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Don Crawford

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The Holy Land



Those were the words of the great God Jehovah, the great I AM, a warning sent to all peoples for all times in Genesis 12:3. If there is no other reason to care for and bless the people of the promised land Israel and the Jews, and there are many, many more, not falling under the curse of the God of the Universe is certainly the main one.


No matter, anti–Semitism continues on. The agent of Satan, Adolf Hitler, slaughtered 6 million Jews, and today, whether Iran or Russia or Turkey, Lebanon, Gaza and other nations and peoples have no problem blaming everything on the Jews and nations like Iran will never rest until as once publicly stated:


“Every Jew in Israel is buried at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea”.


But God’s chosen people are tough, survivors, smart and brilliant, determined that something like the Holocaust and other acts of violence against the Jews or Israel will not happen again telling a largely Jew–hating world:




Israel will protect itself in every way possible and revenge anti–Semitism fulfilling the promise NEVER AGAIN.


No matter, Hezbollah, a brutal terrorist group in Lebanon sponsored by the even more brutal Iran and its Revolutionary Guard Corps hates Israel, is determined to destroy it and it launches mortars, artillery rounds and Katyusha rockets against Israel at random and at will. So do the Palestinians in Gaza which as a result of the committed purpose of the Israelis and IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) NEVER AGAIN, produces constant warfare tension at all times. Nothing pleases Iran more and now with Iran’s medium–range ballistic missile capability and its current rival at the point it can produce nuclear weapons, becomes an unbelievable threat to Israel and God’s chosen people. I can only imagine the curse of Jehovah at work, the revenge of the God of Israel against the Iranians who mock that God, OUR GOD the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and that awful promise of divine curse.


Missiles and mortars sent by terrorist groups can threaten Israel any day, any time. Israelis, brilliant technicians, ever developing military and warfare capability, especially defense, produced the famous IRON DOME, an anti–missile system which protects Israel from rocket, missile and artillery attacks most effectively. Israel has also developed what is known as DAVID’S SLING, a longer–range missile protective system to aid the protective capabilities of Iron Dome. Together, these sophisticated military anti–weapons are excellent deterrents and protective devices for the some 7 million inhabitants–citizens of the Jewish nation of Israel.


The problem with Iron Dome and David’s Sling, again effective anti–missile systems with the Israel Tamir missile, costs about $50,000 for each anti–missile missile. Sustaining these two effective systems at that cost is simply not sustainable for Israel given the demands of its national budget and its social welfare programs. So, back to the drawing board these brilliant technicians go and they have now invented a third protective system which is named:




A laser based system which, rather than $50,000 per counterattack, will cost the nation of Israel incredibly:






That lead Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to claim the Iron Beam, the first deployable directed–energy laser weapon, is not only a major advance in defensive technology but a gamechanger as well in the art and strategy of war. So that, depending upon the attack, mortar, missile, or artillery, one of these three great protective systems, IRON DOME, DAVID’S SLING, or IRON BEAM will shoot down and destroy the incoming projectile resulting in even more complete defense of the Holy Land, Israel the apple of God’s eye.


Laser–based weapons do have major power requirements. Recycling times between the firings of these sophisticated weapons is considerable and that must be shortened from minutes to seconds in order to be effective. An enemy can launch barrage after barrage of such weapons and overwhelm the systems unless the recycling and reenergizing time is consistent. It is certain that the Israelis know that and are working to make certain that this new system Iron Beam can in fact reenergize itself in the shortest possible time.


No matter these three incredible defense systems, Iran, or Russia, or any other anti–Israel nation with nuclear capability, but especially Iran with nuclear weapons can overwhelm and destroy the nation of Israel with an all–out nuclear attack. The counterattack from this brilliant military nation, small as it is, would be absolutely devastating to the attackers and the enemies of Israel. Such an Iranian attack and the counterattack sure to follow would signal nuclear warfare the world over and undoubtedly the end of this world as we know it.


Israeli Prime Minister Bennett has promised that, if warfare so indicates, Israel will attack the leaders of Iran beginning with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and destroy them in addition to Iran itself. What a horrible, fateful day that would be but in so many ways, it seems inevitable.


I wonder how America, We The People would react if, like the Jews in the 1940s, half of our citizens were destroyed, killed as those innocent Jews were. Surely we would do everything to protect and defend our Country and WE THE PEOPLE and unleash our considerable military capability against such attackers. The End Times of this world indicate worldwide destructive military forces at work, nuclear warfare and in most ways the utter destruction of mankind. Such happenings are preconditions to ultimate and final events like the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ. These significant Christian events are the spiritual light at the end of a very dark and hateful tunnel. No matter what happens in this world, no matter how disastrous, the best for Christians is yet to come. The spiritual Iron Beam of our Lord will be wrapped around His church and His people and this warlike world will see a reign of 1,000 years of the PRINCE OF PEACE. How wonderful, indispensable the love, forgiveness, blessing and promises of the BABE OF BETHLEHEM. No matter this world, never forget the words of the angel:




For HE is far greater than any Iron Beam!

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