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The Military

The Executive Power shall be vested in the President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years, and, together with a Vice President chosen for the same term.  So say the words of our Constitution Article II Section 1.  And, what awesome power that is.  The President of the United States most believe is the most powerful position in the worldTHE PRESIDENT SHALL BE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE ARMY AND NAVY OF THE UNITED STATES AND OF THE MILITIA OF THE SEVERAL STATES WHEN CALLED INTO THE ACTUAL SERVICE OF THE UNITED STATES.  Those are the first words of Article II Section 2, the first words and perhaps in the minds of the fathers the first priority of the President of the United States.

And what an awesome power that is, unbelievable in scope not only for America but the world at large.  The President of the United States is ultimately responsible for the decisions which unleash the most powerful military in the world, ours.

The President can order the Army and Navy as well as the Militia when called to wage war, invade, protect and defend and otherwise use the armed services for the best interests and the protection of we the people.

The President can appoint those in position of authority in the armed services Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and all others who are philosophically and politically akin to the appointing President.  It is customary for the President to act in concert with Congress and to seek congressional approval for the declaration of war or engaging in any significant military action.  That consultation happens often, but not always.  The appointment of those with authority in the military are critical and vital appointments by our President.  Now comes brand new Secretary of Defense James Mattis, himself a former general now in charge of the mightiest military in the world.  What an awesome responsibility.  And, what a task Mattis has to take over what many believe to be a weakened military, in need of better and firmer direction and strengthening in every.

Secretary Mattis takes over a military in many ways disheartened and politicized.  Ours is a military become highly politicized under the former President.  Generals in charge under the Obama Administration have introduced a new sense of politically correct, politicized much of the military structure, required the implementation of new rights and especially for gays, and severely restricted, punished or even eliminated certain other rights like Freedom of Religion.  Our military has become concerned with functioning in politically correct terms rather than winning wars.  The military, many think, has been weakened in terms of budget, state of the art weaponry, including and especially ballistic missiles, and personnel well paid and highly motivated.  Trump has promised a rebuilding and reenergizing and we the people, in a war-mongering world, now wait for that to happen.

Of concern to Christians has been the growing anti-Christian and of course religious approach the military now takes.  It has for example been forbidden or controlled for members of the military to testify regarding their faith.  So called sensitivities prevail. That is especially so when Christians motivated by the absolutes of the Bible with respect to homosexuality speak up.  Any who criticize gay marriage for example can be rebuked, punished or in severe cases court-martialed.  The defense against so-called hate speech ever grows.  It presents an interesting dichotomy.  One can kill the enemy with impunity on the one hand and on the other, not be allowed to testify to what one believes.  Such was life in the military under Obama, his secretaries of defense and his generals.  Trump has promised to change all of that, and in the First 100 days.  The appointment of Secretary of Defense James Mattis seems to be a good first step.

President Trump has promised to rebuild and reinvest in the American military.  He has as a first priority (the First 100 Days) military budget increases, and a full modernization and upgrading of the military.  Trump, businessman that he is, has looked not only at military priorities and allocation of budget, but has actually become personally involved in examining budget, allocation of funds, general financial decision making at the federal level to the point of actually reviewing projects at work and the cost thereof.  Such conduct seems to auger well the now long forgotten concept of:


For military monies spent, military projects prioritized and accurate and contractual performance by those entrusted.  How good that is for we the people.

The new Administration, the new Secretary of Defense and the new thinking sees as real concern and perhaps first military priority the new military world of ballistic missiles, especially long range and so-called intercontinental missiles.  Nothing, including terrorism, is more of a threat to America than all such missiles.  The range becomes longer and more accurate.  Hostile nations are now able to make ballistic warfare with America as never before.  We recently witnessed the testing by North Korea of long range missiles, capable of reaching America, and, even more horrifying, with the capability of carrying NUCLEAR WARHEADS.  In short, an intercontinental missile launch from North Korea, capable of reaching America and carrying a Nuclear Warhead, could destroy a city like New York and millions of people in seconds.  America’s protection against ballistic warfare is at an all-time and simply must be reprioritized and refurbished.  That must be the first military priority of Trump and Mattis:


The reality and warmongering priorities of nations like North Korea and Iran must be dealt with.  Soon, because of the so-called treaty negotiated with Iran by Obama and company, this rogue nation will have the capability of nuclear warfare and the ability to deliver such a nuclear attack by ballistic missile all the way to American cities.  Obama and his minions turned a blind eye to that possibility now actuality.  There is now the reemergence of the Old Russia with its vast and awesome military and nuclear capability.  Russia under Putin is the old threat.  It stands ready with Iran to counteract the American military and influence especially in the Middle East.  Russia seems to look the other way when it comes to North Korean nuclear capability, and of course China.  That nation, at least ostensibly friendly to America (?) itself has enormous military-ballistic missile capability, all of which, North Korea, Iran, Russia and China are major and potentially disastrous threats to the America of the future.  Trump and the new military must deal with those problems, invest in our safety, and protect our homeland now more than ever.  We need missile shields like Israel has.  Israel has the DAVID SLING, a missile shield system which actually detects and explodes incoming missiles before they can do harm.  Although extremely costly, there seems no other protection for the future when it comes to an absolutely horrific nuclear explosion, it only takes ONE!

Then there is terrorism.  Whether the military, Homeland Security, FBI or CIA, or even local law enforcement, terrorism is an ever-growing threat.  As in France, Belgium and other nations, terroristic sabotage and killings can occur at any time.  Progressives refer to such acts in America as those of lone wolves, individuals acting alone.  That, my fellow Americans, is terrorism for now.  Thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants have entered our country, some if not many of whom are potential terrorists now or in the making.  Explosive capabilities, including nuclear, increase every day as terrorist warfare tactics for those bent upon the destruction of America.  Surveillance must be increased.  Our borders must be protected.  Illegal and criminal immigrants should in fact be deported.  They are nothing more than a threat now or in the future to America.  Enough is enough.  It is time for America, we the people, to rise up, stand up and protect ourselves, demand that protection from our federal government and our military.  We should not bend to things politically correct or progressive and liberal thinking which denies the real world.  Our families and our future are at stake.  Trump, Mattis, Price, Comey and others, stand-up, do what is right, protect America against missiles and terrorists in any and every way possible.  Get, Mr. Trump, this critical process started.  IN THE FIRST 100 DAYS!

America now fights wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and to some extent Syria.  America fights ISIS abroad all the while ISIS begins to infiltrate and influence America and its malcontents.  Trump has promised that wherever America fights war and risks the lives of its military citizens, that war will be fought to be won or America will exit the military theater.  Make that promise happen, President Trump. MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Fight to win or get out. We can not risk the lives of some of our very best citizens abroad or we the people at home.  Deal with the real world, the real people in it nasty and war-mongering and:


America and the world at large, the free and right-thinking world, depend upon that.

The military has a serious problem.  Enlistment is at an all-time low and more difficult than ever.  So many right-thinking men and women do not want to join the military, even those who feel motivation and duty to serve, protect and defend.  That is so in part because so many feel that they will not learn how to be a soldier at arms but every bit as much how to be politically correct.  LOOKING OVER THE SHOULDER, concerned with the existing highly politicized military is perhaps the greatest obstacle to enlistment.  Changing all of that, changing back to what the traditional American military used to be will be great encouragement to those who wish to serve. Make it happen, Mr. Trump, and make it happen, at least get it started in the First 100 Days.  The appointment of Secretary of Defense James Mattis is a good first move.

As Commander in Chief, there are few checks and balances as military decisions are made.  There is of course the Congress, and the Senate with treaties, but much of that advise and consent process, and consultation and cooperation with Congress generally can be bypassed by the President who can act in the best interests of and to protect America at an instant.  Critical Presidential decisions can and will be made and the decision of one man can unleash the awesome and incredible military might of America in the world at large.  One man, in the protection of the general welfare of we the people, can in essence in one day decide the fate of the world.  One man can unleash the power and destruction of nuclear warfare and the retaliation of any such act the world over. What incredible trust we put in our President.  What confidence we the people must have in the right man to make the right decisions which our existing Constitution fully grants.  In the world at large, the Constitutional power granted to Donald John Trump to be our:


Is indeed the most awesome, all-encompassing Presidential power granted by the Constitution.  We the people can only hope and pray that the right decisions will be made.  We can only hope that as Trump CHANGES BACK, America will once again become the military force it should be and that the new President will direct, implement, control and constrain this awesome military so that it does the right things for America, for we the people, and for the world at large.

The world has changed and changed radically, and will change even more in not the years to come, but the days, weeks and months.  Like it or not, we the people must invest in our country and its security.  We must reinvest, reinvigorate, and reestablish our military so that our one-of-a-kind democratic way of life can continue.  Trump with his decision making will determine what the American military and America itself will become in the next four years.  We can only pray, as we are commanded to do so as Christians, for this man.  Pray that God will give him wisdom, discernment, a strong sense of justice and what is right and a deep and true concern for the protection of this great country and we the people in any way possible. Our way of life, our future, our families are at stake.  Only divine intervention and presence in the mind and heart of Donald John Trump, the will of God at work, can enable this man to make the right decisions.  Pray for him.  And encourage him.  And constructively criticize him.

And even as you pray for and work with him, do so for America, your families and even the world at large.  We all seek peace and the end of any and all warfare.  There is we Christians believe only one sources of peace.  May the world come to know that and him the answer.

For the First 100 Days and the next four years, Mr. Trump, we are watching, we remember your promises and we will work with you to make them happen.


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