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Don Crawford

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The Great Year 2020

We made it my fellow Americas.

We made it alive and living in the greatest country ever in the history of mankind as we begin the third decade of the 21st century. God is good even though humankind is another story.

No year in the world at large and in our great country has ever been more challenging, would you not agree? Or more divisive. America has seen anger and angst more so every day. We the people are divided down the middle politically, culturally and spiritually and:


So it seems.

But we had opportunities perhaps as never before. Technology exploded. New media, like social media dominated and the FACEBOOK of a young Harvard student became perhaps the most dynamic communication vehicle of all time. We saw the impeachment of President Donald Trump by a rabid, radical democratic party (House of Representatives) with the circus of a trial yet to come. History was rewritten in so many ways and education changed dramatically. Traditional America was excised at every opportunity.

But through it all, so many of us heard the clarion words:


That process began elections 2016 and still continues today. The House, Democratic and the Senate, Republican did virtually nothing, other than bicker, argue and seemingly do anything to get and keep power. America politically is a laughing stock worldwide.

We fought with North Korea. They do have the missile capability of destroying America but we get nowhere with negotiations. And China, ever more militaristic stands against us in every way. President Trump finally stood up to them and made the demands which should have been made years ago with regard to fair trade, tariffs and taxes. A price had to be paid but if not now, when? China may be the most troubling political force in the entire world.

And the great Black Bear woke from a long winters nap and once again became a dominant military and political force in the world. Russia allied with Iran, and is now a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East even as it waits for the right time to become dominant in the Syrian conflict. In some ways, either Russia or China is supplanting America as the worlds most dominant force.

And socialism was on the rise as never before. It becomes increasingly dominant in European politics. It raises its ugly head even in our beloved America, threatens our traditions and has captured the political and cultural hearts of the democratic party. We have seen the rise of politicians like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and even a less radical socialist like Joe Biden thirstily compete to become the democratic candidate of choice and then the ultimate step, our very own President. We are told that if democrats capture White House and Senate, America will never be the same again. Elections 2020 bring choices for WE THE PEOPLE like never before.

And we have seen one assault after another on our beloved Constitution. And that is especially so with regard to our First Amendment. Radical organizations, like the ones funded by the billions of men like George Soros attacked freedom of speech. The constitutional ramrod was the mantra HATE SPEECH, and the attacks for the use of hate speech were directed primarily against Judeo – Christian organizations which stood for marriage between a man and a woman and biological gender rather than gender by choice. For Christian organizations to ask a man or woman to wrestle with the concept of sin was hate speech at its highest and so many attempts were made to muzzle Pastors and shut down the pulpit. Those assaults continue unabated and will so no matter the elections.

Our once objective press became blatantly biased, prejudiced to the core. Publications, television and cable and so much of our news content took one side or the other. The New York Times battled The Wall Street Journal and The Washington
Post did the same verbal battles with The Washington Times. We the people so often turn to alternative media for any objective news, including and especially our beloved radio. Thank you for listening to radio and particularly to the radio stations of the Crawford Broadcasting Company. We are grateful to you for that even as we go forward with our difficult but inspirational mission to serve:


We saw the further weakening of Christianity, especially conservative Christianity. The Gospel and its basic concepts were watered down and we battled with those who would delegitimize Israel and the Jews as God’s favored nation and people. We saw the incredible rise of anti–Semitism once again, the slaughter of Jews hardly seen since the Holocaust and much more to come. We are called upon as never before to bless Israel and the Jews as we are instructed in the Book of Genesis. These for them are most dangerous of times.

And we saw the emergence of a thing called:


Essentially a lethal mixture of works and grace as a new formula for salvation, with even an emphasis upon works. This new form of heresy even blasphemy seems to be gaining traction, anything to water down, compromise or directly attack the precious Gospel of real Christians. The attack on Christianity comes not only from outside, from political forces, but inside the church from compromising forces. Anti–Semitism and anti–Christianity will be forces to contend with like never before in the great year 2020. Are you ready for these battles?

So, count on the following 2020 my fellow Americans:





More and more. It now becomes more critical than ever that we take on, with passion and energy, new and demanding:


We must do for America and we must make the time to do so for our beloved country with priority. We the people of faith must engage the secular culture. We must stand up for religious rights and freedoms. We must invest like never before with:


We must give back to America for all it has given to us. Every single person of faith no matter gender, education, station in life or occupation can give something meaningful to the political process. If we wish to keep America as it is and continue to make it great again, we must step up, stand up, and do everything possible to preserve, protect and defend what we may have learned to so take for granted even after 244 years of freedoms. Otherwise, we the people, your friends and family and mine may well live in a different America beginning 2021.

Younger generations have little regard for politics. They hardly understand the constitutional process, even voting. The great political and economic issues of the day seem either irrelevant or not understandable. America is as good as its children, its future generations and the passionate concerns for our way of life, our freedoms and our future seem secondary, often irrelevant. It is our duty as caring citizens to educate the young so that they can make informed, intelligent and well–educated choices. Elections otherwise are a mere exercise in likability without any real substantive choice–making. So, no matter who you are, or what you do, or where you live, you can do:


Think about your talents. Think about where your heart takes you. Think about the issues of the day and what may be the most pressing of concern to you. Follow that leading, identify with others with the same interests and passions, join organizations which can help you understand the issues and help you do your share to keep America great. There is no such thing as an average American citizen but only Americans who care and those who don’t. God made you:


Be all that you can be as God would have you be and that includes, now especially includes doing your civic duties as an American. DO THEM!

Be wary of the media, all of them. Learn how to recognize bias and shun prejudice at every turn. Media by and large are public relations machines for political and cultural points of view, most either deeply and radically liberal or passionately conservative. In this era of post–truth, do your best to discern facts. The liberal has one set of facts and the conservative another. Search for the truth without either bias.

And beware of academia. More than 90% of educators and administrators are liberal – radical, socialistic or even communistic. So many are anti–American and anti–capitalism. Beware, and make certain you support or send to those educational entities which stand for religious freedoms, freedom of speech, constitutional America and all things which truly make America great.

And beware of Hollywood, corrupt to the core in so many ways. There are thankfully on the rise new Christian media, movies, shows and otherwise family friendly. Support them.

And beware of the deep state, an ever present and looming serious danger to America, so well identified by President Trump as he and his administration to this day continue to have as a political objective:


So we now encounter the once great democratic party which has become deeply socialistic and at the fringe, perhaps even communistic. The party has been radicalized by radicals, often extremely wealthy and billionaire radicals like Soros. They are determined to take over, even destroy traditional America. You should carefully consider what Democrats and the democratic party stand for when you vote in the great elections November 2020. America, our beloved America is at stake now more than ever.

Watch what happens with the Supreme Court and their decision making this term (June). They will decide certain cases which will perhaps forever define basic freedoms and constitutional rights. Nine men and women, Supreme Court Justices will determine how 330 million WE THE PEOPLE will live and what our priorities will be. That is a frightening thought in one way, but perhaps comforting that there may be rational, careful, thoughtful thinking with regard to these issues and the right decisions beyond anger and dissention made. Pray to that end.

And may there be an end or at least a greater awareness and protection against terrorism. It is a serious problem worldwide and becoming ever more so in America. Watch for it, even the potentiality of it and stand up against it.

And let us first be thankful for all of God’s blessings 2019. No matter the dangers and difficulties, there were blessings and they abound. Remember and live by the spiritual admonition:


All things.

And pray, pray 2020 as never before. God waits and God listens to you. God will hear your prayer and will answer according to HIS will. You may not get what you ask for but you will get his will in return. Be grateful for that. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING.

American culture is nothing but hectic, demanding, intruding. Get away, get out as they say:


Spend quiet time, spiritual quiet time and:


His love he will unfold. Be patient, humble of self. But be ready to:


The fight is on like never before whether spiritually or politically. Do your part as God directs.

Witness by word or deed in all that you do, and especially with family and friends. And no matter how dark the times, live a joyful life, yours to claim as a Christian, remembering:


Revel in that joy and in HIS love. Be a strong person of faith, real faith without compromise. Maintain your hope for things unseen but real. But above all, remember that which abides when all else fails:


May you know in the great year 2020 that:


Love him back with all your heart. Then you will be fully ready, fully equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities, great as they will be in perhaps the greatest year ever:


We the Crawford Broadcasting Company, all of us wish you our beloved listeners a very joyful, happy and prosperous New Year and may you be well and healthy so that you can live and serve better than ever.

And one more reminder. Do everything you possibly can to:


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