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Don Crawford

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The New Anti-American Woke Culture

It is, woke culture is, anti–American. It is also very passionately anti–Christian.


One such awakened member of the woke culture said most bluntly:


“I hate Christianity as much as I hate America.”


Why was never made clear. Wok–ers don’t need reason for their hateful conclusions.


They want the history of our great Country gone. They have destroyed monuments. They have introduced Critical Race Theory (CRT) which rewrites history. They are determined to train up children, new generations of young learners, in the WOKE WAY, and reading, writing and arithmetic, and history as we know it be damned. They constantly find ways to mock and disrespect our Founding Fathers, those who bled and died for this Country early on, fought for the freedoms WE THE PEOPLE now do little but take for granted. They are determined to destroy, eliminate or at least erode and water down our great Constitution. They care little for the RULE OF LAW unless it is for their benefit. They will do what they want to get what they want. They see racism as systemic, sexism and anti–LGBTQ attitudes and beliefs as fundamental and essentially not changeable, the Country economically imbalanced and unfair to minorities, they foster socialism or worse, even communism. But the bottom line is that these new progressives, radicals, socialists and revolutionaries, having found safe harbor in the Democratic Party are determined in the words of George Soros, the world’s most evil man, to:




Destroy it in the words of the radical Saul Alinsky no matter what happens.


America has always been a land which has honored, respected and protected the essential right of mankind:




Progressives see America as a Christian nation and they are determined to destroy Christianity at the same time as they destroy America. They will use any means possible to accomplish that end. That includes violence wherever necessary. They wish to take control of government, institutions, legislatures and especially the courts. They wish to exercise complete power and rid the Country of any vestige of Christianity and for that matter, all things Judeo–Christian, other religions to follow. They want power, complete power. And, they are prepared to use the lie, destroy facts, say and do anything which will advance their cause. They do not believe that the vast majority of Americans who are decent, Christian, law–abiding citizens will fight back or for that matter, resist in any aggressive way. They know they can win because they will do anything to win. They can and will use any weapon necessary knowing that very few will fight back, believing that Christians will not fight the fight of faith at least with arms and counter–violence. They think that most Christians and even believers of other faiths would rather “come apart”, and “be separate” rather than fight. That is why they, the destroyers believe–know they can win and can ultimately destroy America. It is happening even now, step by step, mostly subtly, sometimes overtly. But their satanic, demonic, evil agenda goes on every day, EVERY DAY!


They are determined to destroy the Constitution. God is in there, part of that, motivating that, the same in the Declaration of Independence. No more God and no more Constitution for them. That is so even though WE THE PEOPLE are a Christian majority, we are Judeo–Christian in the majority. We are PEOPLE OF FAITH, when all faiths are included. Perhaps as much as 75% of our great Country is comprised of citizens who are faithful, who believe in God. But this small minority of radical–progressives firmly believe they can conquer, control and dominate this super–majority. They will not rest, not ever until that vicious, satanic goal is accomplished. They are determined to destroy freedoms of all kinds, and especially Freedom of Religion. They will use the Alinsky, Saul Alinsky method and philosophy of utter destruction. Ironically embraced by Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Funded by the satanic George Soros, they are intent upon destroying America:




There are specific reasons why they also hate Christianity. Progressives believe the BIBLE is nothing more than mythology. They also condemn the so–called violence of the Old Testament, the just God it reveals and portrays. They mock the fact that Jews and Christians for the most part consider the Bible to be infallible, the word of the living God Jehovah and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. They further mock the idea that the Bible is absolute truth and when the Gospels of the New Testament quote the words of Jesus Christ:


“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man or woman comes to the Father BUT BY ME.”


Those words as HATE SPEECH, disrespectful of other religions and beliefs, and just plain wrong. So much for Christianity.


These radicals find OFFENSIVE:




That a death brings about new life, eternal life, and is necessary for salvation, is hateful, exclusionary and of course for all such Alinsky–ites, just plain wrong. They resent the cross symbol on churches, and especially the people who wear the cross as a sign of their belief. That cross is OFFENSIVE to them and they are determined to eliminate the very symbol itself, and along with that, any and all constitutional:




THE BLOOD. The blood of Jesus Christ shed for you on the cross, at Calvary is utterly offensive. They chafe at the notion that without the shedding of blood, there is no remission for sin. They mock Communion where Christians celebrate salvation in Jesus Christ and partake of the body and blood symbolically of Jesus Christ. They hate that celebration, that memorial, that living and saving experience with great passion and are determined to destroy it.


THE RESURRECTION. To the radical–Soros–progressive–anti–Christian, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the bodily resurrection is nothing more than mythology, and Easter celebration which they are determined to extinguish and the SON OF MAN, son of God at the heart thereof. But if Christ be not risen, then the faith of WE THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE is in vain. Destroy the resurrection, destroy faith so say the progressives.


SIN. The concept of sin really brings out the hatred, the passion of progressives in every way. That there is a moral God, with standards of morality, commandments and expectations is unthinkable and motivates a radical, atheistic progressive to do away with all things Christian. That is an ultimate goal of every angry–atheistic–Alinsky–ite!


AND A DEVIL. A real devil, a Satan at work as an evil power in this world. Mythological, laughable. A fabrication. As with sin, there is no devil. There really is no evil in the world for them, but perhaps only men and women go on astray and in need of psychiatric or psychological help but nothing which any religion offers, NOTHING!


AND HEAVEN AND HELL. This world for them, and no more. Nothing beyond. No heaven, nothing more than mythology at work, and no hell, more mythology. That there would be a place reserved for the Devil and his Angels is nothing more than a work of fiction, a scare tactic to make susceptible people fearful and consequently locked–in as believers. It won’t happen, they say. And heaven the same, no more than vain, fairy–tale mythology designed to produce hope for believers when in fact, there is nothing beyond the grave, for radical–Alinsky–progressives, NOTHING! To talk about the wonders of heaven and eternal life, and eternal association with Jesus Christ is offensive, anger–producing and these anti–Christians and people of faith are determined to destroy that along with our beloved America.


EUTHANASIA. They believe in so–called mercy killing even though scripture clearly warns against the sin–commandment of NOT KILLING. Others can kill if a person requests that so say the progressives, the radicals, the anti–life individuals. No fairy–tale God can tell them:


“Thou shalt not kill.”


If they, in their infinite human wisdom, decide that is the right thing to do. The anger builds and the determination to extinguish Christianity and in fact all religious faiths with it.


THE NATURAL MAN. That man or woman hates Christianity, and all religion. There is no such thing as GOD. That person cannot be reached by testimony or witness, given over completely to the power of Satan, having become not only indifferent to but hateful of religion, determined to destroy it. The heart of the natural person is closed, the spirit of God gone and there is an ever–building resentment, turning to hatred and a resolve to destroy all things religious. That natural man is at the heart of the radical–hateful–progressive movement determined to destroy America and Christianity with it.


THE GAY AGENDA: LGBTQIA. All things unnatural, non–biblical increase today dramatically. Gay and gay marriage is now recognized the nation over. No matter any biblical condemnation, or that of other religions as well (Islam), and the express condemnation of the unnatural person in both Old and New Testaments of the Bible, any number of people of faith, Judeo–Christian today accept the unnatural man and woman. So much of that acceptance, the Bible notwithstanding, occurs in both Catholic and Protestant churches. Any stand–up against all things unnatural is regarded as hateful, hate speech at work and is for this natural, radical, hateful progressive OFFENSIVE.


AND ABORTION. There is no such thing as pro–choice. There is only pro–life or pro–death: abortion. Abortion is nothing more than the killing of a young human–being in the womb. It is biblically wrong, morally the same, and right–thinking men and women, whether of faith or not believe that abortion is just simply dead wrong. But that, and the laws now of some 24 states (about half of America) will permit baby killing to go on. And that is unbelievably offensive to the modern–day progressive and they will do whatever is necessary to keep the killing fields alive.


AND EVANGELISM. Progressives hate witness and testimony about Jesus Christ, hate it with a passion. They are determined to end free speech especially as it applies to religion. They care nothing about the First Amendment and the rights, the inalienable rights it guarantees including religion, speech, press, assembly and petition and they are determined to confine Christianity to the four walls of a church, NO MORE! Christians share their faith as do other people of faith. They do so with words and deeds, a Constitutional right and freedom, necessary as a command of the savior (another offense) and the firstfruits of a born–again believer (another offense to progressives). Progressives want Christians to keep their faith to themselves (for now) and keep Christ out of the marketplace and the culture at large. In short, they wish the end of evangelism, of testimony, of testifying for faith in Christ or God in any other religion no matter the Constitution. To hear words about or see evidence of God, Jesus Christ or anything else religious is patently offensive and it must be eliminated by any means.


The fight is on my fellow Christians, big time. It will last the rest of your life and mine! There is an anti–Christian, anti–American army of determined radical soldiers who will never stop, never quit until they accomplish their ultimate objective:




Again, I remind you that you are in this fight of faith, like it or not. You must decide how you will fight, with what weapons, spiritual or otherwise and you must do it NOW, NOW! You can’t wait because they the enemy will not wait, not one day. They are at work even now whether you know it or not. Every waking moment of these radical, hateful, Soros–Alinsky disciples is dedicated to the destruction of America and Christianity. And that, I do fear, will happen unless you, YOU stand–up, fight back, resist, protect, be proactive, protect your freedoms as GOD would lead and direct you. More than ever, housewife, plain American person, God and Country need you more than ever, MORE THAN EVER! Never forget that the loss of basic freedoms including freedom of religion can be lost in one generation, a generation which exists even now.


And, never forget the famous words of President Ronald Reagan:




What will you do?

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