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The Losers… Conservatives, That Is

You are a loser!

That is, if you are a conservative thinker, you are a loser.

And, if you are a Christian or other person of faith, you are a loser.  YOU LOST!

Those are the words of Harvard Law School Professor Mark Tushnet who, in a blog May 6, 2016 announced to the world that:

“The culture wars are over!

They lost, we won.”

What else should we expect from a Harvard Law Professor?  By the way, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was once the Dean of the Harvard Law School.

Tushnet, a professed progressive scholar goes on to state the following:

“For liberals, the question now is how to deal with the losers.”

So now, they the winners of the culture wars now have the right to determine how we the losers are treated, how we are allowed to act, to speak, to believe.  That is, as Tushnet says, how should they the progressives, the radical liberals accommodate us the losers?

Tushnet says that in his view the progressive winners of the culture wars should “take a hard line” which he goes on astonishingly to say:

“Seem to work reasonably well in Germany and Japan after 1945.”

Absolutely unbelievable.  A Harvard Law School Professor recommending that progressive and radical liberals apply the very same approach as the culture war ends as was used in Germany and Japan after 1945!  Tushnet compares today’s social conservatives to post World War II Nazis!  Buoyed by the United States Supreme Court decision which found same-sex marriage to be constitutional, LGBT activists are spearheading the charge, setting a buoying tone that has been widely adopted by their growing list of allies throughout secular society and even in parts of the church.  The ultimate objective is to extinguish genuine Christian faith and to remove Christ from the psyche and conscience of the American public, so says Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas.  The LGBT and other progressive movements do not want Christian values in the marketplace or in the political realm or in the public school system so says McKissic.  Get rid of all of it says Harvard Law School Professor Mark Tushnet and so many others in higher education.

In essence responding to the Tushnet admonition to conservatives and Christians (you lost-live with it), Liberty University Law School Professor and Associate Dean Rena Lindevaldsen says the following:

“We are at an age in this culture when traditional Judeo-Christian ethics are deemed unacceptable and harmful in a tolerant society.”

Hear her words carefully.  Judeo-Christian ethics are deemed:


Christian beliefs and ethics are simply not to be accepted any longer in America even though the moral foundation of America was in fact Judeo-Christian.  And, that not enough, those very same ethics are deemed harmful (even hateful) to the new progressive, radical-liberal society.  It is here, conservatives and Christians and all people of faith, it is here!  The culture wars are not the least bit over, Professor Tushnet.  They have only just begun!

At Columbia University Law School, a panel of professors is about the business of lobbying President Obama to remove an exemption for religious non-profits that receive federal grants.  If Obama does that, that would dramatically alter the hiring practices of these non-profits and force them to provide services and products that violate their beliefs, such as offering the right to abortion-causing drugs.  It will be interesting to see what Obama does.

On June 1, 2016, the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted 116 to 36 to pass a bill with sweeping new GENDER IDENTITY RIGHTS.  Such a bill, if passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor would open bathrooms to transgenders.  And more, the bill would replace the word sex with GENDER IDENTITY in many areas of Massachusetts.

To all of this and so much more, Associate Law School Dean Lindevaldsen warned that believers in general had been far too lax in response to the attacks on their religious freedoms.  FAR TOO LAX!  Said Lindevaldsen:

“The church is really not responding to the red flags that are taking place in this country.  We’ve got wonderful individuals, like Franklin Graham and others, who are really speaking out and trying to wake up the church.  But it’s not happening in large enough numbers fast enough, and it needs to start happening if we want to stop the snowball that’s forming so swiftly.”

Indeed we do, as Christians and conservatives.  We are lax, indifferent, unaggressive.  It almost seems as though so many of us conservative and Christian are resigned to the liberal onslaught and refuse to act.  We see so much happening, so much negative, so many red flags as Lindevaldsen says, but we really do little or nothing.  And the aggressive avalanche of liberal-progressive actions continues to snowball.  It really is now or never, fellow conservatives and Christians.  Now or never.  Freedoms, as Ronald Reagan well said, once lost are lost forever!

The New York Times of all publications published the first of two Op Ed columns on the subject by Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof, himself a professed liberal who referred to what he saw as a growing “LIBERAL ARROGANCE.”  Kristof rightly identified this arrogance as discriminating against conservatives.  He stated the following:

“Universities risk becoming literal echo-chambers and hostile environments, especially for evangelical Christians.”

How right he is for academe, the world of universities are indeed think-alike echo-chambers, lemmings in the march to create an unbelievably hostile environment for all things conservative and especially in the attack against conservative Christians.  Undeterred by liberal criticism, Kristof said as follows:

“As I see it, we are hypocritical: we welcome people who don’t look like us as long as they think like us.”

Think alike, exactly alike and be an apostle in the movement to exterminate Judeo-Christian values and ethics from the American Public Square or you can’t be one of us.  Live in the echo-chamber or move on.  Join the LOSERS OF THE CULTURE WAR (Tushnet).

Even the NBA, the National Basketball Association, joined in.  A professional sports organization of all things threatened to move the 2017 All-Star Game away from Charlotte, North Carolina unless government officials in the state reversed conservative legislation regarding public bathrooms!  Can you believe that?  So that, you, professional basketball players and all associated with the league, are in favor of all things LGBT, and the radical movements to exterminate Christian values from the marketplace or we, a sports league will boycott you.  Just unbelievable.  Think about that, my fellow Americans, the next time you watch an NBA basketball game.

And of course there now begins the most aggressive indoctrination of children ever.  An organization entitled GAY, LESBIAN AND STRAIGHT EDUCATION NETWORK (GLSEN) advocates championing LGBT issues starting in KINDERGARTEN!  This group has widely distributed student literature and activities such as the literature entitled DECONSTRUCTING DEFINITIONS OF FAMILY, asking that the literature be taught and distributed even at the kindergarten level.  Watch for that, my fellow Americans when the young son or daughter you love so much heads for kindergarten.

And of course, the Obama Administration takes a leading role in this new anti-Christian conservative onslaught.  Obama’s handpicked U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, she the objective one who met Bill Clinton at an airport to discuss family issues, perhaps the most un-objective Attorney General ever, announced a nationwide directive in response to the North Carolina controversy which would give people in all 50 states the right to use whatever bathroom matches their GENDER IDENTITY rather than their biological sex.  In a world about to explode from nuclear threat, terrorism, economic disasters looming and so much more, Obama’s right hand Lynch announces to the country the priority of opening bathrooms for the sake of GENDER IDENTITY!  In doing so, Lynch equated transgender issues to the former JIM CROW LAWS that discriminated against African-Americans even up to the 1960s.  That saw Pastor Dwight McKissic of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas and Bishop Wellington Boone, Christian pastors and African Americans, two strong men who have been most prominent and defenders of the Bible’s position on marriage, family and sexuality to state the following:

“We are highly disappointed in the Attorney General and anyone else for making such a wrongheaded, illogical comparison.”

There is absolutely no connection (between transgenders and African American odysseys).  Absolutely no connection, said McKissic.

And Bishop Boone said the following:

“What blacks have gone through to gain their freedom is related to their culture and race.  What gays are dealing with is related to their behavioral preferences and a desire for sex.”

Two good men, both African Africans standing up for what they believe, standing strong for Judeo-Christian ethics, values and morals, BIBLICALLY BASED.  These men, pastors and thousands of other good pastors, fight back against the redefinition of discrimination, and marriage, and sexuality and gender, even to the point of accusing LGBT of “hijacking” the rainbow, God’s sign of promise to his people, now as their symbol.  It is a world upside-down, is it not?  The winners of the culture wars, so they think, intend to redefine everything, including God Himself!

John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview believes that academia and secular culture are trying to REIMAGE God Himself.  Stonestreet says:

“It’s like remaking God in our own image, instead of us being made in His image.  That not only changes who God is:


That’s kind of the chronic problem in the church and out of the church, refusing to take God on His own terms.”

Disturbing, very disturbing.

The LGBT movement and all other organizations related thereto are intent upon, what Associate Dean Lindevaldsen of Liberty Law School states is the control and changing of the MESSAGING.  That is what words mean.  That includes rewriting history and the priorities of history in so many ways.  But that also includes redefining words like love and hate.  These words once clear in meaning have been assigned new meanings to fit the secularist agendas.  So much of Christian speech, messaging, and beliefs, theology and moral codes once the product of love are now considered HATE, hate speech.  To refer to the Biblical concept of sin, and consequently to any human being as a sinner is now thought of as hate speech.  To refer to Biblical truths with respect to all things unnatural and homosexuality forbidden by Scripture is now deemed to be hate speech and will soon be fully legally actionable and in fact, in due course can be seen as even criminal in nature.  Sounds like, as Harvard Professor Kushnet said, the beginning of the new secular cultural way to treat conservatives and Christians and get them and their beliefs out of the marketplace and the Public Square, including and especially education, does it not?  What a world, what a changed world it will be unless Christians everywhere STAND and defend the faith.

In response to this verbal hijacking, Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi and bestselling author stated the following:

“The Biblical prophets warned that those who call evil good will end up calling what is good evil, just as America’s apostasy from God is now crystalizing into a brazen intolerance of anything Christian or Biblical.”

How right Cahn is.  There is an absolutely brazen intolerance of anything Christian, an angry, often irrational response in so many ways.  And more to come.

Cahn goes on to state the following:

“Evil is never content to be tolerated.  Once it finds a foothold, it seeks to stamp out anything and anyone who stands in its way or refuses to condone it.
The priests of Baal were not satisfied until everyone bowed down to their God.”

In short, it is, sooner or later, the ultimate objective of the secular culturalists to have every Christian and conservative silenced and to be required, willing or not, to participate in the secular culture and live according to its standards and values.  And that will happen says Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, unless truth-tellers, like Elijah rise up boldly against those who flagrantly oppose God and His ways.  BOLDLY!  For in these very dark days, Cahn issues these words of encouragement:

“These are the days that produce the greatest testimonies, witnesses and people of God if we will stand.”

Indeed, IF we will stand.  Will we?  Will you?

Rabbi Cahn wishes to remind us and encourage us with the following:

“We must remember that even with all we face, God is greater and stronger.  WE REMAIN ON THE WINNING SIDE.”

And indeed we do, Law School Professor Tushnet and all of the Law School professors at Columbia University and the same rejoinder to you, President Barack Hussein Obama and your handpicked Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and all like you:


God is indeed greater and stronger and He looks for those whose heart is completely His.

There is now no longer any choice, my fellow conservatives and fellow Christians, especially you the Evangelicals.  THERE IS NOW NO CHOICE!  We stand or we fall.  We fight back, as Professor Lindevaldsen says, we stop being lax, and we do anything and everything to prevent this radical, hateful aggressive liberal snowball from growing and destroying.  We must indeed “boldly rise up” like Elijah against those who flagrantly oppose God and His ways.  They now seem everywhere and they will never rest until ever vestige of things Judeo-Christian are excised from the Public Square.  We are not losers, Professor Tushnet.  We are winners and the culture wars have only just begun.  Remember that, REMEMBER THAT!

Now or never, my fellow Americans, freedom, all freedoms once lost are lost forever!


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