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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Israelis, The Jews

When in doubt, blame it on the Jews.


Nobody did that better, nobody was more anti–Semitic than the insane Adolf Hitler, the

man who singlehandedly destroyed – murdered more than six million Jews for the

simple reason they were Jews. Hitler hated the Jews and history cannot ascertain

exactly why.


So did Stalin. And Marx and Lenin. And of course, most of the Arab world and right

next door to the Holy Land, the Palestinians.


Following World War II, it was thought that anti–Semitism may not only be on the

wane, but perhaps gone forever. The United Nations voted to restore what is now the

land of Israel to the Jews as recompense for the horrific slaughter of their kinsmen

and to do the right thing as history required. Jews, the 12 tribes, lived in Israel and

regarded that special piece of land as theirs as far back as 3,500 years or more. Now,

they are home, the Jews are, in the land rightfully theirs. Israel, and especially its holy

capital Jerusalem belonged to the Jews. That land, historically and spiritually, is

rightfully theirs.


The Lord God Jehovah called Abraham to be special, and from him, a special people

would emerge who would be a BLESSING to all nations! They, Abraham seed, would be

special, not better but different. They would give to and invest in all humankind, all

nations. They would return, go back to and remain forever in THE PROMISED LAND,

the land of their fathers. No matter anti–Semitism or its revival, they would never

again allow a holocaust to happen. They, true Israelis and Jews would:




what Hitler and any like him did. And they vowed that the slaughter of their people,

Jews the world over would happen:


              NEVER AGAIN,


never again.


I have been to Israel nine times. Each time was better than the last. If you have never

gone to THE HOLY LAND, you must go, especially if you are Christian or Jewish. YOU

MUST. There is no place on Earth like it, none. You will understand history, the

world then and now, the Jewish people and for all Christians, the land and the lanes

where Jesus walked like no other way. Go, go if you can. Any reasonable

risk is worth it.


The contributions and problem solutions which come from this tiny little land of at

most some seven million people are absolutely fascinating. The state of Israel has

become a technological wonderland. Israeli scientists are brilliant. They are innovators,

problem solvers, and determined that its incredible discoveries, inventions and

technological marvels benefit the entire world, every nation whether friend or foe.

Listen to the miracles, the scientific and medical miracles which come from Israel.


Tel Aviv University is developing a nasal vaccine that will protect people from

Alzheimer’s and stroke. Can you believe that? A simple nasal vaccine. There is no cure

for Alzheimer’s, but the scientists of Tel Aviv have found a way to protect human

beings from this ravishing disease. Incredible. And stroke! Nothing debilitates a human

being more than a stroke, and if there can be protection against this horrible

happening, God bless the Israelis. Watch for that nasal vaccine.


The Technion, Institute of Technology, in Haifa, Israel has developed a simple blood

test capable of detecting different types of cancer. A SIMPLE BLOOD TEST! How

incredible it would be to detect this brutal, satanic disease in its early stages and deal

with it then and not after the fact with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as the

only alternatives. Early detection of any cancer provides an incredible opportunity for

restoration and cure.


The Ichlov Center in Tel Aviv isolated a protein that makes colonoscopy unnecessary

to detect colon cancer! That can be done, thanks to the Jews, with a simple blood test.

A SIMPLE BLOOD TEST! Colon cancer kills about 500,000 people annually and is very

readily cured when detected early. This simple blood test will do just that. Thank you

Jewish Ichlov Center scientists, thank you.


The Given Imaging Laboratory has developed a tiny camera in the form of swallowed

pills which transmit thousands of photos of the digestive track. These high quality

photos, two per second for eight hours – unbelievable, can detect polyps, cancers and

sources of bleeding. These photos are then sent to a chip that stores them and sends

them to a computer. When this photographic process is completed, the camera is

eliminated via the rectum. That simple, that fast, that accurate, that unbelievable!


The Hebrew University in Jerusalem developed an electrical neurostimulator that is

implanted in the chest of PARKINSON’S PATIENTS. This neurostimulator is similar in

many ways to the pacemaker for the heart. The emissions from this device block the

nerve signals that cause tremors. Just incredible, INCREDIBLE! Thank you, Jews,

thank you, Israelis, thank you very much.


The simple smell of a patient’s breath can detect if a patient has lung cancer. A mere

smell of a patient’s breath and lung cancer can be detected. Can you believe that? The

Russell Berrie Institute for Nanotechnology has created sensors capable of sensing and

registering 42 biological markers that indicate the presence of lung cancer WITHOUT

THE NEED FOR A BIOPOSY. What an unbelievable medical blessing for humanity.


And more Israeli medical miracles. ENDOPAT is a device placed between the indicator

fingers which can measure the state of the arteries and predict the possibility of a

heart attack in the next seven years. SEVEN YEARS! Absolutely incredible.


The University of Bar Ilan is developing a new drug that fights viruses through the

bloodstream called VECOY TRAP. It tricks a virus into self–destruction. This drug can

be used when perfected to combat hepatitis, and even Aids and Ebola. Remarkable.


Israeli scientists (God bless them) at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem may have

discovered THE CURE for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. No one the world

over, for years and years, has been able to find cure for that horrendous disease, but



Remarkable, isn’t it? Aren’t they, remarkable as well, these brilliant technologists and

scientists, these state–of–the–art medical minds that find these cures, these incredible

miracles which can be for the good and the advancement of all humankind? Why, they

can also be used by those who hate the Jews, who hate the Israeli scientists who have

invented these miraculous medical advances. And that is the way of the Jews. They

share, they care and as they work the scientific wonders, they fulfill the promise of the

Lord, the great God Jehovah, the great I AM, that the seat of Abraham will be:




Thank you, Jews, thank you so very much for all that you have done for us, the people

of the world. Thank you, Israelis, all of you, for all that you have done to relieve the

sufferings of this world, for all humanity, for all peoples without discrimination,

without regard to race, color, gender or nation. Thank you, and thank you again.


Small wonder that Arab nations reach out and form new détente with the little nation

of Israel. They are democratic, the Jews are, freedoms abounding. No matter their

problems and of course they have them, we should thank them for all that they do for

us and for the world. And, so I as a Christian say thank you Lord God for the Israelis,

the Jews, my spiritual forefathers and, in addition to all these marvelous medical miracles, I thank you for the greatest Jewish miracle of all, THE CARPENTER FROM NAZARETH!

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