that battle will be taken to the four walls of the church or the synagogue, sooner or later.  We the people of faith will be LOSERS if we allow that to happen.

The fight is on, my fellow Americans.  GET ON WITH THE FIGHT!  America needs you now more than ever!

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