Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

The Light In The Dark

And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not!

We the American traditionalists, the constitutionalists, the religionists seem to become every day a larger minority even as the bright light of American exceptionalism, of the American Dream, of full constitutional freedoms seem to fade more into the darkness, more every day. But even so, the bright light of faith, hope and love shines all the brighter. Men and women who still believe, care, work and want to change back are that light and they are willing no matter the cost to give their all for GOD AND COUNTRY. THEY are the new cultural pioneers who will work all the harder knowing that:


These are the men and women of the BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION. The bright light of the Gospel, true and simple shines from every corner of this great organization, thanks to the unswerving Christian leadership of Franklin Graham. And brother Will. And the committed sister Ruth. And so many more, dozens and dozens of men and women committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, THE BRIGHT LIGHT of the world and especially our great country. Determined are they to bring revival to America, a return to strong morality and Christian commitment. The word, spoken and written goes everywhere. It is a joy to watch and listen. This great organization is strong, unswerving, uncompromising ready at all times to fight the fight of faith. The bright light of the Gospel shines strong every day and the FOUNDER, himself one of a kind, would be so very proud. THE BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION is tremendous hope for America!

And blessings abound! And then there is CAFO, the Christian Alliance For Orphans that unites more than 190 well respected Christian organizations and over 720 churches, the primary purpose of which is to work together in shared initiatives that inspire and equip Christians for effective orphan care. CAFO is also so very concerned with the preservation of the family, the traditional American family. This good organization knows that the family must work as a functional, loving unit for the benefit of society and the moral, spiritual and intellectual health of the children. CAFO works to make adoption happen, placing children without families in those family units where Christian love exists. They arrange where necessary for the very best of foster care. Whenever families begin to break down, CAFO helps the children to remain and strengthens the family unit. This good organization is driven by the biblical command to care for widows and orphans and to do the very best for them.

African American children are disproportionately represented in the American foster care system, as some 29% of these precious God–given children are such. Strong African American Christian leaders participate in CAFO bringing hope in the form of a Christian family to those abandoned. What BLESSINGS to thousands upon thousands and to our great country as THE LEAST OF THESE are cared for. God bless you, CAFO. YOUR CHRISTIAN LIGHT SHINES BRIGHT!

And then, in darkening America, comes the bright light of MERCY SHIPS. A ship sails round of the world, port by port, country by country providing desperately needed medical services to the poor and indigent of so many countries. This ship, providing medical mercies, comes completely staffed with extremely qualified medical personnel, the latest medical equipment and supplies and offers these loving services from the hands of CARING CHRISTIANS to the poor and hopeless everywhere. Those with serious medical problems line up by the hundreds, waiting patiently for any opportunity to be treated. And the loving, healing hands of these physicians of mercy, AGENTS INDEED OF THE GREAT PHYSICIAN do for them what could never be done in any other way. With these medical treatments comes the message of the Gospel, THE BRIGHT LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL so that the messengers of THE MERCY SHIP deliver medical miracles and spiritual as well. The bright light of that ship GOES INTO ALL THE WORLD PREACHING THAT HEALING GOSPEL and the ever-creeping darkness gives way to healing hope.

And then there is THE ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM (ADF). The bright light of this great organization shines from an American conservative Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving religious freedom and dealing with all the critical issues which affect that freedom today. ADF is also deeply concerned with the SANCTITY OF LIFE, aggressively pro life and anti-abortion at every turn. This good organization protects and defends traditional marriage and the family.

Many regard the ADF as the most organized and influential Christian legal interest group in the country. It possesses strong budget, a very aggressive caseload and works with a highly skilled and professional network of allied attorneys.

This good organization was founded by Alan Sears, Dr. James Dobson, Larry Burkett, Bill Bright and Dr. D. James Kennedy, all stalwart Christians, great defenders of the faith and highly skilled experts in their various fields. The organization has stayed true to its cause and purpose, never backing down from its strong Christian beliefs, ready to defend anyone or any entity at any time when their fundamental freedoms, especially those of religion and speech are attacked in this dark, secular society. You can know how well and strong ADF is since THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, a Soros funded hate and attack group regards the ADF as itself a hate group. As Christians, and believers in freedom, we should be blessed indeed that a tremendous work like ADF shines its bright light on all things legal. Worthy are they of our prayer and support.

And then there is another local bright light shining in the darkness. This bright light shines in the once dilapidated, depressed and dangerous city of DETROIT. This beacon of light and hope shines from the expert hands of one Lisa Johanon and her incredibly worthy organization CENTRAL DETROIT CHRISTIAN (CDC). Scripture tells us and her that it is our duty to TRAIN UP A CHILD IN THE WAY HE OR SHE SHOULD GO. Education of the young is a foremost priority of CDC. The organization farms. It provides spiritual comfort at every turn. It purchases and rehabs homes so that the homeless would have shelter. It takes deserted sections of Detroit and borns them again. Those homes become not only livable but desirable. Johanon and her able partners are always at work, putting all on the alter, shining the bright lights of rehabilitation, physically, materially and spiritually into the darkest areas of Detroit. They are an incredible example of GIVING BACK, serving and loving the Lord God with all their might. That is indeed an organization worthy of your prayer and support. How thrilling it is to know as a Christian and patriot that so much good is being done, that hope for life and life more abundantly can occur for THE LEAST OF THESE.

And then there is CHILDCARE WORLDWIDE (CCWW). This organization hears the GO YE into all the world and preaches the Gospel. But not only that, to care for the physical and human needs of needy people. Housing, food and medical supplies come and life is made so much better. The organization was started by the venerable Max Lange, friend of ours and brother in the Lord. He gave his life for this great calling and spread the LIGHT of the world to the darkest places therein serving the Lord he loved and blessing the country in which he lived. How thrilling to know that organizations with such bright lights stand tall as the darkness grows.

We the Crawford Broadcasting Company have been partners with yet another great organization COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL. Like Childcare Worldwide, it serves the needs, spiritual and physical of tens of thousands the world over. Its mission is strong and its purpose is sure. God has blessed their efforts and the best is yet to come.

What a joy to know, is it not, that there are so many men and women, so many organizations who now hear THE CALL as never before. Many are asked to lay their all of the alter, to work in dangerous ways, to risk life and limb for the glory of the Gospel and the good of mankind. They respond now today even more joyfully, thrilled at their calling, determined to SHINE all the more brightly as the darkness deepens. Where you live, there are organizations and individuals dedicated, committed and willing to do whatever is required as God would lead and direct. How thankful we should be for them. They are a wall, a firewall against this spreading darkness. They are ready, these good men and women to FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH. And they do so not with weapons, nor with lie and deceit but with LOVE and kindness, the greatest weapons of mankind. They may lose battles here and there but they will win the war, the spiritual war as the spiritual promise says.

Pray for them. SUPPORT THEM! And especially those where you live. Congratulate them, encourage them. Help them. Offer time and services. Do what you can to make them more effective. Share in their ministry for God and Country. YOU AND THEY WILL BE FAR BETTER FOR IT!

We the Crawford Broadcasting Company are privileged to serve the great citizens of the cities of Birmingham Alabama, Chicago Illinois, Detroit Michigan, Buffalo New York, Denver Colorado, all of Southern California, San Francisco and Portland Oregon among others. We are so extremely grateful that you listen and I personally thank you. We would be most pleased if you would reply to THE CRAWFORD STAND and tell us about the ONE, SINGLE, MOST EFFECTIVE ORGANIZATION where you live which serves God and Country under the banner of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the betterment of mankind. There are things we can do to help them. You know what happens where you live. We would like to know what you know so that our radio ministries can be even more effective. Please send us that information and we would be most grateful.

May God richly bless you and yours as we stand together, SHOULDER TO SHOULDER in our mission and calling for:


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