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Don Crawford

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The (In)Equality Act

“What is happening in America really scares me!”


Those were the words of a listener to The Stand. It should indeed scare this good Christian lady who wrote, and in fact, it should scare all of us, that is all of WE THE PEOPLE who love America, what it is, and what it should be.


It is no surprise that there are those by the millions, perhaps even tens of millions, who wish to destroy this great Country. They are Marxists, not socialists, Nihilists, anarchists, willing to use violence, intimidation, ridicule and above all BELIE.


There is no such thing for them as truth, or even fact for that matter, but only that which advances the cause, their destructive cause. They regard themselves as champions of the era of:




These Marxists are men and women like George Soros, Saul Alinsky and the many who work under the umbrella of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, just to name two such organizations concerned only with getting power, absolute political power, total influence, control of all things financial: the money and the prestige which such power, influence and money allow. To that end, they have hijacked the Democratic Party, they operate somewhat overtly but mostly covertly, patient but powerful knowing that their day will come. As former President Barack Hussein Obama said of them and himself:


WE are the ones we have been waiting for!”


Now comes from this democratically controlled House of Representatives the so called EQUALITY ACT, which is in essence and at its core the INEQUALITY ACT. A writer for the New York Post called this vicious piece of legislation:




and indeed it is. This Equality Act, also known as H.R.5 redefines federal civil rights laws and in particular “updates” the laws which Congress passed to combat racism, namely the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Essentially, the so called EQUALITY ACT adds to the Civil Rights the highly ideological concepts about sex and gender which are revolutionary in every conceivable way. H.R.5 essentially erases SEX as a legal category with all the dire consequences which result. Said one commentator:


“For people, for businesses, for churches, and for ministries of faith, the Equality Act is a threat to life as we know it in our nation today. It’s a real game changer!”


The radical, progressive, socialistic – Marxist politicians of the Democratic Party are determined that this bill will pass. It now goes to the Senate, having been passed (barely so) by the House for Senate consideration and hopefully passage. Thankfully, for God–fearing Americans, there remains the filibuster in the Senate which when utilized by oppositional Senators, can delay the passage of this legislative monstrosity for some time. Hopefully, that happens.


Listen carefully to what this bill proposes.


Schools, all schools, churches and hospitals would be forced to accept the governments beliefs and mandates about:





Any person, no matter the biological gender, could identify as any kind of sex so desired and every other person, and all of society would be required to recognize that person as such. Biological men could identify as women and consequently, be given access to women’s privacy areas. Those very biological men could enter what are now women’s restrooms. They could also take showers with them. They could enter, these biological men, homeless shelters and even be put in women’s prisons. These biological males, who now must be recognized as women could enter, participate, compete in and dominate girls and women’s sports as some already have! That, as many have said, would be the end of women’s sports and erase overnight all the tremendous gains which women have made in sports, and in fact, in many other professional fields as well. Suppose you had a high school daughter competing in sports, doing well and in comes a biological man and wins, breaking all biological female records. How would you feel? That, my dear American woman, would happen over and again if this INEQUALITY ACT PASSES. By the way, that biological male masquerading as a female would be showering after the event naked with your high school daughter! Would you stand for that?


More. As the terms men and women are redefined, and more importantly, SEX is redefined or better yet for these radicals eliminated as a descriptive term altogether, speech would change and radically so. The use of pronouns would be changed, and to refer to him who has biologically changed to her as he would be forbidden and the use of any such now improper terminology would not only be illegal but potentially criminal in some cases. Schools would be coerced to instruct first, second and third graders that they can choose to be a boy or a girl, or neither, or BOTH! That of course would make biological sex and the science behind it a relic of the past. Can you believe this? But it is there, and here, and with a real potentiality to become the law of the land with incredible criminal and civil penalties for noncompliance. Can you possibly let this happen, Christians and conservatives, can you? These radical – progressive – socialists depend upon intimidation and your lack of involvement. They count upon you and me being afraid to stand up, protest and do everything in our power to make certain that this EQUALITY ACT does not become the law of the land. Will you do that? You must, YOU MUST!


In short, this dastardly act erases, utterly eliminates sex as a distinct legal category. A first grader can decide what he or she wants to be. A young child at that age would have the authority to determine sexual orientation and gender identity no matter what the parents say or think. In fact, the freedom of speech of the parents at that level would be taken away, even penalized should the parent wish to exercise control or discipline over the young child. The Equality Act is written in such broad terms and perspectives that virtually any kind of definition can apply. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden have publicly stated that the passage of THE EQUALITY ACT is their number one priority. This man and woman, unless of course they have decided to change their sexual orientation or gender identity, represent themselves as professing and believing Roman Catholics. They seek the comfort, blessings and benefits of the Catholic Church while at the same time championing this unbelievable, unholy and unchristian legislation, actions of gross hypocrisy if there ever were some. I for one hope the church recognizes this conduct and perhaps excommunication is warranted, don’t you think?


That is because, further, this act really fosters abortion. It does away with the Hyde Amendment which forbids the federal government to pay for abortions so that now all abortions can be financed by the federal government. It further exempts itself from any requirements of the RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT (RFRA) which exempts religious organizations from these requirements and in fact, takes away the further exemption of the right of religious organizations to hire those who believe as they do.


Creative professionals like Jack Phillips and Barronelle Stutzman could be forced to create product and express messages through their art that violate their biblical beliefs about marriage and biological sex. The traditional definition of marriage, of course, that between one man and one woman would be done away with, even forbidden.


Students attending bible believing schools would not be eligible for federal loans. And those very same schools could be denied or threatened with the loss of ACCREDITATION because of their biblical beliefs. And of course, the bible, THE HOLY BIBLE, would be labeled and regarded as nothing more than:




Doctors and medical professionals would be required to engage in gender transition treatments, including of course religious based hospitals no matter their beliefs.


And, the INEQUALITY ACT regards any refusal to offer abortion as:




with severe penalties, not only civil but in some cases criminal as a result. Can you believe this?


And these, all of these my fellow Americans are only some of the incredible, dastardly terms and conditions of this vicious bill. Please don’t let it pass. Please contact your representative or Senator, especially your Senator and ask – beg him or her not to allow this incredible and un–American piece of legislation to pass.


And one more thing, one more unbelievable thing. Anyone who attempts to secure employment who thinks that he or she has been discriminated against under the terms of the EQUALITY ACT can bring litigation against that employer who failed to hire that person for whatever reason, if in the:




that the hire did not occur because of discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, that person can sue the employer without evidence or proof of any kind of such discrimination. Can you believe that? Without the protection of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Christian employers would be sued over and again. Nothing could be more unconstitutional, radically against the First Amendment, nothing.


That, my fellow Americans, epitomizes what the Democratic Party has become. I state boldly that this once great party has become thoroughly un–American, determined to radically change morals, values and lifestyle and totally eviscerate or even eliminate much or all of religion, including and especially Christianity. You and I may have our last chance to stand up, protest, boycott and thoroughly publicize what this party has become and in elections 2022:




Vote them out before it is too late. Don’t let this EQUALITY ACT, which is nothing more than the INEQUALITY ACT pass, don’t let that happen! That would be the end of an unbelievable amount of freedoms and, those freedoms once lost:



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