Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Great Year 2023 – Challenges and Opportunities

Comes now the great year 2023, yet another year which the Lord God has made.


You and I are alive, with the wonderful opportunities, challenges which this new year offers. The issues for Christians and American Patriots have never been greater. The demands of citizenship, this world and HIS world are clear, challenging, requiring the strong response of real men and women.


YOU are called upon as never before to be a Patriot in the fight for America and a Soldier of the cross of Jesus Christ this year with all your might now more than ever. Always remember, my fellow Christians, that YOU are unique. You are one of a kind, made for a special purpose by GOD THE FATHER. You have been called, challenged by HIM, sent into the great year 2023 on a special mission, a mission only you can accomplish. You should feel the strength of that calling, believe, with the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit that you can and you will, and be glad and rejoice therein. YOU are as special in the eyes of God as anyone. Whoever you are, whatever you do, do what you need to do as God leads with all your might.


Stand tall for the gospel. Let your light so shine before all mankind so that they may see your great works and glorify OUR FATHER in heaven. Witness with words and deeds. Some are called to preach, testify and others by works, by life, by love. The life you live is more important than the words you speak. PREACH THE GOSPEL AND IF NECESSARY USE WORDS, so said Saint Francis of Assisi. A loving life is more important than even the wisest words.


WORK and work hard. Whatever your hand finds to do, whatever God calls you to do, do it with all your might. Work for the night is coming when no man or woman can work. Work knowing that a workperson is worthy of his or her hire and that your work will be rewarded by mankind and by Him. You are given certain talents, every human being different. Know them and use them the very best you can.


STUDY to show yourself approved unto God and mankind so that you will never be ashamed of the gospel knowing its power and truth, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, understand the truth and the power of the gospel so that you can live it with all your might. Beware of false teachers. They abound, as Paul and our Lord so rightly said in the last days. If these are in fact those last days, make every one count now more than ever. Beware of false Christianity, WOKE and progressive Christianity which adds to the simple and stand – alone concepts of grace and faith. Never forget that by grace or you and I saved, NOT OF WORKS but less any man or woman should boast.


PRAY, thankful in all things to GOD THE FATHER, ALL THINGS good or bad. God provides what we need whether we like it or not. Thank God for THE SON and the salvation HE brings. Pray for our leaders. Pray for our enemies. Pray for family and friends. And pray with all your might for:




Ask and you will receive, in due course, at the right time and in accordance with the WILL of God. Wait patiently for that answer. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! And in private (in the closet). There is nothing more powerful than prayer.


FORGET those things which are behind. FORGET where you failed. Forget your mistakes, the sin of before. It is gone, all of it, WASHED in the blood of the lamb. Nothing harms anyone more than GUILT. Guilt renders one impotent, weak, living in the past. Press on, says the Apostle Paul, PRESS ON! Get on with your life and never, ever let the past CLOUD the present and the future, NEVER! FORGETTING because you are forgiven, not only washed but a continual washing by the loving blood of the lamb. What glorious thoughts to guide all of us in the great new year.


GOALS AND OBJECTIVES, set them. Set goals for your life spiritually, financially, lovingly. Set the goal to grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Press on and strive for those goals. ENDURE, do whatever it takes to reach those goals. Carry with you the words of Sir Winston Churchill, who so well said:




The reward comes to those who never quit, press on and ENDURE the wiles of the devil.


GIVE. Tithe and more. Give, says scripture to anyone who asks, who needs, where that gift will be used to better the life. Be ready to lay all on the altar. And more than money. Give, tithe and offer to the Lord your time, the really most valuable thing you have, more than money. Give work to others and charities. Give expertise as you have it for worthy causes and the Church of Jesus Christ. Give from the heart, knowing that the act of giving itself is its own reward.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Joyfully celebrate the coming of the grand year 2023. Be blessed and enjoy every minute of this God given precious time. Live it well and most importantly, live it with all of your might for:



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