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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Grand Old Party (GOP)

It once was grand; this old party was.


But that was once upon a time. It once won elections. It had, for the most part, the respect of the American people. It authored a political alternative, often in sharp contrast on the issues of our time to the Democrat party.


Its platform was basic, well-written, clear in its purposes and objectives. Its candidates were viable, reasonably trustworthy, men and women of their word. But, above all, they were Americans, true constitutional Americans, true rule-of-law Americans, concerned with the safety, well-being, preservation and growth of our country. But today, it sadly seems that the republican party is a mere shadow of its former self.


The republican party is a party in disarray. It is divided, a party with any number of factions, points of view and it does not have intellectual, moral and political consistency and unity. This once grand old party, the GOP is made up of politicians, House and Senate, far right in their thinking, libertarians, moderates, centrists, and above all RINOs. There are far too many men and women who hypocritically pretend to be republican in thought and action when in fact, they are anything but. They seem, these republican politicians, all too ready to get along with the so-called loyal opposition, to cooperate with them and most importantly in a way disastrous to the party and to WE THE PEOPLE, they are ready, so it seems to:




with the opposition. Republicans appear at time to be negative, reactionary, defensive rather than proactive, aggressive, standing and working for the principles for which they were elected.


Today, republicans are dominated as a party by the influence of Donald Trump. As President from 2016 to 2020, Trump did many good things for America. For the most part, whatever he truly believed, he championed conservative values, his decision making was largely done with a conservative bent, and he upheld the constitution and the rule of law. He was the real leader of the party at that time. BUT NOT NOW. This once reasonably good president has become critical, negative, shrill, aggressive, attacking opponents, belittling men and women who are more republican than he is, portraying an image to the American public that he is all about himself, even appearing selfish, elitist and in so many ways anything but a leader, especially a leader of the republican party. Many believe that it is time for him to move aside and turn over the leadership, the public face of the republican party to others, younger, more truly conservative, with the real concern for the protection of our constitution, and especially our first amendment freedoms, five of them, true republicans who will revive and reenergize the republican party and make it once again what it once was. Trump, with a large ego and ever growing, infected with Potomac Fever, smitten by the power, image and authority-control of the federal government can never give up his loss for power and his return to the White House. Many believe the republican party will never, ever be what it should be if it remains under the control, influence and dominance of Donald J. Trump.


It seems as though time and again the republican party either deceives or thoroughly disappoints the American people. In elections 2022, many predicted a massive RED WAVE. That is smashing republican victories in elections for House and Senate. That did not happen. The Red Wave predicted turned into, as one pundit called it, the RED TRICKLE. The republicans, expected to take a large majority of the House of Representatives achieved a bare majority, so it seems. Certain senate races remain undecided and the results of those will determine which party controls the Senate. The GOP has had so many wonderful opportunities but so little results to show. It is a major disappointment in so many ways.


Its candidates for election are often, as one called them “Hapless”. Some have little or no political experience or reputation (credibility) like Dr. Oz running for Senate in Pennsylvania. Some have flawed character, little or no political experience and fail to gain the respect of the American voter. Even when a top-of-the-line candidate, politician and governor of the great State of Florida Ron DeSantis dominates elections in the state of Florida and becomes nationally known and respected, his own party, including and especially Donald Trump, fail to embrace him, criticize him, and show the divisions, the ruptures, the factions within the republican party. It is so sad to see that this once great and grand old party knows well the pathway to internal destruction and shows itself to the American people as a:




The republican party has no true leadership. Those in power and authority like Senator McConnell from Kentucky and Representative McCarthy from Maryland have shown themselves ineffectual. They seem unable to unite the various factions and individuals elected by the people in common causes and platforms.


Republican priorities are not clear. Republican promises made over and again seem seldom to come to fruition. Many think that republicans are elected instead of democrats as the only alternative to democrat candidates and political points of view.


Republican alternatives, whatever they are, seem never to be made clear. Our economy, for example, suffers greatly from a horrid inflation, eroding everything. Democrats are ready, no matter the circumstances to tax and spend but the republicans do not have a clear, aggressive and challenging alternative platform and policy. Many think the republican party is hopeless, unable to be born again, and that the only true alternative for America and WE THE PEOPLE is a brand-new political party. Sadly, that may be the case.


Our great country now some 250 years of age, our great democracy desperately needs and is very much dependent upon two parties at work, contrary points of political view, so as to keep the concept of free ideas alive and to make certain that all Americans, all citizens are represented and have a voice in government. In fact, it may need more than two, like Israel, if in fact America, as it was meant to be, is to survive and prosper.


We live, my fellow Americans, WE THE PEOPLE do in the greatest country in the history of mankind. It is on a path, both overt and subtle of destruction. Perhaps the most important reason why is the impotence, inefficiency, division, lack of commonality and purpose of the once great republican party:




If you voted republican, hold those candidates, House and Senate, accountable. Hold them accountable not only for their political promises, but for the perseverance and protection of America and the American dream. Without a revived, reenergized, recommitted, united republican party with conservative ideals at the fore, the America we know, and love may well be living in its last days.

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